Investigate Time Warner's network, (CNN), for purposeful public deception regarding the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Vatic Note:  This should be no suprise to anyone.  Look at what happened to JFK JR when he announced his decision to run for the same seat in the senate that Hillary was going for,  and he had to die because of it.

So why are they letting Bernie Sanders live and run against Hitlary, especially since he is ahead in the polls, as was JFK Jr when he announced???  We all know what happened in the end.

As for CNN, they have committed fraud from their trusted position as truth tellers and watchers of the system for the people.   This below shows just how much they affected the results simply by lying about the facts.   That was to fool the people and that is fraud.

They purposely altered the story and then edited the video coverage to affect the peoples perceptions of who really won.  This below makes it clear what the poll showed after the debate and they (CNN) changed it to show Hillary as winner.  The MSM will be held accountable eventually.  

Investigate Time Warner's network, (CNN), for purposeful public deception regarding the Bernie Sanders campaign.
By Admin,  We, the People, Published Date: Oct 15, 2015

After the Democrat debate aired by CNN on Oct 13, 2015, CNN themselves purposely altered the story, and edited the coverage video afterwards, along with deleting their own public online polls, with what appears to be an intention, to skew the public's perception of who was the actual 'winner' of the debate.

Their own poll showed Senator (I) Bernie Sanders clearly ahead of Sec. Hillary Clinton. With over 85% of online pollsters supporting Sen. Sanders, CNN reported, and continues to support the view that Hillary Clinton 'won' the debate.

This is a clear deception, and lie to the American public, at a time, when we need the truth regarding our political leaders. It is our belief, that Time Warner, Inc, as a large contributor to the Clinton campaign, is attempting to buy the election!


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