A Vatic Must listen: Best Hippie Songs Of All Time

Vatic Note:  I was a very young adult during this era of music and I just loved it.  So, do I know what hertz it was produced at?  No, but then it reflected the times, the society, the young people at the time who were changing our paradigm of unquestioning acquiescence to authority. 

This was also a time of massive emergence of peace and good will toward others on the planet.  No more allowing manipulation of our population into wars that were for profit and gain.  It was also the time of integration and reconciliation between the races. 

This was also when peace, love, and fellowship was at its highest point.   It was so successful that the PTB had to introduce violence into the equation to stop it all.   They killed an unarmed college girl during one of their peaceful demonstrations against the Viet Nam War.That act introduced fear into our population and we all know "FEAR" is the mind killer.  Who knows where we would be today if the kids could have just kept it up for a while longer.  

Best Hippie Songs Of All Time
Published by deonal on Jul 8, 2014

Here are my faves from this historic era of freedom, expression and rebellion.

The Band, Canned Heat, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival and a snippet from Richie Havens.

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