Death of Free Speech in Wisconsin

Vatic Note:   This does not surprise me one bit.   Its both an abomination and a total violation of the states' citizens Constitutional Rights.   The good news was it eventually got overturned.   But can you imagine???? I read this below and I am an old broad, but I remember, while growing up that free speech was indeed, "FREE",  only action against someone was slander and then that was civil.  Not a crime.

Add to that, the states laws that say you can't "tell anyone that you are being investigated".   Now its beginning to sound like some seriously dictatorial Communist country and given that the Khazars were the creators of Communism,  they are the ones pushing for laws that use that structure that moves them into a Fascist state which is the  very worst.....which proves that structure is for controlling the "thoughts" of the citizens of the states.  Fortunately it was the only state to do such a thing and it was finally overturned.

This interested me, not only because of the subject matter, but because I was raised in Wisconsin and I never thought I would ever see such repressive conditions to exit there.  It was a very conservative state during my time there, and in the past, they had a very liberal state, but slowly it grew more conservative.

Now, the current governor is questionable in the integrity category,  and that seems to be happening all over the country with Congress acting as the role model for others.   Corruption is a state of existence these days, in politics.  Its time we acted like the "take charge" free citizens that we once were, and the politicians knew it. 

Death of Free Speech in This State
By Walt G,  Survival Joe,
This state is playing a dangerous game.
If you’re running for office or involved in the political process here, you better keep quiet — or else.

In Wisconsin, political incumbents and operatives bully opponents and squash free speech:

In Wisconsin, prosecutors may also impose what’s called the “John Doe” rule: Don’t tell anyone that you’re being investigated, not even your kids, your spouse and definitely not the media.
Prosecutors claim secrecy is needed to “protect privacy” of people under investigation; if charges are dropped, no one need know that you had been accused. But in truth, says Eric O’Keefe, another limited-government activist who Wisconsin prosecutors investigated, “This is about shutting us up. That’s all it is. It is a speech suppression play.”
It’s also a way for political insiders to punish their opponents. O’Keefe is a Republican, and the lead prosecutor, Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm, is a Democrat, but two Republican insiders signed off on the raids, too. “I take cold comfort in having my constitutional rights trampled by both parties,” says O’Keefe.
We who support smaller government expect retaliation from incumbent politicians. But children shouldn’t be punished. Sixteen year-old Noah Johnson was home alone when cops banged on his family’s door at dawn. His parents left early that morning.
It took the Wisconsin Supreme Court five years to right this wrong.
What took so long?

And who went to jail?

Silence from the politicians of Wisconsin.

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