Was Robin Williams Death, a Murder Bombshell?

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Vatic Note:  I am suspect of this scenario explanation of Robins death.  Could it be possible that he did commit suicide?  Yes, I believe, even with the facts as outlined that a suicidal person could have done all that was suspicious, and each act was explainable in meeting his end.

Having said all that, its also possible that he was murdered, but the author does not provide us with any reason why someone would want to murder Robin at this point in time of his life.  Even though it is pretty obvious to me that he committed suicide and there has no reason given as to why anyone would want him dead, I still believe the reasons for suicide are pretty clear.

First of all, he was not getting any parts to play in either comedic or serious roles and films.  He was just recently diagnosed with Parkinsons' disease, and third, he was investigating another possible illness he may have had that has very little history of being cured and that was "dementia".  

I am also somewhat suspicious of the source of the story, which is the National Enquirer.  A source somewhat known for its titillating headlines and questionable credentials when it comes to story lines and secondary sources.  So, I decided to put this story before you and let you decide what you think or believe is the case.

Robin Williams Murder Bombshell

Published on: July 1, 2015

In addition to one of those theories – the strong possibility Robin, 63, could have been ambushed during a robbery – these are among the key issues that Dan and other experts believe should have been explored further before the sensational rush to judgment: ROBIN WAS DRUGGED … AND THEN KILLED!  

At the time of his death, the “Good Will Hunting” star was prescribed a cocktail of potent medications with potentially fatal side effects, and the drugs could easily have been manipulated to make him black out. Then, when Robin was unconscious, his body could have been set up to look as if he’d committed suicide.


In another troubling conclusion, the coroner noted that the door to the bedroom where Robin’s body was found was locked from the inside. “But the report also noted that the door had a push-button lock that anyone could have opened with a bobby pin!” said Dan. “So, anyone who wanted to set up a suicide scene could have gone in, arranged it the way they wanted and then locked the door behind them! “And the coroner apparently didn’t ask who else knew
the layout of the house.”  

According to the coroner’s report, Robin “had enough drugs in his system to at least fall asleep,” added Dan. “So the scenario of drugging him first would make sense because then you can manipulate him very easily, and place him in any position you want.”


The actor had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and in his final 24 hours, he frantically began looking up drugs on the Internet. A post-mortem exam showed he had an undiagnosed case of dementia – a condition that could explain his bizarre behavior. Dr. Richard Shepherd, a pathologist, said on the British TV series, “Autopsy,” that Robin’s online research suggested he knew “there was something else wrong with him … something that he couldn’t put his finger on.”


Robin’s wife, Susan Schneider, told police that when he left their bedroom for the final time around 11:30 p.m. on Aug. 10, he seemed “excited” and had rummaged through the closet to retrieve his iPad. Also, according to the sheriff’s report, at 6:53 p.m. on Aug. 10, Robin “called [name redacted] and made plans to drop off his wrist watches for safekeeping … He was reportedly worried about them and wanted to keep them safe.” The “Mrs. Doubtfire” actor put his watches in a sock and “drove to the unnamed person’s house between 9 and 9:30 to drop off the watches,” the report said. Those activities “don’t appear to be those of someone who is readying to commit suicide,” said Dan, 68, a licensed private investigator.


Even more shocking, the coroner’s report contained “little evidence” that the beloved star died a violent death, which would be expected with a hanging, Dan pointed out. “Hanging oneself is a violent process with writhing, but there is little to show that occurred,” he said. “The ligature marks are not especially demonstrative, and there was little or no hemorrhaging. “That suggests that he was asleep or incapacitated at the time that his oxygen supply was cut off.” In conclusion, Dan said: “Was it murder? I think that has to be looked into. “Could he have had an overdose? “Possibly, but we don’t see any kind of results from the lab. “I think the coroner’s office was a little quick to say that Robin hanged himself, was on medication and was battling a major illness instead of doing a thorough job and seeing where the facts led them.” 


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