SATURDAY IS VATIC MASTERS DAY OFF. We will resume blogging on Sunday, the 19th.

As we have mentioned before,  I need at least one day a week to rest.   I am not sure if I told you, but I spend about 8 hours a day reading all that I can get my hands on and then select 3 blogs for scheduling each day,  during the week, and then put them up which takes at least 2 hours per blog.

So my week is about 13 hours a day and it has finally caught up to me.   The reason is, the powers that be, mess with this blog and I always have to go back and fix it, so that is added time and now I need to have one day of pure rest and play.

I hope you will understand and bear with us on that day.  It happened to be the day least read, so it made sense to do that at this point in time.  Please donate off to the right of the blog so that we may continue this work that is so sorely needed. Without your support financially, we cannot continue this work.   The balance of the deficit is $200.  Please donate off to the right at the pay pal button.  Thank you and God Bless you all. 

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Anonymous said...

May you have a restful and refreshing Sabbath.