The refreshing surge of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump: America tires of the same old insider corruption and idiocy offered by Clinton and Bush

Vatic Note:  Boy, do I ever agree with this article.   Having said that,  we all know that the selection process at the conventions that result in the candidates of that party,  are preselected by the party faithful and thus, our general election is really a run off for which one of the two sold out candidates will win, and the shadow government decides that in advance.  We then live with the results as we saw with Obama and Hillary in the 2009 election. 

So my question is,  "how do either of the independant candidates plan on countering that corruption at the conventions when they are not the head of any body of voters that can carry them???  I would love them both to answer that one.   If they do manage to succeed in obtaining the nomination, then how will they live to make it to the general election?  

Watch the Israeli Rothschild bankers donations in the millions to find out who they intended to win these nominations.  Then vote the opposite.  Someone also mentioned Rand Paul as an independant, but he did a no no.   He turned and kissed Israeli's hand in order to obtain their support, and the khazars are the ones destroying our nation, so what does that mean for Rand Paul????  He has questions that need to be answered as well.   That made it clear that he is definitely not his father.

Lets review what these khazars have done in the past to manipulate Americans into doing their bidding.   Remember the USS Liberty?  That attack and murder of our sailors on our ship in the Mediterranean, was to manipulate America into nuking Egypt for Rothschild’s ISRAEL, using a false flag bogus attack and blame it on Egypt,  to achieve that goal.  Israel did the same with 9-11 as we are now finding out,  and much more in the past.

So, what is to prevent them from assassinating the resulting winner of the general election, if either one of these guys get elected???  Another important question that will need answering.  If it were me, I would do the following immediately after being sworn in:

1.  Recall and reinstall all 92 generals in the military who were pushed out by Obama, and then order them to clear all dual Israeli citizens out of the pentagon, and military at every level, while also instructing homeland security to do the same in all intel agencies.

2.  Require every head of every dept to write up a report on the impact of dual Israeli citizens being in key positions in the White House and pentagon.  I would require that they be specific and document their findings.   Then I would order those reports to be released to the alternative press and Washington Times newspaper and if the MSM does not print it, at least the alternative press will print it and that would short circuit any attempts to finish the coup in progress.

3.   Then I would threaten Israel with retaliation for all the murders of Americans that Israel has committed, demand compensation be paid to the spouses/famiies of those murdered, and a written promise from Israel that she will never attack us again, and to finance her own military without any aid from us.

4.    Then I would let her know that any further attacks against the USA will result in a response of the most serious kind, and I would also shut down the Federal Reserve,  cancel our debt that was based on accounting entries rather than hard assets, and finally turn all currency over to the US Treasurer and then back it with gold and silver. 

So, if neither of these  two have any ideas, these ae just a few and I am sure our reading audience can come up with more ideas.  Please read and be encouraged.... as well as aware. 

The refreshing surge of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump: America tires of the same old insider corruption and idiocy offered by Clinton and Bush  
By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger,  Natural News, July 10, 2015


(NaturalNews) I don't usually cover pure politics here on Natural News, but watching the surge of Bernie Sanders (on the left) and Donald Trump (on the right) is so refreshing that I had to share it with you. It turns out these two have a lot more in common than you might expect.

They're both independent-minded individuals who aren't afraid to buck the system... or even to threaten it! Sanders openly talks about obliterating Wall Street capitalist cronies while Donald Trump openly threatens to build a giant wall on the border to block illegal immigration. These aren't cowardly, mainstream ideas; they're bold, controversial positions that simply aren't designed to appease the middle ground.

Both of these ideas are, of course, viciously attacked by the corporate-controlled lamestream media. Yet despite the attacks, both Sanders and Trump are surging in popularity. In fact, both are now leading the pack for their respective parties, according to some polls. See Donald Trump Leads The Pack as GOP Frontrunner at Breitbart.com.

Compare the bold, striking words of Sanders and Trump to the banal speeches and relentless lies of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush -- two lifelong politicians whose only goal is to appease everyone at all times, even if it means making different promises to different crowds in different cities on different days. Hillary Clinton, in particular, is a pathological liar who, if elected, would run the White House like a mafia don.

Clinton and Bush are the very faces of government corruption, deception and tyranny. If either one of these gets elected in 2016, America is finished. Only a new face and a new direction have any hope of rescuing America from the disastrous economic death spiral it's currently experiencing.

Why America needs bold leadership

Bernie Sanders calls himself a "democratic socialist." He's pro-people, anti-corporate-corruption and pro-Big Government. Donald Trump calls himself a Republican, but he's really more of an economic libertarian. Egoistic and forthright, he might actually be the perfect "in your face" kind of leader to go up against the likes of Russian President Putin, who thinks of politicians like Obama as being wussified wimps.

In a time of global turmoil in the Ukraine and the Middle East, an economic implosion unraveling in the EU, and Iran being on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons -- which the Obama administration has actually encouraged -- America needs somebody BOLD... somebody with a spine who won't pander to the politically correct media.

America can't survive another status quo corrupt politician that betrays the People to the insane corporations and war mongers who currently run the show. Every vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Monsanto, and every vote for Jeb Bush is a vote for endless war and the continued rise of the Orwellian police state. (It's all for your "national security," didn't you know?)

The only people who currently support Jeb Bush are the politically clueless lifelong Republican ticket voters who are totally ignorant of what Bush actually stands for. And the only people who would vote for Hillary Clinton are totally clueless, low-information voters who are so cognitively impaired that they couldn't even spell "Clinton" if you asked them.

How Bernie Sanders may topple Clinton

In an article entitled "This Is How Hillary Loses the Primary," Stuart Stevens writes:

Something remarkable is happening in American politics. For the first time in our history, a socialist is running a close second and gaining ground on the front-runner in a presidential race.

Anyway you look at it, Senator Bernie Sanders is making history and may very well play a deciding role in who will be the next president.

As Stevens explains, Bernie Sanders is now looking likely to beat out Hillary Clinton for the democratic primary. But Sanders himself is very unlikely to win against any Republican contender, meaning Sanders could play the role of a "Clinton spoiler."

Bernie Sanders, in other words, is the Democrats' Ross Perot. Except Ross Perot was absolutely correct about so-called "free trade" gutting the U.S. economy. Bernie Sanders' economic policies are far more "Big Government" oriented and likely to push America even more aggressively toward economic implosion.

Then again, perhaps America's left-wing political leaders can simply invoke China's stock market genius of threatening to arrest anyone who SELLS stocks, thereby propping up delusional valuations at gunpoint.

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