Vaccine Safety - Remove aluminium by drinking Spritzer!

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Vatic Note:   Given all the soft kill elements the khazars are sending our way, its time to seriously look at tools we can use to defend ourselves that harms no one else.  Keeping our commitments to being good neighbors,  community supporters and uniters of all,  we must find ways that can help us defend against the attack on us, while retaining our integrity and ethics.

If we have to use violence then we must make sure its effective and targeted such that only those warring against us are at risk. This below is one of the ways to fight the attack on our brains by the Aluminium being used in both vaccines and geo-engineering chemtrail drops.  

Vaccine Safety - Remove aluminium by drinking Spritzer!
Published on Mar 9, 2012
Mentioned by Professor Christopher Exley during Vaccine Safety Conference in Jamaica (January 2011), it's recommended to drink water that's rich in silicon (silicic acid) to remove aluminium toxic from the human body. Spritzer, is rich in such mineral.


Drink Spritzer!

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