The Dogon Tribe and Their Nordic Alien Gods From Sirius

Vatic Note:   This below was a surprise to me until I went down some rabbit holes and discovered that north Africans had a tribe of caucasians who were called Berbers.  We also did a blog on a letter written by Pontius Pilot to Emperor Tiberius, that described Jesus in detail.  Pilot said that Christ was a Nazarene and was blonde haired and blue eyed.  Now what a shock that was.

We also did another blog about RH negatives found no where in nature except humans, and positives are everywhere in nature, especially mammals.  Add to that the DNA done on the Berbers and it was determined they did NOT come down from Europe, rather that they were indigenous to North Africa.  Is this why Hitler was so preoccupied by the Aryan race?   Something serious to think about.  

Supposedly the Nazarenes were blonde haired and ended up migrating up into Scandinavia. From there they mixed with others from Germany, Italy, France, etc.  So much is coming together, a bit at a time.  

The Dogon Tribe and Their Nordic Alien Gods From Sirius
by Admin,  Humans Are Free,  July 2015

How did an African tribe come to possess advanced astronomical knowledge about the Sirius star system?

Throughout history, many civilizations were fascinated with Sirius, the Dog Star. This bright celestial object occupies an elevated status in various mythologies but none paint a more intriguing picture than the Dogon Tribe of West Africa.

The rich culture of the Dogon people spans back more than five thousand years and one of their ancient legends tells the story of a race of otherworldly beings called the Nommo.

According to legend, these advanced individuals visited the Earth eons ago, descending “from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder.”

Friendly in nature, they shared some of their wisdom with the ancestors of the Dogon.

At this point we should mention that the Dogon possessed no astronomical instruments with which to study the night sky. But despite this inconvenience, their legends mention that the Nommo came from a planet that orbits one of the two stars in the Sirius star system.

It would have been impossible for them to reach this conclusion just by studying the star with the naked eye. In fact, astronomers only discovered Sirius’ smaller companion star a good 250 years after the telescope was invented.

Every 50 years, the Dogon celebrate the passing of a Sirius cycle, a tradition they keep in honor of the Nommo. That is exactly the time it takes for Sirius B to complete an orbit around its larger, more well-known companion. Coincidence?

The fact that a primitive African tribe possessed advanced knowledge about the universe is a mystery, but one that can be easily explained if we viewed their legends as mirrors of real events.

So, what do the Dogon say about the Nommo?

Their home planet orbits Sirius B and is a largely-aquatic world. All legends describe them as amphibious creatures, very similar to our conception of Merfolk. Their upper half of the body closely resembles the Nordic Alien prototype of blue eyed, blonde-haired tall humanoids.

They landed in a large space ship the Dogon call ‘Pelu Tolo’ or ‘Star of the Tenth Moon.’ This event is one of great importance for the Dogon — their first contact. At the same time the Nommo ship was spiraling towards earth, a new star appeared in the night sky, possibly a mother ship from Sirius.

The tribe describe this star as having a swirling circle of reddish rays around it and also say that it was stationary relative to the other stars in the night sky.

The Dogon revered the Nommo and regarded them as civilizing gods. They are commonly referred to as ‘The Masters of the Waters”, “The Watchers” or “The Saviors.”  (VN: aaah, the watchers,  did not Enoch devote an enormous amount of his writings to "the watchers"? )

When shown photos of the most encountered alien species, Dogon shamans identified them with the Nordic alien type, claiming that their tribe had met blue eyed white humanoids long before meeting white men.

As unbelievable as this story sounds, it is paralleled by many others worldwide and they all share one common aspect: advanced alien beings visiting our planet, offering their aid and knowledge and being revered as gods.

It would appear that this rash of visitations occurred around 5,000 years ago, possibly following a great flood or another catastrophe.

The white-skinned gods apparently visited the entire planet, as legends ranging from Australia to the Americas describe similar beings teaching mankind their ways.

By Locklip

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