The Racist Illuminati War on White Society

Vatic Note:   I read this and realized that there is something seriously going on that may well be exposed by this write up.   While this may be an unpopular topic in some circles, its becoming a legitimate subject for serious study and reviewing.  Henry is Jewish, and not a khazar, so his work on this subject is serious and documentable.   It is worth the read and serious consideration.  I also published the comments to go along with this particular article.

When viewing the comments in light of the article, a context is provided showing both sides of the issue.   Such  treatment allows for all opinions and facts to be disclosed to the reader for their consideration and follow up in research.  Please do yourselves a favor, and read it with an open mind.   Currently the white population is now only 6% world wide.   Another world war should reduce it even further.   So now its important to know, understand and decide what is the right course of action to take to stop this reduction of any race from happening.

Post your comments.   They will be welcomed and considered by all who read this blog.  I had a lot of trouble getting this one up.  It took all night to do, and its now 3:27 am, with this as my last contribution.   I hope everyone will look at this in an  educational way and with an open mind.   One final comment:  "Ask yourselves "why does the Illuminati want to conduct war against white society?  What benefit to them?"   If you answer that one, you will have a complete understanding of the issues at hand and none of them are for the benefit of the "People".   The Illums are not your best friends.

The Racist Illuminati War on White Society 
By Henry Makow 

Badiuk.jpg(Left, Music teacher Brad Badiuk suspended without pay for his opinion of Aboriginals.)
Illuminati Jews and Masons are waging a hate-filled racist war on
European Christian society. Society is oblivious to this attack.

What's behind this need to constantly champion minorities as if only they have rights? And the need to accuse others of hate and racism where there is little? 
llluminati Jews and their Masonic fart-catchers are waging a relentless psychological war on people of European Christian heritage. They are using guilt to disinherit and destroy them. They are the real racists. They are the real haters.
Aren't people allowed to express political opinions any more?
Not if they differ from the ruling Illuminati Jewish cult apparently.

Winnipegger Brad Badiuk voiced criticisms many Canadians have of some Aboriginals on a private Facebook page. He has been suspended without pay from his job as a high school music teacher. 

Don't kid yourself. Illuminati Jews and Masons were also behind Communism. Under Communism, people who don't conform, even privately, are deprived of their livelihood. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
While the West rose in defense of "free speech" , a local teacher lost his job for criticizing Canada's aboriginals, whose upkeep costs the Canadian taxpayer about $10 billion annually.

I don't want to defend Badiuk's views, only his right to express them. On his FB page, he wrote:

"Oh Goddd how long are aboriginal people going to use what happened as a crutch to suck more money out of Canadians? They have contributed NOTHING to the development of Canada. Just standing with their hand out. Get to work, tear the treaties and shut the FK up already. Why am I on the hook for their cultural support?"

Agree or not, this is a legitimate political position. But Communists brand ideas they dislike as "hateful" and unfit for polite company while only their beliefs are kosher. These apostles of "tolerance" are quick to slander and demonize anyone who gets in their way. Their relentless attack on traditional society, ranging from multiculturalism to the mainstreaming of homosexuality, is the real hate. Surely in a so-called free society, people have a right to defend their values. But the Illuminati just want you to roll over and die.

Badiuk made his comments in private. There is no evidence that he expressed them in class or that he treated aboriginal students unfairly. His professionalism has not been questioned, except by some who say a teacher is always on the job. Basically they are using this as an excuse to justify totalitarian thought control. 


MACLEANS-cover-300x300.jpgMeanwhile the Illuminati media has waded in, condemning Winnipeg as "the most racist city in Canada" based mostly on anecdotal evidence. They put a native woman who says she is being taunted on the cover. I have lived here for 32 years and I have never witnessed hostility expressed against Aboriginals. Winnipeggers know you can't generalize. Many natives are hardworking and upstanding citizens; others have a drinking problem. You could say the same about Whites.

The Maclean's story goes on to cite the case of Rinelle Harper--"the shy 16-year-old indigenous girl left for dead in the city's Assiniboine River after a brutal sexual assault. She spoke publicly for the first time after her recovery. She called for an inquiry to help explain why so many indigenous girls and women are being murdered in Winnipeg, and elsewhere in Canada."

The magazine neglects to mention that Rinelle was beaten and assaulted by two aboriginal men. It neglects to mention that she went with them to a dark and secluded place at night. This is what Canadians find so frustrating. Thanks to the mindless pandering of the ruling Masonic cult, Aboriginals are not held accountable for their own behavior. 

Most murders of natives are committed by natives yet the article implies Whites are persecuting them. We don't need an inquiry to stop the abuse of native women. They need to pursue an education, support themselves and act responsibly. The same standards apply to all men and women. Many Canadians don't believe Aboriginals should get special treatment. We should all be treated equally.

Yes, there have been some instances of racism as when an aboriginal, Brian Sinclair, died after waiting 36 hours for treatment in an Emergency Room. The nurses claimed they thought he was just keeping warm. This oversight is deplorable and should never be repeated. But generally the magazine story grasps at straws and makes a flimsy case. 

What's behind this need to constantly champion minorities as if only they have rights? And the need to accuse others of hate and racism where there is little? Illuminati Jews and their Masonic fart-catchers are waging a relentless psychological war on people of European Christian heritage.  They are using guilt to disinherit and destroy them. They are the real racists. They are the real haters.

When will we awake to this insidious attack? Why don't we resist? Do we already have a slave mentality? Are we resigned to this future?

It is not "racism" to make a distinction between races. If I said I liked Indians because they are more soulful, down to earth and human, no one would accuse me of racism. But if I said, some have a drinking problem, suddenly I'm a racist.  We're not going to solve our problems by making the mention of them a thought crime.
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First Comment from JG:

I'm sorry,
but the White Europeans  have to bear some of the responsibility for being under the thumb of their new Zio rulers.

They didn't support their own strong enough when they were ran out of public office for acting on their behalf .They also still don't support the people who challenged these monsters in the mainstream media and lost their jobs for it strong enough either. How many White Europeans would like to do a photo op with David Duke? Sadly, most would run the other way.

It's a sad reality today but without Jewish participation in the White European cause, like all the other political movements, it seems to go nowhere.
The Jews are the organizers and the aggressors who have the power to create or stop any organized movement that is designed to curtail that power.
Does anyone really think that the Jews are going to be converted and change their ways with Church leaders like John Hagee who supports so many of their atrocities? Or how about Benny Hinn. Has the Catholic Church today converted many of them? Have we as Christians today set a strong enough example for them to respect?

Until the rulers of this present world have a change of heart expect more division, terror, chaos, and tyranny.

Scottie writes:

 Everything you said reminded me of what I recently read in Frank Britton's Behind Communism - published way back in 1953.

Frank Britton's - "Behind Communism" - pp 64 - states the following

"Propaganda in the Movies- For many years Hollywood limited its activities to the more subtle types of propaganda, but in recent years this has changed. Hollywood has now committed itself to producing at least four "race" pictures annually. Most of these pictures are destined beforehand to lose money, and are made for purely propaganda purposes. Some are so inflammatory they cannot be shown in certain sections of the United States.

Typical examples of this type of picture are: "Intruder in the Dust," "Pinky," "Crossfire," "Gentleman's Agreement," "No Way Out," and "Home of the Brave." Invariably these pictures seek to inflame minority groups by portraying them as being abused and persecuted by white "bigots." Such propaganda is frankly designed to arouse race hatred among Negroes, Mexicans, Jews, and other so-called minority groups.

These people are being systematically taught to think and act in terms of race--they are being taught a hate philosophy. But there is another aspect to this kind of propaganda.

While minorities are being taught race consciousness the white majority is instilled with a sense of guilt for these "wrongs" committed against minority groups. We are taught that consciousness of race is "un-American" and a manifestation of bigotry. We are told that all races are the same, and that we should discard the concept of race.

In this respect, all Jewish propaganda squares exactly with the communist line. There is a popular misconception to the effect that communism strives to set one race against another. This is a half-truth, which means it is more dangerous than a lie. The one thing communists fear more than anything else is a rebirth of race consciousness among the great white majority of the Christian world

The communists remember that the very instant the German people became race-conscious, they turned with deadly fury against Jewish-communism. They know the same thing could happen in this country.

Therefore, all communist--and Jewish--propaganda is directed in an effort to destroy every vestige of race consciousness among the white people. That is what red propagandists seek to achieve with their propaganda movies and their "tolerance campaigns."

Bjorn said (January 25, 2015):
Granted - the European man must take some of the blame for the situation. But I think you miss the point when your implying 'if you cant beat them, join them!'.
I do not think the Jews are running the show alone, but they are eagerly participating in it. Hence they're part of the problem, and not part of the solution.
To counterattack a vicious enemy is no trivial task. On the contrary; in the land of the gullible do-gooders, who due to their very attitude do not understand the concept of evil, the vicious have an easy game. They not superior, they're just more vicious.
I am more inclined to believe that the best solution is to relentlessly try to educate the white man, and make him understand how to get to Jews out of the solution. They to not belong there. It is an enormous task, I know, but I am naive enough to believe that through internet and other media, it can be done.

Chris said (January 25, 2015):
I find this whole affair to be one more psyop in a long list of psyops all over the globe. Bowman assembled a crew of "city leaders" in hours. Come on, this is BS. It's clear there was foreknowledge of this "event". BB knew in advance and his crocodile tears did not sell this rubbish to me and many others, I'm sure, by any stretch. I wonder if the upcoming Court of Appeal decision re: the Kapyong Barracks land [which Natives claim as their own] has any connection to this psyop?
I would like to put my tin foil hat on and make a prediction. There will soon be international bodies coming in to "manage" land claim issues across the nation. Winnipeg is a testing ground for bigger land claims to come.
This should end the illusion of Canadian sovereignty. Our sovereignty is just a sad joke that we all believed for way too many years. Just look to the hijacking of the Bank of Canada for the proof. Now this whole native issue opens the door to international bodies to come in and "save us". I'm afraid that Agenda 21 will be becoming a real buzz word very soon.
As Brian Bowman said at the press conference "we are all treaty peoples". Welcome to the reserve folks - owned and operated by your corporate masters!

Rosie said (January 24, 2015):
I rarely disagree with you, but on this one, I would have to agree with them.
For no other reason than the fact that teachers are one of the ultimate role models.
My sister is a teacher and friends with many of the parents on Facebook.
We as Americans don't allow professionals (especially teachers) to be human.
In grade school, I had crushes on many of my teachers and if they had spoke negative against anyone, I would have been devastated.
I certainly would be cautious if I had hired a teacher who had shown the potential of detracting from that profession in any way.

CC said (January 24, 2015):
Another interesting and provocative piece. As is so often the case, misdirection and discrediting is the method used for neutralizing threats to the zionist illuminati establishment.
To misguide the public with accusations of racism by white people against the multicultural sacred cow is to keep eyes off of the real intended aim - cause the disrepute of Winnipeg from whence the Republic of Kanata has just been declared this month - http://www.republicofkanata.com/. The movement has arisen partly through the efforts of Kevin Annett and the ITCCS people who have revealed the many generations of child abuse by church and state throughout the commonwealth. They feel the country and legal system of Canada have been highjacked by criminals who exploit and harm the citizens of Canada. They have resorted to a Common Law tribunal as a means to reveal the crimes of the Canadian political and legal system.
The founders and the new citizens of Kanata, especially in and around Winnipeg, have the moral high ground. This is why there are concerted efforts of the zionist-owned media to make Winnipeg a den of racism in order to dupe the Canadian public.
The Brad Bradiuk incident is being used as a psy-op to paint Winnipeggers as dim-witted racists. Let us all look critically at those who are flinging these accusations and why they are doing so.

TH said (January 24, 2015):
Having been a victim of the politically-correct propaganda machine myself, I agree with the comments by JG to an extent.
As a society, whites certainly do need to bear some responsibility for our current situation. How much longer will we sit and essentially allow the Illuminati agenda to slap us silly without a vigorous response from us?
Where my agreement with JG becomes somewhat tempered is that it takes more than just individual white folks to start to effect change. The problem is that individuals are easily picked off and pose no real threat to the establishment. We need a critical mass of white people to voice their opposition to this nonsense.
I know from personal experience that one voice crying out in the wilderness is ineffective.
At my previous place of employment, I would question all the "diversity" propaganda. Despite questioning it in a professional manner, I came to be reviled by the management and brainwashed co-worker alike. They offered no answers to my challenges, just dirty looks and rolling eyes.
I felt as if I was a second-class citizen being a white male and that I had to strike a pose of humility and guilt due to the alleged "privilege" I possess.
Canada is my homeland and its infrastructure was built, in part, due to the efforts of my ancestors. Regardless of this fact, I feel like a guest in my own land while the government continues to flood us with immigrants who are given preferred status.
I stood up for my people, yet now I'm out of work and cannot even land an interview in my field, despite stellar qualifications. Can you imagine the outrage there would be if a so-called minority were to make that statement?
I paid, and continue to pay, the price for standing up for my convictions, Henry. The problem is that too many whites are content to watch their culture and the very country their forebears settled and built be given away as long as they currently (and I stress currently) have a job. The bottom line is that too many whites are cowards and don't stand for anything anymore.

Marcos said (January 23, 2015):
Your article is providential and right on the spot. here in Brazil we have quotas for blacks and Indians in the universities, public services, elective posts, etc. A guarantee that schools will have to step down in order to adapt to the mediocrity of quota kids who are semi-illiterate. In some schools they have now a whole additional semester so the new students can catch up.
I don´t need to talk about the culture. Being white, Christian and hetero, as my sons are (add Jews to that), is being the devil. The public attorney office just clamped down a seminar of pastors here targeted to helping gay men recover from this addiction.
So, in Brazil the situation of the whites is much worse than in Canada, for two different reasons:
1) The size of the white majority. in Canada, the government can give one million dollars to each of the few Eskimos and still there would be jobs and money for the whites. Blacks and mestizos are almost 50% of the population in Brazil, so any restrictions on whites means nothing is left for them.
2) Poverty of whites. In Brazil, there are just as many poor whites as poor blacks and mestizos, which means any kind of difficulty enforced on whites can lead to financial ruin.
The situation is so ridiculous that twin brothers enrolled in the quota program in the university and one was accepted as black while the other was rejected as white. Real blacks are 10% of the population, and they are not even really dark. The rest is a mix in different degrees, so the division is completely unscientific and artificial.

Alan said (January 23, 2015):
Aside from the spying aspect negatives of Facebook, there is a real sense of narcissism - this 13 minute video tells it like it really is. If you just have a minute listen to the last part of it, the maker of this video suggests social media will eventually collapse along with the dollar.


James Perloff said (January 23, 2015):
It’s the Illuminati who are racists and sexists. They fear white males as the greatest threat to their plans for world dominion. That is why they constantly seek to “empower” minorities and women, while forcing white men out of positions of leadership, authority or influence.
Note that the Illuminati themselves are mostly white males. But you don’t see moguls like Lord Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger or Rupert Murdoch stepping aside and relinquishing their personal power to women and non-whites.

DB said (January 23, 2015):
"Under Jewish Communism, or Free Masonry as in America, people who don't conform, even privately, are deprived of their livelihood."

Is there anyone else that perceives the FICA payroll tax as a forced member’s dues to the Communist Party?[Federal Insurance Contributions Act = social security, medicare] No social security number, no FICA pay roll dues, no upward economic mobility for “useful idiots” or the “sheeple” of America. Oh, these vanquished shills behind the pulpit have an exemption from these tributes to conquerors. They have the audacity to preach GOD want’s to bless you all financially. GOD forbade the numbering of the people by government for a reason. Christ’s emancipation of mankind from economic tyranny, the love of mammon, the root of all evil ...LOOK OUT World!

REV 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion ...

JJ said (January 23, 2015):
Always interesting to hear how it goes in Canada. In America it's pretty much parallel, maybe even more intense and polarizing, no pun intended. Who am I kidding, we're done for.
Now, we don't have any aboriginals to speak of, though if we did, we would speak of them highly, praising their many accomplishments in the face of adversity. Social injustice, institutional racism, that sort of thing. We do have a (sort of) black president. Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest people on the planet. There are riots in every major city when the media whips them into a frenzy or a manufactured injustice. And whites stand alongside them with signs, sometimes getting beaten to smithereens in the process when the natives don't care to discern that they're "friends," not "foes."
Why? Because, to them, being a PC thug has replaced Christianity. None of these people, black or white, know they're being used, or who's doing the using. They get a very real adrenaline rush when they go into action that can't be beat. Screaming, "racist" is tantamount to praising their Creator in song. This elation transcends everything. Our "masters" know this. No one said they were stupid.
Having been on both sides of the track, I know this to be true. You can't serve two masters, and His way is better.
There's nothing about race in the Bible.

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