Proof that Alex Jones is on the Side of Right: Alex Jones Predicted 9/11 (July 25,2001)

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Vatic Note:   This is a must watch.  Until we get evidence to the contrary, I will consider Alex viable, even though he is married to a Jewish person and his kids are Jewish,  that does not mean he isn't correct on about almost all of what he has predicted.  After all, we have had several attacks on facilities over the past 20 years, such as the earlier attack on the twin towers that failed and the USS Liberty, along with others most of us know about.

I do believe he is light on exposing the khazars, but that can be explained by his family and his concern for the well being of his family at this juncture. I try to see how I would feel if it were my family and I immediately understood his situation.  I am giving him the benefit of the doubt for now until something comes up that proves otherwise.  Watch and read and see what you think?

Proof that Alex Jones is on the Side of Right:  Alex Jones Predicted 9/11 (July 25,2001)
Published on Sep 12, 2014

Alex Jones from the Austin Access TV show from July 25, 2001 where he predicted the US would use Bin Laden as a patsy for a false flag terrorist attack.




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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones only went "me too" AFTER the coming 911 False Flag was broken by Bill Cooper
AJ on the other hand has been caught red handed in lies.
AJ slandered Cooper after his death. There is audio proving AJ was lying
AJ high jacked a patriot protest and proceeded to play provocateur. This too is documented on video
AJ is either a narcissist, a con man playing the patriot movement, someones asset, or a dis info agent
AJ provides some very important information, but he has some serious problems. Dont take my word for it. There is more than evidence readily available online like on u- tub to raise serious questions about AJ's methods and motives.