Palestinian children buried alive by IDF

Vatic Note:   This, if true, is an abomination of the highest order.  Any crimes committed against Children should result in a death penalty to the perpetrators.  If they commit the murder of Children's innocence, then that is the death of that child even though its a spiritual death, its a death just the same, then the penalty should be appropriate to that act.

I must say here and now, that they have not provided any proof that the IDF is burying Palestinian children alive, but we have evidence from previous blogs that much is done to Pal children in the IDF prisons when they are arrested, so that is bad enough.

What these Zionists have done is reduced war to the lowest form of human depravity that I have ever seen allowed to happen.  If the UN wants any credibility when all this is over, then they better start holding Israel accountable for their crimes against humanity and international war crimes.  Otherwise that UN group is just a waste of money. 

What I found lacking in their admissions below, was the "lack" of admission of the rape they also conduct on these children that we covered in a previous blog.  That requires a double punishment of the perpetrator.  That child's life is ruined when that happens.  These kids have no one to defend them at this point, except the adult in the room, so its a form of betrayal to the most innocent of these people.

Rock throwing is not gun toting, soldier shooting offense, its just rock throwing.  But then again, they seem to target the children.  I am wondering if the purpose is dual which would be to ensure they grow up, if allowed to live, with a deep fear of the IDF, or if its to practice their pagan religion of sexual depravity, or maybe a combination of both.


Palestinian children buried alive by IDF
By Admin,  The Ugly Truth, May 6, 2015


    Israel arrested 9,000 Palestinians last year, 700 of them children, many of children were buried alive by IDF secretly, location is unknown, no more details about this video.

    Non-Televised Truth (Posted on November 14, 2014)

    A former Israeli military commander has told the ‪#‎BBC‬ that Palestinian youngsters are routinely ill-treated by Israeli soldiers while in custody, reports the BBC’ s Katya Adler from Jerusalem and the West Bank.

    “You take the kid, you blindfold him, you handcuff him, he’s really shaking… Sometimes you cuff his legs too. Sometimes it cuts off the circulation.

    “He doesn’t understand a word of what’s going on around him. He doesn’t know what you’re going to do with him. He just knows we are soldiers with guns. That we kill people. Maybe they think we’re going to kill him.

    “A lot of the time they’re peeing their pants, just sit there peeing their pants, crying. But usually they’re very quiet.”
    Eran Efrati is a former commander in Israel’s army. He served in the occupied West Bank.

    In a discreet park in Jerusalem we meet to discuss allegations that soldiers like him often mistreat Palestinian minors, suspected of throwing stones.

    Mr Efrati – who left the army five months ago – says the allegations are true:
    ”I never arrested anyone younger than nine or 10, but 14, 13, 11 for me, they’re still kids. But they’re arrested like adults.

    “Every soldier who was in the Occupied Territories can tell you the same story. The first months after I left the army I dreamed about kids all the time. Jewish kids. Arab kids. Screaming.

    ”Maybe [the kid is] blindfolded for him not to see the base and how we’re working… But I believe maybe we put the blindfold because we don’t want to see his eyes. You don’t want him to look at us – you know, beg us to stop, or cry in front of us. It’s a lot easier if we don’t see his eyes.

    ”When the kid is sitting there in the base, I didn’t do it, but nobody is thinking of him as a kid, you know – if there is someone blindfolded and handcuffed, he’s probably done something really bad. It’s OK to slap him, it’s OK to spit on him, it’s OK to kick him sometimes. It doesn’t really matter.”

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