Court Finds NSA Spying Illegal

Vatic Note:  Very interesting turn of events.   Its a good report, and sets things up for the court to be able to start turning things around if its real.  We will see when  the renewal of the Patriot Act raises its ugly head.  

If that does not get renewed than something serious has happened to the strangle hold that Israel currently has on this nation.   If it does get renewed then these foreign occupiers are in complete control of our nation and we must take it back.  We will see. 

One last question I had, was "Did this ruling include the NSA facility in Israel and its illegal status?"  If not, then its an empty decision, since that facility could be renamed and Israel could continue to spy on us fully.  We will see, as I always say.  

Court Finds NSA Spying Illegal 
Published on May 7, 2015

Emptywheel.net's Marcy Wheeler discusses a US court of appeals court ruling that paves the way for challenging bulk metadata collection as has been done with other aspects of such government activities, such as that by DEA etc.

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