Nearly Half Of Ashkenazi Jews Descended From Four 'Founding Mothers' - Another theory of origination of the Ashkenazi's

Vatic Note:   This was very short, but also very interesting and I am trying to pick up all that I can find on RH negative blood and some of it crosses over in the Ashkenazi Jews originations, so this confirmed the migration of these khazars into eastern Europe and at around the same time as outlined in Arthur Koestlers book,  "The Thirteenth Tribe".   Too bad so many of our truly courageous, honest, and moral men die so young.  Truth takes a terrible toll on those who are courageous enough to seek it and share it. 

By the same token, this below was done by those who have a vested interesting in proving that Ashkenazi' Jews are real, and part of the Biblical Jews, but that is not possible given the circumstances documented back in 800 BC, where these ashkenazi's were identified by DNA as having not one ounce of jewish Blood in them.  Rather they were tested as being Turkits and Mongols.

Given their migration path, its possible they emerged from the line of Cain, but not from the tribes of Israel.  That is why they lack any semblance of humanity.  They are worshippers of Satan and proported to be offspring of Satan, as we  provided on a blog on this site.  They lack any semblance of humanity, compassion, or morality.  Anyway, you read and decide. 

Ashkenazi Jews Descended From Four 'Founding Mothers' 
by American Technion Society,  January 14, 2006

Some 3.5 million or 40 percent of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from just four “founding mothers” who lived in Europe 1,000 years ago. The mothers were part of a small group who founded the Ashkenazi Jewish community, which was established in Europe as a result of migration from the Near East.  (VN: Khazars, and that was documented to be around 750 AD.)

The studies that led to these findings were performed by Dr. Doron Behar as part of his doctoral thesis, and were done under the supervision of Prof. Karl Skorecki of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and Research Institute at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.   (VN: that means "be cautious".....)

Prof. Skorecki is best known for his 1997 discovery of genetic evidence indicating that the majority of modern-day Jewish priests (Kohanim) are descendants of a single common male ancestor, consistent with the Biblical high priest, Aaron.
Researchers from other universities around the world contributed to the study, which was published online January 11 by the “American Journal of Human Genetics” and will appear in print in a forthcoming issue of the Journal.
The researchers’ conclusions are based on detailed comparative analysis of DNA sequence variation in the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) region of the human genome. mtDNA is transmitted to descendants by the mother only.

The researchers found that the mtDNA of some 3.5 of the 8 million Ashkenazi Jews in the world can be traced back to only four women carrying distinct mtDNA of a type virtually absent in other populations. Non-Ashkenazi Jews also carry low frequencies of these distinct mtDNA types, providing evidence of shared maternal ancestry of Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi Jews.

This is consistent with previous findings based on studies of the Y-chromosome, pointing to a similar pattern of shared paternal ancestry of global Jewish populations, originating in the Near East. The researchers concluded that the four founding mtDNA – likely of Middle Eastern origin – underwent a major overall expansion in Europe during the last millennium.
The Ashkenazi Jewish population has been the subject of numerous studies of human genetics because of the accumulation of some 20 recessive hereditary disorders that are concentrated in this population.
The human genome project has enabled mapping of human DNA sequence variation, which enables not only the prediction of certain genetic diseases, but also the identification of family and genealogical relationships (e.g. shared ancestries) among individuals. The human genome includes some 3 billion chemical letters, known as nucleotides – which comprise the sequence of nucleic acids in DNA in almost every cell of the human body.

Most of the human genome is diploid, containing representation of both parents. The Y-chromosome and mitochondria DNA are haploid, containing DNA transmitted from only one parent. Thus, the Y-chromosome provides information about paternal ancestry while mtDNA provides information about maternal ancestry. As a result, DNA sequence analyses of these two regions of the human genome are important tools in phylogenetics – the study of global populations through genetic analysis.
The discoveries of Dr. Behar, Prof. Skorecki and their research colleagues have significant implications beyond their inherent interest and relevance to human history; they are vital to understanding the mechanisms of genetic health and disease in human populations.

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Andre said...

The Judeans did not adopt the practice of defining a Judean as one whose mother was a Judean until about the Second Century BC. A clue to why is given in the barbaric book of Deuteronomy "found in the Temple". There, the Judaic tribal god Yahve exhorts his followers to slay the men and boys of those around them, but keep the little girls for themselves. That is precisely what conquering armies have done throughout history. With Judea a way-station for armies on the move, I imagine there came a point that they either accepted mixed-stock, or disappeared. I have a Catholic cousin who converted to Judaism. Her children are accepted by her Synagogue as Jews. I have noticed that science has dug up Neanderthals, and recovered DNA. Ever wonder why no Hebrew bones have been dug up, with the results of DNA testing made public?

Interesting reading at: http://www.forumbiodiversity.com/showthread.php/8771-Judeans-autosomal-DNA

"We will never know until we test ancient Hebrew skeletons". That will not be done, because it would show that the Ashkenazis have less Hebrew genes than many other populations of the Levant.

Vatic Master said...

I read that link you gave and it was very interesting, but it does say they did get skeletons of that tribe and they related most to Egyptians.

Now what is fascinating about that coincidence is the fact that the Egyptian Pharaoh Aten was the first Pharaoh to say there is only one God, and that the Judeans were in Egypt at that time. Now that was most interesting.