Dozens arrested in land fraud, extortion ring in northern Israel

Vatic Note:   Raise  your hand, if this surprises you one single bit?  Remember, Israel is run by Khazars, not the Semitic 12 tribes of Israel, better known as the Jews of the Bible.   The Khazars have not one ounce of Jewish DNA in them, and their religion is not of the Torah, rather of the Babylonian Talmud.

The khazars were pagans and one of 7 cultures that worshipped the phallic symbol and that is why they are the most prolific in legal prostitution in Israel,  and the kings of Porn and distributors of viagra.  We also read often of rabbi's being arrested, in the US, for paedophiling our children, as they do to the pals children in Israel, when they arrest them for throwing rocks at the soldiers, and then they are sexually abused.  A serious penalty for such a minor crime. 

So, now we see reports such as this one,  about much lesser crimes, but I seldom see reports about much more serious crimes in Israel, so do they own the press there as they do here?   I just read that ISIS has taken credit for a shooting in Texas and it was in USA Today paper, and I was in the store and saw that and burst into laughing out loud and people asked me what was so funny and I told them who was funding, training and support ISIS,  and then showed them the headlines and they all began laughing as well.

Ironically, because of all the shenanigans that have gone on, most now know "something is not right", but they just didn't know what it was..... so I enlightened them.  They believed me, when in the past, say about 2 or 3  years ago, they would not have believed me.  I am so encouraged.... I honestly think the sheep are truly starting to wake up.  Lets pray that is the case, since the powers that be need the sheep on their side,  for this to work for them.

Many of them became suspicious when the powers that be keep trying to take their guns, and for them any explanation that made sense, they were willing to buy into, fortunately for us.  Now no one I know believes anything the MSM says or reports.  Its interesting to watch the jockying going on trying to manipulate without seeming to, and yet failing miserably, like with that article on ISIS and the Texas Shooting.   I would bet $20 that no one in Texas believes it.

But I bet everyone we know believes this story below.   I didn't hesitate one bit when I read it.  It made perfect sense.   A leopard simply cannot change its spots, a thief is a thief always.  No matter, when, what and how come.  It will always be the same.... they simply cannot help themselves as satanists, since that is their motto..... "DO AS THOU WILL, NO MATTER WHO IT HURTS".

Dozens arrested in land fraud, extortion ring in northern Israel
By Admin,  The Ugly Truth,  April 27, 2015


    32 suspects, including several lawyers, allegedly falsified deeds, threatened owners in bid to steal more than 20 tracts of Galilee land


    INCONCEIVABLE.  (VN: they are not Jews, they are khazars, and that is a fact.)

    Remember, they are merely following in the footsteps of the various Judaic patriarchs as recounted in the Torah. Abraham engaged in identity theft by selling his wife Sarah as a prostitute to Egypt’s Pharaoh under the guise she was his sister in what eventually became Jewish comic Henny Youngman’s famous one-liner ‘Take my wife, please’. After leaving Egypt, he did the same thing upon entering Canaan, specifically the village of Gerar, with the then leader Abimelech. Abraham’s son Isaac did the same thing with his wife Rebeccah.

    Later, Jacob ‘the liar’ cheated his own brother Esau out of his inheritance by stealing his brother’s identity in order to get his father’s blessing.

    And from there it just goes on, and on, and on, and on…

    As Jesus Himself said, in describing the Jews–

    ‘…All those who came before me were thieves and liars’

    Times of Israel

    An alleged land-theft ring numbering at least 32 suspects, including several lawyers, has been uncovered in northern Israel, a spokesman for the Israel Police’s Lahav 433 anti-corruption unit said Monday.

    The suspects, most of whom are residents of the north of Israel, allegedly forged deeds and other official documents; engaged in fraud and extortion; threatened rightful landowners; and laundered funds in a scheme to illegally gain ownership over large tracts of Galilee land.

    Over 20 tracts of land, mostly farmland, were acquired in the scheme, according to the Walla news site.

    The group allegedly sold land caught up in the scheme to unsuspecting buyers with the help of forged documents. The suspects held for questioning in the case will be taken to the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court on Monday for remand hearings.

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Anonymous said...

oh god vatic master,why you separate jews and khazar?they are the same you never red history of jews in Babylon?they were not slave they had lending business and were making gold money,then abukadnazar tried to reach the heaven and finish babel tower real god send cyrus to stop them and took some of them to Persia and send some back to canan land and called these talmudians JEWS but they were missing good time in Babylon that is they became enemy of Persians and Aryans khazar king liked jews ABRAKADABRA and order the whole nation become jewish I believe jews corrupted khazarians read purim story or Daniel who was a mossad cia agent type in his time and all the time was busy with magic crafts like today they were stealing land and were lending money with high interest ,were kidnaping and were sacrificing humans

Vatic Master said...

I separate them because I have read volumes and posted what Hertzel the founder of Zionism said about the real Jews, which is they are weak and they lump them in with Christians and Muslims for getting rid of all God based religions except for Lucifer. That is why. Since 750 AD the majority of those who call themselves Jews, are Khazars, which is 90%. Its hard to fathom that the real Jews where were chased out of Israel and had to seek asylum in NY and London, are doing all of this globally. Sorry, but more and more hard evidence is showing that its not the real Jews doing all this, its the khazars and always has been since they invaded Eastern Europe in 1100 AD. Sorry, but there was too much evidence to ignore.