The Rothschilds in India (BRICS?)

Vatic Note:  Well,  I feel I have achieved something that I have wanted for a long time, but could never quite put together, and that is a deep and full picture of the Rothschilds, from every angle I could find and now I believe with this below, we have done  it.   The first video is one of the best I have ever seen and it supports all the contents that Vatic Project has made over their agenda;  the timing of it, the scope of it and  the breadth and depth of it, and all of it on a global basis, which was the part I was having trouble putting together and now with BRICS, I am finally able to see the last peg of this amazing puzzle.

The second video shows us how this family was able to infiltrate, through marriage, and take over the entire royalty of Europe or what is better known as the Illuminati Bloodline families, thus having enormous access to closed doors, massive wealth, and the highest circles across the globe in every country..  Did you know there were Khazars that migrated to China early on, and got the Chinese officials to give them and assign them Chinese family names?

Thats just one example of their reach into every pocket of this globe.  India is another example. Notice, they started with third world countries and made them even worse?  Normally, if you get monied elite with integrity, they put their efforts into advancing a society but not these khazar Rothschilds.  They bleed the nations until there is nothing left and then move on to the next target.  They are already beginning to bleed China, and have now targeted other nations to build up so they can tear them down after they extract all their wealth from them.

We are going to put up a series that gives us the most in depth treatment of history on this planet, that I have ever seen, heard or read about and a great deal of my education was history given the major I had chosen.   When I complete the journey,  I will let you know "THESE ARE THE ONES" but again be prepared since there are 11 videos at least to the series.   That is how comprehensive it is and it bring home HARD, just how important it is that we stand against them.  We literally have no choice, you will agree once you see all these, especially the last 5 or so of the set.   

The Rothschilds in India (BRICS?) 
Published on Mar 4, 2015

Muhammad Rafeeq with Daryl Bradford Smith, October 10, 2010.
On The Rothschild Family and some of their activities over the years in The United States, France, Weimar Republic, Ireland, Britain, Netherlands, India, China, Vietnam. 

And on Itsvan Bakony's "Chinese Communism and The Chinese Jews"; Chabad Lubavitch all over India.


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