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Vatic Note:   This is up because it supported what Gregg Braden wrote in his book "The Healing Power of Belief"...... He said that studies showed that people who prayed for themselves and others to be healed, had a much higher success rate than the controlled group.  He even gave exercises you could do in the book that would aid you in tapping into that power.  This video below does exactly the same thing.  He gives a full accounting about how to do this on this video.  He goes chapter by chapter and its excellent.

I tried to heal myself, and when you combine that with the information we received that our DNA has a 25,000 character alphabet, I knew then I could talk to my own DNA and instruct it to heal my body, since that is what DNA does anyway.  What happened is I had a torn cartiledge in my left knee.  My left leg swelled up to double the size of my right leg.  The pain was so bad that I could not walk even with a cane.

I knew that the DNA in each of us also contains a blueprint of our best condition.
I decided to talk to my DNA and to have "faith" that it would work.   So, that night, until I went to sleep, I talked to my DNA and told it to "heal my left knee according to the original blue print".   I did that until I fell asleep.  The next morning when I got up, and saw that the swelling was all gone, my pain was half of what it was the night before, and I could walk with a cane.   After that I thought about going all the way for full healing.

So, I decided to continue that mantra that day whenever I was driving my car, or taking a shower or when ever my brain was not otherwise occupied.   It worked, the next morning it was completely  healed and I went from faith, to belief, and at the end,  to "KNOWING" and that was it.   To this day a year later,  I am still fine with my left knee.  I now have full confidence that I can heal myself, no matter what is wrong.  He was kind enough to do the book for us on this video, so you can get the information just by listening when you clink on the link to get here.  He is so right on.  Its worth the effort, and believing is half the battle.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy | Full Audio Book 
Published on Mar 3, 2014

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Joseph Murphy
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
Full Audio Book

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