The Long Road To Hell

Vatic Note:  I hate having to say this again,  but the khazars are not Jewish either by DNA or by religion.  They are canaanites/Mongols/Turks, by DNA and are pagan phallic symbol/satanic worshippers.   They control the porno industry world wide as well as well as the 40 billion dollar legal prostitution in Israel, and the sex and labor slave trade internationally.  

Their Book of Laws (The Babylonian Talmud) are filled with preversion, and they do not own or follow the Torah which are the first 5 books of the old testament.  Example:  The Talmud now says you cannot rape a child under 3.5 years old.  Imagine that.....!!!!

Its important that we know that, so we don't buy into the deception that the "Real Jews" are doing all of this.  We have done several blogs on these khazars and how they took over the global deception of being the real Jews, which are only 10% of THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES JEWS,  the rest, 90% are the European Ashkenazi Jews who are not Jews, but Khazarians.

These Khazars, as we can see, are masters of deception and do horrors and perversions in the name of the Jewish people.  These are the same people who created the Noahide Laws which states "if you profess to be a Christian or a follower of Christ then you will be decapitated".  George HW Bush signed a resolution as President in this country that switched our legal system off of the 10 commandments and put them onto the Noahide Laws.

When the rebels in Syria had decapitated Christians, recently, I knew then the rebels were not arabs, rather Khazarians, who authored both the Noahide Laws and the protocols of the Elders of Zion.  That is how greatly deceptive they are.  They are a danger to the entire "civilized" world.  This below proves it. 

The Long Road to Hell
by Julie Mitchell,  Renegade Tribune,  Sept 25, 2014

The following is an article by Julie Mitchell that was censored from BeforeItsNews. ~Your Editor

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There are shortcuts to hell.  White Russia learned that the hard way in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution that began the Jewish Khazarian Bolshevik slaughter of white Russians.  The nightmare would continue until 1953, and the death toll in terms of white Christian lives would ultimately reach at least 66 million.

White Ukrainians learned it the hard way 1932-1933, when at least 10 million of them were starved and/or frozen to death by the Bolshevik (VN: Khazars) Jews in one year alone, and some estimates say as many as 14 million white, Christian Ukrainians died in that genocide.  All of it hidden from history, and all of it engineered by (VN: Khazars) Jews.
When the all-out slaughter of white Russians finally ended in 1953 the Khazars Jews sort of faded into the back ground and allowed their well-trained Slavic lackeys to subjugate the Russian people to decades of  Khazar jewish communism, brutality, and material barrenness, devoid of all the amenities that the white world of the west takes for granted.

The white people of Russia had been beaten and literally slaughtered into submission, and the “multicultural” Soviet state was born in conjunction with the slaughter of so many white Orthodox Christians behind the so called “Iron Curtain, and the interests of “White Russia” suddenly became “Eurasian” under the tutelage of the Khazars jews(VN:  remember these Khazars migrated into southern Russia in 750 AD and were chased out around 1100 AD and migrated then, into Eastern Europe. Everything they have done since then has been blamed on the real Jews who did none of this.  In fact, the real Jews in Israel, have had to seek asylum in NY and London to escape the brutality they were experiencing in Israel at the hands of the khazar migrants from Russia who are now the new settlements in Israel.  Its all been a giant scam.)

And that is as opposed to aligning with the interests of their racial family of whites in the west, and as it remains to this very day as they pull western Europe toward a false savior in the person of jewish Khazar sock puppet Vladimir Putin in the Khazar jewish quest to arrange a third “world war” between white brother nations in the east and the west.
Ultimately the Soviet state would “collapse,” which was essentially nothing more than a solidification of jewish khazar control over the Russian empire once again, disguised as “western democracy.”  You know, “voting rights” and all that jive.

Russia has now arrived on the doorstep of Khazar jewish “democratic” hell.  And she has done so immediately upon emerging from the chains of the hell that is Khazar jewish communism.  And they (White Russia) took a shortcut to hell in 1917 that they have yet to emerge from even after almost 100 years.
Upon the advent of Khazar jewish Bolshevism in Russia, the nation almost immediately became such a place where the KGB or some other government entity would just go and get an individual and take them to a particular locale and simply execute them, or perhaps ship them to a Soviet gulag, in which they would shortly be worked to death. (VN:  just another proof that democracy will be dead if we ever allow their take over of our nation. No rights and no freedoms, so its better, if your going to die, to die fighting like hell, rather than serving as their slave in every way they decide, and I am sure you can imagine one of the worst ways, they are prone to do. )

Photos of mass graves of dead White Russians have been used for decades in the process of manufacturing the jewish Hollow Co$t, and the claim has been that those piles of dead White Russians are piles of dead jews killed by the Germans, as the claim has been in reference to the many, many photographs of piles of dead Germans killed by the Allies and their jewish masters.  That was the nightmare that white Russia lived through, and it is the nightmare that white America is being set up to live, only white America took the long road to hell.
White America’s long road to hell officially began in 1914, three years prior to the short cut taken by White Russia in 1917, with the advent of the “Federal” Reserve and the ADL.  1914 was the year the Khazar jews gained ultimate control over the monetary system of the wealthiest nation on the planet (at that time) and began to institute the mechanisms to effectively silence any talk of their crimes, either past or future, with the establishment of the jewish “ADL.” It would be followed up by jewish control of the media and educational system in western civilization that effectively wiped even a reasonable facsimile of truth from the historical record.
And the band just played on, bringing with it the first full frontal assault on white, traditional values with the so called “Roaring Twenties,” as hedonism and over indulgence were advertised in the Khazar owned jewish media as “normal.”

We see the end result of this today when a whore like Miley Cyrus simulates fellatio on a rubber doll in a live “music” concert in front of our children and young adults. This, it is said, is a sign that we are “free.”  If that is the case, “freedom” is not something I desire.  (VN: Read the protocols, since that is where Rothschild and his khazars put into them in 1897 to attack sexual integrity through our children in order to raise the type of adults they needed (Shallow and perverted) in order to take over any country)
For the brainwashed and/or brain dead sheep the long road to hell was a pleasant one, even comfortable and fun.  Meanwhile they have taken your neighbor’s fully owned house and property for unpaid “property taxes” they have absolutely NO authority to levy, and your friends are being robbed of their property by government agents with guns and incarcerated ........... and subsequently beaten, raped, and just generally assaulted for no reason other than possession of a plant that has been “holy” to the white race since we arrived in this matrix, among a myriad of other “offences” for which white America is constantly being locked away ...........  This is the long road to hell. (VN:  We now have the largest prison population in the world and yet we constitute only 6% of the globes population.  Aryans are now the serious minority in this world.  After all the multi millions of them that have been massacred by these khazars over the past 100  years, it should be no surprise at all.  The question is, "Why are the khazars afraid of the aryan caucasian race?")

This is the road where White America sits broken down on the side and does nothing but watch as their family, friends, and neighbors are hauled away unlawfully and illegally.  This is the road where they sit and idly peruse the roadmap of life as they have been programmed to perceive of it, and find no reason to concern themselves with the plight of their fellow white brothers and sisters, feeling no sense of racial unity with their fellow whites, as their entire civilization and ability to survive is being methodically destroyed around them, a pace that has now quickened in intensity to satisfy all the “end time” scenarios with which the white sheep of America have been programmed.

Their bellies are full, their gas tanks are full, their kids are pacified with television and video games that brainwash them with an anti-white and anti-SELF view of the world, and in all reality they believe they have not a care in the world save being on time to punch the clock like a robot to do the job that makes all of it possible.  Life is good and Jesus loves them.  And that is all they need to know.
In the process of establishing an authoritarian system in which armed agents of the government just come into your home and take you away if it suits their fancy to do so the khazars jews were seeking the answer to one question and one question only, and that is will "White America lie down for the same treatment?"

White Russia laid down for, and if not, just how far can they be pushed and how many of their rights can ultimately be stripped from them without resistance? The answer to the first part of the question has been a resounding “yes” and the answer to the latter has been right over the edge and every last one of them, as long as the white sheep get to keep football, The X Factor, and all the depravity that comes with the subcultures of the Khazars jews ........, both of which are ubiquitous in the media and the world of entertainment, all of which is and has been under full ownership and control of the Khazars jews for quite some time.

There could be more to this piece, but I could not find a cache of Page 2..

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