Pyramids of the World have Started to Come Alive Galactic Photon Belt Enters Our Solar System

Vatic note:   Because all we have about all this is what you see below and at the link provided.  We cannot prove any of this, so I suggest you remember what we do know, since that report, mentioned in item #1,  is or at least was available for anyone to read.  Same with the rest of these.

1.  Alien Invasion was one of 2 recommendations by the 1966 Iron Mountain Report to use bogus aliens invading us as a justification to get us to globalize.  That is a fact.

2.  Another fact that we "know" is that the pyramids were built by an advanced civilization.  Either advanced from here that disappeared or alien.

3.  We know that Bill Cooper disclosed a government conspiracy to cover up alien existence on this planet, and it was called Majestic 12.


4.  We know for a fact that the USA has a full space division and flying ships operated on anti-gravity for flight and they, along with NASA were placed under the newly formed Naval Space Division.

5.  We also know that the airforce has perfected holographic technology that can throw images in the sky from one of their planes using the technology they developed.

6.   there is more, but this will do for our purposes for now.  As  usual, please think for yourselves and if you disagree, please let us and why.   We only ask for respect in the disagreeing, and no name calling or anger fits.  Thanks. 

Its from these bits of information that I have preliminarily deduced that this below could well be true, but watch out for any deception or manipulation from the bad guys. 

Pyramids of the World have Started to Come Alive Galactic Photon Belt Enters Our Solar System
By Lavendar Rose,  Before Its News,  March 12, 2015


(VN: we just heard about a plane crash over CERN Switzerland where the collider is located.  Did the collider have anything to do with it?  Switzerland also happens to be the home of Rothschilds BIS, Bank of International Settlements.   Is there some connection?) 





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