Australian Survey Buoy Anomolies Offer New Evidence that the Twin star is leaving to head south again.

Vatic Note:  This was put up in June of 2010 and matches what I found later with respect to the Antarctica and we did numerous blogs on the subject and what was going on down there.  I will try to find the links and post them for you later.  Having said that, I believe that the dark star is here and beginning his journey back to where it came from and that is why their has been virtually no damage so far, except some Minor equakes and plate movement..

What was seldom ever said was that the twin star was coming from the South and it makes a big difference on its impact on the earth. It would be a lot more damage coming in on the Elliptic, so we are lucky this time around.   We did an interview of a mayan Shaman back then and he said we had nothing to fear, that it was the return of the "ANCESTORS AND WISE MEN."  Hows that for a cryptic description.

I have a lot more to say about this and will do so later.  I am behind because the powers that be or "someone" hacked into my computer and I could not even turn it on.  I had to wait for a shift change to get control of my computer back again.  So please be patient as it will analyzed by the time 9 am comes aound. 

by Richard St-Laurent
6 June 2010
from Yowusa Website


A heated debate in the Planet X community focuses on where Planet X is approaching from. Many believe it is near or moving along the ecliptic in the direction of the sun (the plane of our solar system.)

Others such as ourselves, have always maintained that it is approaching from the South.


Those who believe it is moving near or along the ecliptic in the direction of the sun, offer in evidence, cell phone photos and spurious SOHO image anomalies.

Our position has always been that this dubious imagery misses one simple point. If so, Planet X which most likely has its own magnetic field, would already be interacting violently with our sun, which is at this time so quiescent, that NASA even said that it is the “quiet before the storm.”

On the other hand, the only evidence that NASA is interacting with our Sun is found in the data reported by the ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe.

YOWUSA.COM, 13-October-08
The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / Nibiru

The published findings of the 2007, ESA-NASA Ulysses robotic probe's look-up fly-under of the Sun's South Pole region came to our attention while authoring our book, Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in 2007.
The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / Nibiru

It offered the first half of a picture that would either provide proof of, or call into question, the existence of Planet X. A possible acid test, so to speak.
However, the second half of this picture would not arrive until 2008, during the probe's scheduled look-down fly-over of the Sun's North Pole region.

The last polar flyover of the probe was “officially” unsuccessful though European sources indicate otherwise.


Nonetheless, the data NASA did publish clearly shows that the Southern hemisphere of the sun is significantly more active than the Northern hemisphere, which supports the argument that Planet X is currently approaching the core of our system from deep within the Southern skies of our solar system.

Published in 2008, these findings are now supported by new findings that not only corroborates the Ulysses probe findings, but also suggests a causality link between recent Earth changes, seismic events, volcanism and even the BP oil spill and the approach of Planet X from the South.

Mantle Stretching

If the earth is subject to a gravitational pull from below the ecliptic (from the South Pole), this would theoretically make the South Pole "inflate out" (ocean and continent rising) and the North Pole crustal layers slide and stretch from one to another (mantle stretching and following the earth's circumference path.)

Planet X Gravitational Influences

If this is true, it would lead to unusual weather and other types of anomalous patterns, such as unexpected tidal behavior. Have scientists noticed such phenomena? The answer, here again, is a very resounding yes!


Scientists from different parts of the world have recently verified these occurrences.

Wired.com, 24-Dec-2009
Tidal Forces Trigger Tremors on San Andreas Fault

The subtle changes in stress caused by tides in Earth’s crust can trigger small, deep quakes along a seismically active portion of California’s San Andreas fault, a new analysis suggests.
San Andreas Fault

The same forces of attraction that cause ocean tides also cause tides in Earth’s rocks, says Amanda Thomas, a seismologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

And although the continual variations in rock stress associated with those tides are minuscule, they apparently are big enough to trigger small tremors along some faults, Thomas and Berkeley colleagues Robert M. Nadeau and Roland Bürgmann report in the Dec. 24/31 Nature.

This 2009 article documents the new discovery that tides are not just ocean events, but crustal as well.


This discovery likewise highlights the current risk of a major quake for the greater Los Angeles area.

YOWUSA.COM, 25-May-10
2010 Quake Prediction for the Greater Los Angeles Area

For those of you living in the greater Los Angeles, CA area, an immediate and prudent review your earthquake preparedness measures is strongly advised.
2010 Quake Prediction for the Greater Los Angeles Area

This article presents late-breaking Torah Codes by film producer and research Richard Shaw, with the permission of the research team in Jerusalem.
Please note, this is not a call to panic. It is a call for diligent concern and responsible action.

Is this new potential threat of a major seismic event in Southern California related to the BP oil spill that is now devastating multiple ecosystems along the Gulf Coast and beyond?

Perhaps so, assuming there is a single common causality as described in below video:



As you read the following analysis of the Australian survey buoy anomalies, you may begin to see a correlation between Earth changes and the BP oil spill and worse.

Perhaps this, more than the spill itself, motivated President Obama has placed a moratorium on deep water drilling in the Gulf.

Why? Because a part of planet that we know less about than the face of the Moon is changing and these changes are startlingly evident in Australia.


Buoy 53401

In April 2010 when NOAA survey buoy 53401 started emitting alarming data and sounded a state of "tsunami emergency," reporting major seabed changes (the seabed rising about 300 feet) in the Indian Ocean near Malaysia (located northwest of Australia.)

Buoy 53401 Location

The buoy transmitted data showing daily major seabed changes from April 5 through April 12, 2010, and then it was turned off or stopped sending data. The buoy was not transmitting any information as of May 31, 2010.

At first, researchers thought the buoy was malfunctioning because major seabed depth changes like this seemed impossible. 


A Pattern Emerges

By itself, buoy 53401 was a singular anomaly.


However, the situation became more serious and suspicious in mid-March 2010 when another buoy, buoy 55012, began emitting alarming data that showed dramatic changes in the seabed depth and went into a state of “tsunami emergency.”


This time, the buoy was located northeast of Australia.

Some days after that, a third buoy went into a state of "tsunami emergency" when reporting, like the two first tsunami buoy stations, tremendous changes in seabed depth in an area close to the second buoy northeast of Australia.


The data showed a seabed rise of 13 feet per day and was officially reported in the news on May 16, 2010. Immediately following that report, the data streams for buoys 53401 and 55012 were halted.


So far, the dimensions of this story, begin with the 24-Dec-2009 report that the San Andreas fault in California is susceptible to,

“the same forces of attraction that cause ocean tides also cause tides in Earth’s rocks.”

Then a mysterious shut out of data feeds for two key, Australian survey buoys following a report of a seabed rise of 13 feet per day.


Is there another dot to connect? Yes!


Unexpected Changes Under Alaska

On May 19, 2010, "Discovery News” reported that major and unexpected changes in the earth's mantle under Alaska were found more or less by accident during a scientific study in this area.

Discovery.com, May 19, 2010
Earth's Mantle in Overdrive Under Alaska

A new 3-D model of the mega-quake and tsunami-launching duction zone in Alaska has uncovered a big surprise: The Earth's mantle there is moving a whopping 20 to 30 times faster than the crust.

So instead of being dragged along for the ride as a slab of crust is pushed under another, the solid rock mantle rock is swirling around the plunging slab like water around a paddle dipped in a stream.
Earth's Mantle in Overdrive Under Alaska

What the models predict are flows up to 90 centimeters per year around the descending slab of crust, said geologist Magali Billen of the University of California at Davis.
Billen co-authored a report on the new model with former graduate student and lead author Margarete Jadamec in this week's issue of the journal Nature.
"On plate tectonics timescales that's screaming fast," said Billen.
More typical plate speeds range from one to 10 centimeters per year.

When these “earth changes” in the Australian and Alaskan areas are added to other earth-change anomalies like coal mine explosions that suddenly seem to occur all around the world, the picture is no longer a disjointed collection of coincidences.


There is something much bigger happening and scientists are concerned.


 Magma Rising

Recent seismic and volcanic events indicate a new and recent worldwide magma rising, more accurately called a “magma plume,” that accounts for the weather changes everywhere in the world including the recent volcanic activity.

This begs an important question:

Could this be caused by a gravitational pull from below the ecliptic?

Since the earth is subject to major seabed and continental shelf changes, this would lead to many worldwide problems similar to the hurricanes and volcanic activity we are experiencing presently.


But if all this is real, it would again beg the question:

Is the earth under the influence of a gravitational force field from below the ecliptic?

The data is piling up with a simple answer.


A very alarming and resounding yes!

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