Ontario Teacher Disciplined for Criticizing Child Procurement Program

Vatic Note:  Do they have election recall in Canada for elected officials who condone commiting of crimes?  This is a movement all over the world, notice in Germany and Denmark they are asking that the rules on pedophilia be loosened, and decriminalized.  Can you imagine?   We pointed out years ago on this blog that satanism was the basis of this New World Order that they want to institute, and no one has said a word about it.

This is starting it with the children by changing our moral compass from one of certain rules that enhance a life, to one of no rules that leaves a child floating, needing direction, and limits set for them.  This whole treatment of sex as recreation, rather than something important such as love, marriage, children, etc.  was all laid out in the protocols, to do this to our children.  It undermines the stability of a society and makes it ripe for occupation by these demonic satanists.   That is why they federalized the schools, and allow TSA to fondle our children at the airports.  Its even worse in Britain.  They are the example we can see if we allow this, since they have been doing this to children for generations.

This is done to deprive children of a meaningful life instead of them experiencing true meaning and importance of certain elements that have supported us as adults.  This is part of the Satanic training of our young since this NWO is to be satanically based instead of Christian based.  We knew that when these same khazars murdered 63 million Christians after taking over Russia.  You can't have a satanic NWO with Christians around to mess it up with their truth telling. 

An insider said, back in 2010, that they were basically ready, as satanists, to take over the world.   Here, check out the blog we did back then about how they had all the confidence in the world that they were ready and it was going to happen.  We will see... here is the blog we did on it.   After reading this below, I believe it, since that is exactly the evil level of perversion they are leading our children to.   I don't even want to see what this world would  be like if they succeed in their demonic evil ways. 


Ontario Teacher Disciplined for Criticizing Child Procurement Program 

Introducing pre-puberty children to sex is
psychological sexual abuse, leading to
physical abuse. Parents must take vigorous legal action. Teachers must refuse to groom children for pedophiles. 

The time has come for civil disobedience.

We've heard about bakeries who refused to bake cakes for gay weddings as a matter of principle. Now we have 75,000 elementary school teachers in Ontario who are forced to act as satanist social engineers and procurers. Their livelihood is at stake.  Like Eichmann, will they "obey orders"? 

If you were a pedophile, wouldn't you want children to learn the following? (see article)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

An Ontario teacher has been disciplined after criticizing Ontario's sex ed in social media. Details are withheld because she wishes to remain anonymous. She "fears for her safety."

She writes:

"Thank you for covering the sex-ed topic in such an informative, educational, way. As a public school elementary teacher, I had been trying to do the same by using social media (Twitter, Facebook.) At least until I have been gagged by my own Union and sent to the school board's "Tweet Right" course.

gingerbreadman.jpgWhat is happening in schools and particularly the union is terrifying. We are being gradually conditioned to approach children with sex talk via images of gingerbread cookies. Most of us have learned as children to reject candy from strangers. Yet here we are, teachers from the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario about to start using images of candied cookies to have adult chats about sex with children.

It's simply criminal. There ought to be some sort of political/judicial/criminal action to stop this dead in it's tracks.

There is this sort of linguistic/psychological approach gradually implementing the "sex-ed" curriculum. There is an occult quality to the entire thing and disturbing overtones of pedophilia.

I hope you continue your work on this subject. Parents and teachers need to be educated about the sex education program and its genesis. They simply don't know. They need to be informed with the facts about it so they can understand."

The sex ed curriculum was designed by a pedophile. Benjamin Levin pleaded guilty to making written child pornography, counseling a person to commit a sexual assault, and possession of child pornography. He also told an undercover police officer he had sex with his own daughters and hoped to have sex with his granddaughters. (VN: that proves these pedophiles have absolutely no room in them to care about the damage they do to their very own children. They are fully narcississtic, and only care about themselves.)

The Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum is designed to groom children for pedophiles, homosexual and otherwise. If you were a pedophile, wouldn't you want children to learn:

Graphic lessons on sexual body parts including "penis", "testicles", "vagina" and "vulva." (age 6)

How to give consent. (age 6 and older)

How gender is a social construct unrelated to anatomy. (Age 8) 

That homosexuality is cool. Gay families are normal. (Age 8)

That they should start dating. (Age 9) (VN: is that way they loaded up milk with hormones?)

That masturbation is good. (Age 12)

That vaginal lubrication is useful. (Age 12)

That anal intercourse and fellatio are good ways to avoid pregnancy and stds. (age 13) 

That doesn't mention anal sex is 3000% more likely to result in AIDS; that almost 1 out of every 3 actively gay men in Toronto will get AIDS; but says it's OK to keep having sex even if you have AIDS. 

That sex is a purely recreational activity whose purpose is pleasure, apart from love or marriage. According to the Coalition for Life, "the words 'love' and 'marriage' never appear once in the sex-education strand of the curriculum. Not a single mention. Does that reveal the mindset of its writers, if not the philosophical underpinnings of the curriculum itself?(VN: its intentional, its purpose is to destroy the family which is the foundation for a civilized and functioning society and economy.)


If you didn't believe in a satanist global conspiracy empowered by the Illuminati banking cartel, you should now. The people supporting the Ontario Sex Ed program are globalist proxies like the Communist party, Planned Parenthood, OPHEA (The Ontario Physical & Health Education Association) and "Queer Ontario" which according to their website, promotes bondage, casual sex, sadism/masochism and group sex. 

The sex ed agenda is international in scope. A Greek wrote to Ann Diamond recently: "Yesterday I went to a conversation that took place in a primary school and was organized by school teachers and social workers. They invited parents to tell them that it is necessary to put sex ed in kindergarten. 

I asked them where they take their instructions from, they said from WHO [World Health Organization]. I talked and I am opposed to all of this, and yes, they were impressed from the things I knew, and they didn't have an answer. It's spreading wild, guys. It's a world agenda."
What passes as spontaneous "social change" is in fact an organized process of satanic possession.

So far only one man has launched a legal action. A Mr. Tourlakis has sued the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) for refusing to give him advance notification of lessons that contradict his religious beliefs. They have also refused to let him to withdraw his children from class.  (Point 12) 

But all parents and teachers need to challenge this in court. Forcing teachers to sexualize children contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees "freedom of conscience and religion." (2a)

Muzzling teachers contravenes the guarantee
of "freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication." 

Furthermore, the Charter protects Catholic schools who refuse to participate. (29)

I have to ask Ontario parents. Do you love your children? Prove it.
Thomas Carter has found a group that is more militant:

Today at our church in London, ON, a lady was giving out petitions protesting the curriculum put out by Parents Alliance of Ontario. www.parentsalliance.ca
This group is very active and have been behind the protests at Queen's Park. 500 hundred of their members were responsible for shutting down the brain washing session held by Liberal MPPs Bas Balkissoon and Soo Wong.

The group appears to have been started by Chinese Canadians. They are planning another protest for Tuesday April 13. 

More updates and info available http://mychildmychoice.ca/




Join Parents across Ontario who are saying NO to Ontario's new sex ed!
FB GROUPS > My child My choice, Say no to Ontario Sex Ed, PM Stop the dangerous and abusive sex ed in Canada,


Stop this dangerous sex ed program imbedded with pedophilic influence (of convicted child predator Ben Levin), which presents confusing theories (introduces 6 genders to young influential minds) opposed to sexual health and education facts, introduces anal sex as an equivalent to vaginal in GRADE 6 when in fact anal sex is illegal in Canada until the age of 18 and is harmful to the body, has high risk association to the aids virus since 'anal fluids' carry highly toxic and infectious bacteria (especially when mixed with semen). 

These facts however are missed in this sexual health and education program designed to keep our children 'educated and healthy'. The curriculum introduces consent to minors rather than teaching them according to Canadian Laws that it is a violation for anyone to touch them sexually. 

The program encourages masturbation and sexual touching to minors which is a violation of the criminal code of Canada. The Ontario government is threatening parental rights and Canadian freedoms and has disrespected Canadian values.

Stand with us and fight back. All protest will be very loud, but very peaceful. No violence of any kind will be tolerated.

April 2008- Makow- Pedophilia: The Next Frontier 
Wynne's Sex Ed Rooted in Totalitarian Communism (Cabalism)  
Ontario Lesbian Premier Grooms Youngsters for Pedophiles
The First Child Kathleen Wynne Destroyed
German Documentary- The World Pedophile Agenda (One hour)

First Comment from Dan:

In all cultures and all lands, pedophilia has been a capital offense.   So the first thing to ask is; what happened?  How have the most criminal of sexual perversions become a plank in the political platform in democratic countries?  Marx never suggested it. Trotsky only went so far as promoting promiscuity and bisexuality .[1] He corresponded with and met the Fabian Socialist Lord Bertrand Russell in 1921.[2]  

The English Lord Russell and the cultural terrorist Trotsky knew that isolated individuals are easily controlled by the State.  Both experimented with ways to break up the nuclear family.  Trotsky outlawed marriage, decriminalized sodomy, and promoted promiscuity and homosexuality.  In 1927, Russell and his wife (at the time) Dora operated a private, experimental school for children up to puberty.  The children immersed in sex 'education', and encouraged to experiment on each other, and given hours of opportunity. Russell confirmed that children that have premature 'hands on' sexual experience with other children, whether before puberty or before maturity, will never bond deeply enough to sustain a marriage.

All this goes to the motive of the Globalists' heavy handed support for outright deviant sex programming of children unfortunate enough to have to go to public school. 

Now, how are they getting away with forcing this blatant, aggressive sex deviant programming of children into Ontario schools?
I've noticed that parents and the public who should be up in arms aren't doing much, if anything, but reading articles like this. 
I've also noticed most don't want to really study the curriculum line by line, because it's repellent to us.   But if you really want to get motivate to do some kind action - even if it's only writing letters to editors of your newspapers and posting op ed comments,
this German documentary   THIS IS A MUST SEE.  It tells you in great detail what's in these programs, where it started, and the powers behind it.  

Originators of Early Sexualization

[1] Communist Rules for Bringing About a Revolution (1919):  "Corrupt the young.  Get them away from religion.  Get them interested in sex."
[2] In history books Russell is often called a "liberal anti-Communist" but remember this quote: "I believe that Communism is necessary to the world, and believe that the heroism of Russia has fired men's hopes in a way which was essential to the realisation of Communism in the future."
[3]  It was called the Beacon Hill School, and Russell could get away with this because he obtained a Royal Charter.
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/index.html#sthash.snzohRup.dpuf

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