Initial DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull released – with incredible results

Vatic Note:  I would love it if someone would prove to me these are a result of mutation and yet found only where these were found.  Watch the video and see what you think?   I have no view about this yet.  I am still going down rabbitholes on this.   Its fascinating as  heck. 

Initial DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull released – with incredible results
By April Holloway, Ancient Origins,  February 5, 2015

Elongated Skull in Paracas
Paracas is a desert peninsula located within the Pisco Province in the Inca Region, on the south coast of Peru.  It is here were Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928 – a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world. These have come to be known as the ‘Paracas skulls’. 
In total, Tello found more than 300 of these elongated skulls, which are believed to date back around 3,000 years. A DNA analysis has now been conducted on one of the skulls and expert Brien Foerster has released preliminary information regarding these enigmatic skulls. 
It is well-known that most cases of skull elongation are the result of cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding, in which the skull is intentionally deformed by applying force over a long period of time. It is usually achieved by binding the head between two pieces of wood, or binding in cloth. However, while cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it does not alter its volume, weight, or other features that are characteristic of a regular human skull.
The Paracas skulls, however, are different.  The cranial volume is up to 25 percent larger and 60 percent heavier than conventional human skulls, meaning they could not have been intentionally deformed through head binding/flattening.

They also contain only one parietal plate, rather than two. The fact that the skulls’ features are not the result of cranial deformation means that the cause of the elongation is a mystery, and has been for decades.

Artistic - Elongated Skull
An artist’s impression based on a Paracas skull. Photo credit: Marcia Moore / Ciamar Studio

Mr. Juan Navarro, owner and director of the local museum, called the Paracas History Museum, which houses a collection of 35 of the Paracas skulls, allowed the taking of samples from 5 of the skulls. The samples consisted of hair, including roots, a tooth, skull bone and skin, and this process was carefully documented via photos and video. Samples from three skulls were sent to the geneticist, although the geneticist was not given any information about what they came from until after the genetic testing, so as not to create any preconceived ideas.
The results of a DNA analysis of one of the skulls are now back, and Brien Foerster, author of more than ten books and an authority on the ancient elongated headed people of South America, has just revealed the preliminary results of the analysis. He reports on the geneticist's findings:
It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.
The implications are of course huge. “I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree,” the geneticist wrote. He added that if the Paracas individuals were so biologically different, they would not have been able to interbreed with humans.
The result of this analysis is only phase one of many phases of analysis due to take place.  The next tests will involve having the initial test replicated, and conducted on other skulls, so that the results can be compared to see if there are any specific Paracas characteristics. We will update when more details emerge.
Watch the video interview with Brien Foerster revealing new details about the genetic analysis.


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Anonymous said...

The guy in the video says -
" The skull is genetically predetermined to have a certain volume, you can't change the volume.
So these skulls are not able to get bigger on their own.
* Skull binding or some such thing could not be the cause of their extra size.

BUT in fact it can ...
A spur forms in response to pressur, rubbing, or stress that continues over a long period of time.
Skull binding or constraint of some sort would cause that constant irritation/ situation of distress so as to produce extra bone.
The most critical period of bone healing is in the first 1-2 weeks in which inflamation & revascularization ocurrs. The incorporation & remodeling of a bone graft requires that mesenchymal cells (this is a gelatinous substance which become bone) have vascular access to the graft to differentiate into osteoblasts & osteoclasts.
The head being bound is in a constant state od fracture 7 is therefore in a constant state od repair - hencg the extra bone mass / volume.
Am I good or what.

Vatic Master said...

Yes, but would that explain the passing on of the trait to offspring? What you are describing is a 'mutation' or a purposeful act. Purposeful acts are not guaranteed to be done by everyone. And mutations are easily identified, so its not a mutation. So what is it???

Anonymous said...

UNTIL THE MECHANISEMS BEHIND IT IS DISCOVERED - our knowledge base is almost nonexistant in the scheme of things, still & because we cannot let go of the rediculous notion that we alredy know it all & so we proceed with our eyes shut tight.

Caracus Skulls:
Brien Foerster says -
they were a mix of people - made up from a bigger genetic pool & their diet was more than adequate.

This would suggest inbreading & over a long period of time, which weakened their demeanor & they died out - vanished


A mutation is not a purposeful act ?
A mutation is caused by having to adapt to survuve - if the elongated skulls are a result of binding etc., it was a forced process - like breeding animal for/to a desired result - so yes & no.

GENES: Control of Cell Processes.
How are they regulated - not all our genes are turned on - not since conception & earily development - we only have 10% - the 90% are turned off.

In my communication with Professor Jim Al-Khalili I put forward the E coli experiment - E coli - feed on sugar called glucose & are lactose intolerant - were placed on an an exclusive diet of lactose - 20% adapted & survived = mutation - since then I have read that they have the capacity to feed on lactose & do so when forced - in other words those genes are turned off - this does not explain why 80% did not survive.

A mixed breed of people -
Brien Foerster says - DNA that does not correspond with anything found on earth
A) because we have not found everything yet.
B) because what these skulls consist of now could have formulated over time & due to conditions - chemical & biological reactions.
The Universe is made up of the same stuff only in different quantities due to need.
The E coli that adapted to lactose - the adapting was FAST TRACK so as to survive - there is the capacity for fast track to even INSTANT in the universe.

Anonymous said...

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Very old carpets made by hand by people in the MIddle East, who had never seen the inside of a class room & yet they were the mathamatical physacist artists - Da Vincie's of the Middle East.
Today we haven't got a clue how they were made much lees where to begin to reproduce them.
God is for the little man.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the academic, who's family of several generations frequented academia - who may have purchased such a carpet.
As the light & shade played with the carpet bringing it to life, the story line & mood changed, the owner now afraid that it is pocessed / or he is pocessed / or the house is pocessed by demons summoms the shaman / witchdoctor to do his thing.
God has a sense of humor, here.