The Real Reason that Netanyahu and Israeli Leader's Claim to Speak for All Jews

Vatic Note:   This was something these zionists did during WW II that resulted in the supposed holocaust.  They spoke for all Jews and refused Hitlers offer to release the Jews out of Europe and into Britain and America, which the Zionists in Switzerland refused.  Here is the proof.    http://www.nkusa.org/Historical_Documents/tenquestions.cfm

I believe this rabbi,  Netanyahu has a dark agenda for the real Jewish people, just like he does for Christians and Muslims.   Israel built a nuke hardened bunker, for future use, and then bought land in Petagonia to move to in the future.  So, the question is "Why?" Further, will the Palestinians be allowed underground with the Israeli's?  NO?  Of course not.  Do they plan on genociding all Palestinians?  That is a very legit question. 

I believe, (And its just me, I have no proof, only indicators) it is to prevent the REAL JEWS from ever coming back into Israel and claiming it when Christ comes to lead them back as he promised these dispora Jews. Remember, the khazars hate the real Jews and all Jewish based religions.  Herzl said the Judeans were "WEAK" and pathetic, so he had no repect for them since they were not war like or use violence to obtain their objectives.

Now think about it,  Radiation has thousands of years of half life and the land would be permanently poisoned from a nuke attack that they are planning to do to Israel.  We did several blogs on this issue along with their purchase of land in Petagonia in both Chile and Argentina, and both those countries citizens can no longer vacation in Petagonia like they used to.  Strange?  Yes!  This is a great interview and well worth the watch.  

Vatic Project has perpetually made the point that these khazar zionists are not the real Torah Jews of our Bible.  This interview confirms it.... its the zionists who are the khazars. 

The Real Reason that Netanyahu and Israeli Leader's Claim to Speak for All Jews
Published on Mar 16, 2015
In this interview, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, rabbi of Beis Medrash of Bayswater, explains the motives behind the claims of Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders to represent all Jews. He explains how Zionism, starting from Theodor Herzl, unilaterally arrogated to itself the right to speak in the name of world Jewry. Rabbi Shapiro explains the motives behind this and the danger it poses to the Jewish people.

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Anonymous said...

Okay - I watched the video
I don't know yet if I buy it .

Vatic Master said...

Reading and watching is to provide you with information, and thus for you to ponder. Continued research will help you to know the truth in the end. But always keep an open mind for more information as it emerges, just make sure its from a reliable source and not "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" that these khazars control and direct. Soros did that with "Occupy Wall Street" and that is how successful they were. That group did nothing to change anything and that is why they make up false oppositions and manipulate them to direct our anger and energy away from effective action.