UN climate head resigns amid sexual allegations

Vatic Note:   As you probably know,  I believe the UN is simply a tool used by the global elite and international bankers to promote their agenda and anything that advances it without danger to them and the UN fills that function for them.   And it was proven several years ago that the climate warming issue was a false flag, for lack of a better term, done to extract more wealth from the people to be used on something that cannot be fixed.

The fact that he has run that group for this long, says that he is a willing participant in the scam being laid upon us.  For example, all the planets in this solar system are having warming issues, so we are not alone, which means the source is not from human or man kind, rather its a cosmic condition/agent that is causing the problem and we can't fix it through carbon Taxes.

If he did this, it would not surprise me, since he was willing to work for the cabal, and that means he lacks some basic integrity qualities that does not serve us or the planet and may have in fact, harmed another without taking any responsilbity for it.  If that is the case, then we are better off.  Having said that, lets also not forget that slandering Whistle blowers is an old habit of these mafia types.   You read and decide.  Will try to stay on top of it as this progresses. 

UN climate head resigns amid sexual allegations
By Admin,  Press TV,  February 24, 2015

The head of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, resigns amid sexual harassment allegations by a 29-year-old female researcher at an institute he runs in India.
The 74-year-old Indian and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who had been the chairman of the IPCC since 2002, submitted his letter of resignation on Tuesday to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. 
“The IPCC needs strong leadership and dedication of time and full attention by the Chair in the immediate future, which under the current circumstances I may be unable to provide,” he wrote in his letter, without referring to the allegations.
The woman, who works at Pachauri’s Delhi-based Energy and Resources Institute, has lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police, claiming that Pachauri had repeatedly treated her inappropriately, both physically and through emails, texts and WhatsApp messages. 
Pachauri has rejected the accusations, saying his email account and mobile phone were hacked.
A police official in Delhi said on Friday that they have launched an investigation into the allegations.
Following Pachari’s resignation, the UN's climate science panel announced that its deputy chairman, Ismail El Gizouli, will replace Pachauri.
The Nobel laureate and one of the world’s leading figures on the issue of global warming, was planning to broker a worldwide carbon-curbing accord to tackle global warming at a climate change summit in Paris in December.
“The actions taken today will ensure that the IPCC's mission to assess climate change continues without interruption,” said the UN Environment Program’s executive director, Achim Steiner.
The UN’s climate change summit will be held from November 30 to December 11 to ink the climate deal.

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