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Vatic Note:  We sometimes need a reminder about what is important, and this below is one of those things.  Showing love, helping hand, service to the most needy and less fortunate and courage in helping another with love in your heart.   We must never forget the things that make us uniquely human and this is one of them.

What else is important?  Music, Playtime, laughter, art, physical expressions of creativity, and most of all being yourself.  This below matches up a blind dog since birth, that does not "see", the rescued pig that was rescued from an agricorp where he never got to see sunshine, fresh air etc from being housed in a factory farm setting all day and night.

That would kill me, so I can see what that would do to a pig.  But they came into each others lives when both most needed it.  Thank goodness for such activists such as Brightside farm sanctuary that rescued the baby pig from his horrible future, thus, he ended up with the blind dog.

It broke my heart to hear that the little pig was sick and dying and how the dog is sticking with him to the end.  Sometimes it is good to have such things touch your soul.  Its how you know you are still human, and Lord knows, lately,  we need to be reminded of that every  so often. 

Rescued pig and blind dog become best friends
By Fellowship of the Minds,  Before Its News,  February 21, 2015

(Before It's News) St. Bonaventure called non-human animals “creatures without sin.”
Raffy and Henry, though entirely different species, forged a beautiful and loving friendship.
Henry the pig was rescued from a factory farm when he was just a few days old. He was born in a farrowing crate, weak and cold, where his mom couldn’t even move around, let alone take proper care of him.
Henry's mom in a crate

Henry would have died if he had not been rescued by Brightside Farm Sanctuary.

Henry the piglet

While still a piglet, Henry met Raffy, a Golden Retriever who was born blind. Raffy became little Henry’s “mum” and best friend. Pig and dog would sleep, play, and even go for walks together.

Raffy and Henry

Now, Henry the pig is sick and dying. But his faithful friend, Raffy, will remain by his side to the end.

If you don’t already, you should know that the pork you buy in stores most likely came from a factory farm where pigs, cows, and chicken live their entire wretched lives, from birth to death, in cramped cages, and fed food loaded with hormones and antibiotics.
God bless the good folks of Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, Australia! Click here for their website.
H/t The I♥Dogs Site and FOTM’s josephbc69

Source: http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/02/21/rescued-pig-and-blind-dog-become-best-friends/

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