Sangreal & The RH Negative Blood Type

Vatic Note:  This is another theory about RH negative blood, however, even if true, since Christ was AB negative, it does not negate the issue of where it originally came from.  My mother was RH neg and her mother was from the South of France, and my mother did not speak English until she was 7.  So this appealed to me on a very personal level.  

I also found it very interesting because of the symbol of the bee for the Merovingian kings.   It also answered the question about the pentagram for the symbol of the Israeli flag.  AT first I believed it was Occult and that the Khazars had chose it for just such a reason, but alas, it turns out it was tied into the honey comb.

The story of Jesus and how he recruited some of the apostles and how it was tied into RH neg blood number and the fishermen's number of fish that they caught.  I just found it an interesting aside.   I will probably do more as I find them, about the RH neg blood due to personal reasons, but also to try and figure out how to counter the events occurring as we speak, by the international mafia bankers.

Watch the video and read, and see what you think. 

Sangreal & The RH Negative Blood Type 

This video explores the mysterious grail bloodline. The RH negative blood type has it origins in the same area as the grails. Why is the Basque genetic marker named as M153? Why did the Merovingian kings use the symbol of the bee?


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