Two Israeli Citizens Plead Guilty in US to Producing Counterfeit Money

Vatic Note:   I would have liked the authors to question how much money it cost to set up the printing plant they created to counterfeit $86 million dollars.   Then I would have wanted to know "where and from whom did they get the investment funds to do this criminal act at that large of a scale."

Then I would have wanted to know "WHY"was this project at this scale and size started, and what was the objective?".  I realize that these criminals would not share until well after the trial was done and results were fully played out.  Now that it is, has anyone asked them or even thought to ask them.

Ironically,  this is exactly what the Federal Reserve does for their private profit and gain, so how come they are not on trial? They flood our markets with cash that is not backed by anything of value, its simply "fiat currency" which results in hyperinflation and eats away  the wealth of the nation.   I could say the same thing for the Bank of England and the German Central Bank, both run and controlled by the Rothschild criminal cabal. 

At least they got caught and justice is finally visiting on those that continually rape and pillage our economy, and are never satisfied.   Its never enough.   I would love to ask the secret service that question.  "Why aren't the members of the Federal Reserve on trial for doing the exact same thing"?

Two Israeli Citizens Plead Guilty in US to Producing Counterfeit Money
By Admin,  The Unhived Mind,  July 2, 2015

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Two Israeli nationals have pleaded guilty in Virginia to manufacturing counterfeit money in the United States, the US Secret Service announced in a statement.
“On February 6, 2015, Boaz Borohov, 44, of Tel Aviv, Israel and Ofra Borohov, 45, of Tel Aviv, Israel pled guilty in the Eastern District of Virginia to Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) conspiracy, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1962(d), and conspiracy to commit various counterfeiting US currency offenses,” Friday’s Secret Service statement read.
The pair started a printing plant in January 2014 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The Secret Service later seized over $86 million other counterfeit money which law enforcement found around the world.
According to the Secret Service, from May to June of 2014, the agency made numerous arrests and conducted search warrants in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida, according to the agency. Additionally, the Secret Service seized different printing machines, computer equipment $240,700 in genuine US currency and about $2.5 million counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs).
“The conclusion of this case highlights the Secret Service’s investigative prowess and ability to detect one of the most prolific counterfeit notes in history,” Secret Service Acting Director Joseph P. Clancy was quoted as saying in the statement. “We will continue to work closely with our network of law enforcement partners to combat criminal enterprises and protect the Nation’s financial infrastructure,” he added.
The Secret Service began finding counterfeit $100 FRNs in 1999 in New York City which they believed were being manufactured in Israel and later. The agency found that the counterfeit money was being circulated primarily around the eastern part of the United States.

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