3 Norwegians Charged with Helping ISIL

Vatic Note:  This is getting to be beyond ridiculous.  This is the 4th terrorist group that shows up whenever, the others get caught being created, funded, and trained by the British,  CIA, and Mossad.  The khazar controlled and occupied Israel, has a long history of using "Deception" to conduct war, and this looks like a continuation of that policy.  

The good news is,  by the time the next bogus terrorist group shows up,  even the sheep won't believe them and that is saying something.  We are almost there.  All that needs to happen is for them to continue to make the same mistakes and soon everyone will be laughing at the MSM when they try to distribute disinformation.  Its almost there......

3 Norwegians Charged with Helping ISIL
By Admin, Fars News, English edition,  February 24, 2015
TEHRAN (FNA)- Three men were accused in a Norwegian court on Tuesday of joining or aiding the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group in Syria.
This was the first case of its kind in the Nordics, Reuters said.  (VN: aah, a Rothschild owned Reuters.... that leaves a lot to be desired, since they lack credibility now.)
Djibril Bashir and Valon Avdyli pleaded not guilty to participating in a terrorist organization.
Visar Avdyli denied providing aid to such a group.
The offences under a new Norwegian law had been designed to crack down on returning militants.
Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland estimate that 300 to 400 people may have left for places like Iraq and Syria to receive militant training.

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