Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!

Vatic Note:   Well, there are several ways we can see this or think about it.  First, this is true and we are in good sted and well on our way to prevailing.  Second, this is disinformation as they stated in the protocols,  that says "good News", gets us all hyped up and positive, and then they crash us with the bad news.

That act demoralizes and removes our passion for fixing our problems, using any thing that works to fix them.  Third,  They are telling us the truth as it was told to them and they believe it.   But we have no idea if its true or not, and that is the toughest one to get beyond,  so we will analyze what we see here and let you know what "we" think when done.

The first question that hit me with these disclosures about the destruction of massive underground cities, was how come not one single worker who built those cities has ever come out to expose them?  Truly, I would love to know how that is the case?

I am also suspicious of the numbers of disinfor sites being used to convey all this information to us.  Reuters is owned by Rothschild.   Huffington post gets much of their money from Israel and foundations controlled by the bankers.... same with activist post. 

I also want to know where the money came from to build massive underground cities that would hold and house 65,000 people???  How did it get past congress, if it came from the taxpayers?  If it was buried in some budget, then where are the inspector generals that are suppose to auditing these programs???

This is beginning to remind me of the false flags that were brilliant and then someone forgot to put the "blood" in the death scenes.  This is now almost a year later and  not another word from Fulford or anyone about the debri found underground and proof of the existance of these man made cities???  No follow up of any kind whatsoever........  Anyway, you read and decide. 

Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!
By David Wilcock,   August 6, 2014

 21 million Russian-speaking people watched David Wilcock and Ben Fulford expose the secret war to defeat the "New World Order" being waged by an international alliance -- including the astonishing destruction of at least 26 underground bases between August 2011 and January 2012.
Now you can see the show for yourself -- complete with accurate English subtitles. It is amazing to see so much information leaking out in a prime-time network television special!
On September 16, 2011, we published the (ahem) groundbreaking Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed. 
This huge investigation was more like a mini-novel than an article. It currently has 23,587 Facebook Likes and over 845,000 unique views.
The contents of this investigation are so strange that it might all seem like a big joke to many people.  It may be far more comfortable for you to look at it that way.

It has all the makings of a sci-fi movie thriller -- complete with extraterrestrials, underground cities and a vast, shadowy group holding the earth in tyranny.

Nonetheless, our investigation was taken seriously enough to be turned into a major Russian television documentary -- nearly three years later.
Now, today, you can see it for yourself -- with accurate English subtitles -- from mainstream Russian media.  (VN:  if this is disinfo, then Russia would be in on it as well, since the bankers have controlled Russia since 1917, so that ends that speculation. There is a gap between the "people" of a nation and their "Leaders", and that goes for Russia as well, not just the United States. )
In the fullness of time, information that was once thought to be "crazy" might start making a lot more sense.
The first strange event in this saga occurred on Monday night, August 22nd, 2011 -- in a southern Colorado town called Trinidad, just before midnight.
The ground shook with a 5.3 earthquake at 11:46 pm -- in a region that normally has hardly any seismic activity at all.

5.3 Earthquake in Trinidad, Colorado Unnerves Local Residents
An unusual swarm of temblors in southern Colorado accompanied the state's strongest earthquake in more than 40 years, shaking bricks and stones loose from buildings and rattling some residents....
The 5.3-magnitude earthquake hit Monday shortly before midnight, about 9 miles southwest of Trinidad.
Throughout the night and into Tuesday morning, aftershocks — several measuring at a magnitude of 3 or above — continued to unsettle residents. No injuries were reported....
[A] longtime resident said she is familiar with smaller earthquakes but has never been through one as powerful as Monday night's.
"It's piqued a lot of curiosity as to what's caused this," Mestas said....
While Colorado's quake is similar to one that occurred Tuesday afternoon in Virginia, there is nothing to indicate they were connected, Hayes [a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, CO] said.
I was present at the Disclosure Project event in May, 2001, in which 39 high-level whistleblowers came forward to reveal the truth about UFOs.  Most of these people had worked in highly-classified government programs -- and had firsthand knowledge that we were not alone.  (VN: I just keep thinking about the 1966 Iron Mountain report and about Bill Cooper who worked for navy intel who exposed the cabals plan to use bogus "aliens" to get us to globalize as a world, to fight them off.  Now, does that mean there are not any?  No, it just means they have an elaborate plan to "use" such an event/excuse that they may well create to facilitate the global plan they have on the books and this would fit with the prelude to such a plan being implemented. If there are aliens, we don't know if they are friendly or not. if there are not any, then the cabal is perfectly capable of "creating" such aliens to achieve their goals.)

Additionally, other insiders approached me through my work with Project Camelot -- and also as an independent freelance journalist covering these subjects.
I was lucky enough to have launched this website you are now reading by February 1999, back when there was far less of this information available online.
Over the ensuing 15 and a half years, I have had the good fortune of being contacted by many different people -- and helping them reveal classified secrets.

It is quite an experience to talk to real insiders -- particularly the ones who work at a high-enough level that information is no longer compartmentalized.

 The more highly positioned someone is in the world of "black ops", the more fantastic and seemingly unbelievable their data becomes.
And yet, when you talk to three, four or even five different people who independently say the same things, that have never been made public, you have to wonder.
[For illustration purposes only. Not a genuine insider image!]
Either they are all "in on it" and attempting to fool you -- including by leaking information that later comes true in the news -- or they are telling the truth.

 I did have to weed out people who were obviously lying -- but the real ones could be extensively cross-examined and no holes appeared in their accounts.
Their testimonies began explaining many other data points -- including a wide variety of clues left behind by ancient civilizations all over the world.  (VN: they may have been here, but that does not insure that they are here now. Nor does it insure that they intend to return and cause us grief. We must keep an open mind and not buy into anything until it has been hard core proven to us.  False flags are many and often, so we know its possible to do one with aliens. )

Together, this evidence arguably forms the greatest mystery on Earth.
Nothing else has ever captured my interest the way this investigation has.
The story that appears is vastly, vastly more complex and fascinating than most people could ever imagine.
Instead of asking "I wonder if UFOs are real, and if so I wonder where they come from," the truth begs much greater questions.
One of many true signs of "higher intelligence" is how effectively this greater reality has been kept hidden from us -- by the ETs themselves.
There are plenty of available clues and provable pieces of evidence for those who go looking for them -- but it is still possible to doubt and deny everything.
However, that scenario may be changing a lot sooner than we think.
It was from this same insider level that I soon heard about what had happened in the Colorado earthquake -- even though the data was highly, highly classified.
The ground had shaken because an entire underground city -- large enough to comfortably hold 65,000 people -- had been completely wiped out.
Over time, as I revealed here at Divine Cosmos, we found out that all the personnel and equipment in these bases had been "portaled out" over the course of 12 hours.  (VN: what does "portaled out" mean?)
Then, once it was completely empty inside, there was a sudden, massive 20-fold increase in air pressure that cracked the hull. The entire city then collapsed in.
This was what caused the ground to shake so violently. The surrounding land made a sudden, thunderclap-like movement to fill in the void that had been created.
Each base was deep enough underground that no visible change occurred in the surface terrain -- such as a sinkhole -- after this happened.
Up until this occurred, these facilities were considered to be save havens and places of refuge for the "New World Order" crew.  However, on the night of August 22, 2011, that assumption changed forever.

The first underground city to go was directly connected to the infamous base many insiders insist was built under Denver International Airport.
Every time I fly in to tape episodes of Wisdom Teachings at the Gaiam headquarters in Boulder, I see the "suitcase gargoyles" in baggage claim.
It's undoubtedly creepy -- and yet is just presented as a "fun little joke" for people breezing through the airport.

The next afternoon, just a few hours later, another very strange earthquake took place -- again in the continental United States.
The entire East Coast of the United States shook with a massive 5.9 earthquake that was deemed "highly unusual" for several reasons.

(VN:  lets remember who owns Reuters...... Rothschilds.)
Strong East Coast Earthquake "Highly Unusual"
(Reuters) - The strong earthquake that rattled the eastern United States on Tuesday was highly unusual in its severity, though it was centered in a part of Virginia known for smaller quakes, seismologists said.

The initial earthquake, which registered a magnitude of 5.9 just before 2 p.m. EDT, was felt from the Carolinas to New England.

"One of this size is highly unusual," said Karen Fisher, a professor of seismology at Brown University and president-elect of the seismology section at the American Geophysical Union.

"This is the largest earthquake by far that I am aware of occurring there in recent history."
(VN: Huffington post has definitely been pegged as a disinfo publication, so keep that in mind.  Combined with Reuters, I am already getting very suspicious of this story and why the cabal wants us to believe it.)

Monday night's magnitude-5.3 earthquake [in Colorado] struck just hours before a magnitude-5.8 temblor in Virginia – also rare for that area – shook much of Washington, D.C., and the East Coast.
According to multiple insiders with access to highly-classified information, the DC event again was no ordinary earthquake.  Instead of a normal, slow buildup, it was already at maximum intensity the very second it started -- as you can see in the graph below.

This sudden jolt is normally what we see in the case of an underground explosion -- and is not at all typical of normal earthquake activity.
This quake also occurred at a much shallower depth -- much closer to the surface -- than with most quakes.  (VN: so this could have been planned by the evil cabal,  and how do we know?  Because  they have designated the Denver airport as the headquarters for their New World Order and the paintings in the lower levels of the airport are occult and dramatically scary.  So if these cabal members intend to move to Denver, then it would make sense they would do this to the Washington DC area.)

The massive shaking was apparently caused by the destruction of a huge underground facility just south of Washington, DC -- at the epicenter of the quake location.
Notice that the size of the red circle is almost as large as Washington DC itself.

Some independent bloggers noticed how unusual this quake was -- such as Eric Blair on Activist Post. 
(VN:  another disinfo site. I am getting more and more suspicious with each disclosure)

Six Strange Anomalies with the Virginia Earthquake
My first thought upon hearing the news of the rare 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia this week was that it was not a natural occurrence. After all, no one has ever felt or even heard of such a powerful temblor happening in this area in a lifetime.

As is usual for my cynical instincts, I hoped that I was wrong. However, several anomalies indicate that something is not normal with the Virginia quake....
1. Unusual, seismically inactive location.
2. Extremely shallow depth -- later altered by USGS to a more typical value.
3. Odd seismograph reading, beginning with a sudden spike. (Air Force insider leaks that it was an underground explosion.)
4. Shocks felt well over 500 miles from epicenter.
5. "Remarkably low" number of aftershocks.
6. Hurricane Irene was instantly knocked off course.

Seismograph of Virginia Earthquake in green. Normal quake in black. Washington and Lee University (85 miles from epicenter)
The DC facility was intended to be used by members of Congress and other insiders to flee to -- after they deliberately caused mass chaos and financial collapse in America.
As crazy and treasonous as that must sound, this plan had apparently been in place for many, many years.  (VN: not surprised,  protocols were written in 1897, so yes, I am sure its been on the books for many many years.  But now the question is,  why do the powers that be want us to believe these cities have been destroyed?  Is it to keep us from looking for them, for vents and other ways into the facilities???  Just asking)
To understand it, you have to move through some pretty ugly stuff -- and that's what most of this Russian documentary you are about to see is dedicated to.
The shadow government, as some call it, had been trying -- and failing -- to get a massive social collapse to happen for quite some time.
9/11 was apparently well-known by this group in advance, and was hoped to create such a breakdown in our society.

Thankfully, our civilization held together despite these plans.
Already at this point you are probably quite comfortable in one of two camps. 
You are either: 
A) fascinated and intrigued; or, 
B) you are already laughing, thinking "this is BS -- and I will enjoy picking it apart and skewering this skinny MF. He probably sat on a kitten to psych himself up to write this piece of s--t."
Those in the "skeptic" category typically try to find any tiny mistake or hole in the logic -- and then infer that this must mean the entire concept is bogus.
"Look, look! He misspelled a werd! He got a date wrong! One of his links doesn't work! GOTCHA, F__KER!"
[Ah, where would we be without the all-you-can-drink special of YouTube and social media hatorade?]
It was therefore highly gratifying to have the Russians take this seriously enough to devote a major prime-time TV special to covering it.
Our investigation into the missing underground bases included a fully transcribed interview with Benjamin Fulford.
In case you do not know this already, Fulford was the former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for the world's largest business magazine, Forbes.  (VN: that should scream volumes as should his continued promise that the chinese or japanese dragons were going to take out the globalists and its never been done.)
This put him in contact with finance ministers and top insiders from most of the countries in Asia -- including China, Japan and Southeast Asia.  By the time this interview took place, Fulford had been almost the sole voice on the Internet describing an international alliance that had formed to bring down the "New World Order" group.  (VN: that has been years ago and they are still dancing.)
A significant part of this alliance originated in Asia -- and has since morphed into what is now being called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa.) (VN: all countries run by Communist khazar bankers.  How interesting.)
Benjamin Fulford
Fulford has certainly attracted a great deal of controversy -- publishing a weekly newsletter where he leaks a wide variety of inside information. Not all of this information is credible. A variety of claims are made that end up being untrue.
Fulford hears information and passes it along. Some of it comes from clearly compromised sources. He leaves it up to you to decide what you want to believe.
Although there has been BS in his reports, many of his leaks have stood the test of time.  (VN: the disinfo guys always include a smiggen or more of truth within their manipulated solutions, that they control.)
In my own case, I try to only reveal information that I feel is coming from the most reliable, impeccable sources.  If it's "second best" it doesn't make it here. If I catch an insider lying to me or spreading disinformation, they don't get a second chance.
Now, nearly three years later, a major Russian network has created a three-hour TV special, with high production value, to explore what Ben and I discussed in our September 2011 interview.
Both Fulford and I were interviewed for this TV show -- which, I was told, used my original article as its primary blueprint.   It is a great honor to see another one of our investigations reach such a large audience -- and turn into a major TV special seen by 21 million people.  (VN: I am sure it is.... in fact, that puts you up with Alex Jones in exposure.  What a coincidence)
For those unfamiliar with the greatest rumors and secrets you hear from the inside, the "learning curve" can be quite surprising.
The shadow government -- or Cabal, as we have been calling it -- has been diverting countless trillions of dollars into the military-industrial complex.
Since World War II, a variety of high-profile money-laundering operations have been conducted to pay for this vast, multifaceted, highly secretive operation.
This includes the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Apollo moon missions, the Cold War nuclear buildup, the two billion-dollar stealth fighter jets and much more.
The F-117 Nighthawk "Stealth" Fighter: Two BILLION dollars?
These are only a few examples of major operations that cost much, much less than what we have been told.  Classic cases of 700-dollar hammers and 1000-dollar toilet seats are another example.
Donald Rumsfeld announcing that the Defense Department "could not track" where 2.3 TRILLION dollars went, on September 10, 2001, is another example. 
(VN: oh, that was easy,  9-11.  Remember, the USA always pays for whatever Israel decides to destroy of ours, including plans for the F-22 they stole and then SOLD to China..... they even made money on the treason and betrayal of their best ally.)

Each of these moves created vast supplies of cash.
It has gotten increasingly difficult for the Cabal to generate "money out of nothing" -- and thus our global economy has now been squeezed to the breaking point.  (VN: aaah, now I get it..... its anything but difficult to generate money out of our taxpayers.... they do it all the time, and then give it to Israel for her protection and military actions both for and against us.  Lets not forget the USS Liberty and the USS Cole, and 9-11, their biggest one, and that had to have cost a pretty penny.  The man in charge of that money was a dual Israeli citizen and a Rabbi.  Israel is not shy in using our foreign aid we give them, to attack us militarily and kill off Americans for political gain.)
It has now become obvious to most people that we have a "shadow government" that is conducting mass surveillance -- and has nearly bankrupted our entire world.
Here is the big question that a lot more of us need to be asking:
What the heck are they spending all this money on? 
That is a question that very few people know the answer to -- even now -- but will increasingly become common knowledge over time.
Shortly after the end of World War II, the Roswell crash occurred -- putting the US military face-to-face with the reality of extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.

This and a variety of other events were kept highly classified after initial leaks embarrassed the government.  (VN: aaah, here it comes now.... the 1966 Iron Mountain report recommending using a bogus alien invasion to globalize.  They are finally getting around to addressing it, and laying the foundation for believability. )

 The military felt it was absolutely necessary to adopt a defensive position.
Elaborate schemes were devised to divert vast sums of money into building a "breakaway civilization" that could be used to fight off any potential invasion.
This included the construction of what ultimately amounted to some 250 underground cities that could each hold 65,000 personnel.
Many, many different ships have been built that use anti-gravity propulsion systems -- and can very easily travel throughout our solar system and beyond.
Any of the exotic fighter jets we've been allowed to see -- including the Aurora -- are kept mothballed. They look nice but were only used for money laundering.
The 'real' stuff is seen from time to time -- and are one form of what people are calling "UFOs", i.e. unidentified flying objects.
These home-grown ships were built after the 'real' crashed UFOs were reverse-engineered.   The original designs were carefully taken apart and then rebuilt -- transforming them into working craft that could be built here, and used to travel off-planet.
Trillions of dollars of "missing" money have been used to build highly-classified colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as certain other satellites.
Additionally, we now have over 200 very large spacecraft throughout our solar system -- and beyond.
The irony is that we have been told exactly what is going on, over and over again, through a wide variety of films and television shows -- ever since Roswell.
The apparent wars happening on Earth served as a cover and source of cash for a much greater concern -- defending us from an invasion.
Much like the Roman Empire, the Cabal's expansion into non-local territories has strained the homeland to the breaking point of looming financial collapse. (VN:  they hope.... they have certainly worked at crashing us, but we turned out to be too wealthy and it was going to cost them to keep trying.  That is why they need this world war.)
We will also find out, sooner than we think, that our "shadow government" already has extensive interaction with a wide variety of off-planet human civilizations.
One of the greatest secrets, as we have said all along on this website, is that there are many, many different human civilizations throughout our galaxy.
Almost every ancient culture on earth has extensive records of contact and interaction with these human-looking "Gods" -- who had seemingly superhuman abilities and technology.
I am fortunate enough now to be in approximately 20 different episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel discussing this bizarre and fascinating subject.  (VN: Aaaah History channel,  well now putting all of this together, I think he has been lied to and believes what he is saying, but of course, none of it is real. )
I am in six episodes of Season Two and almost every episode that has come out since last October.


Best of all, human life is a natural product of intelligently-guided evolution in our galaxy.   We are only at the first stage in the evolution of what it means to be a human being.  (VN: Evolution did not do this..... RH neg blood is found NO WHERE IN NATURE, EXCEPT IN HUMANS, so stop with the evolution crap already.  Thanks)

Those who insist this is "nonsense" probably haven't read my first book, The Source Field Investigations, which has over 1000 academic references that make the case.
As I discussed in last week's episode of Coast to Coast, the 'real' reason we are here is to learn love -- and eventually evolve into a higher form of life.
Our transition into this higher form of human evolution has been called Ascension.
This is apparently what happened to Jesus in the Resurrection.
160,000 similar events have been documented as occurring in China and Tibet -- where people attain the state known as "Rainbow Body."
In order to reach this state, it is necessary to achieve a level of discipline where every thought you think is a loving thought.  (VN:  Now if you can have loving thoughts after reading all about these cabal members pedophiling children and shooting unarmed seniors and killing them,  or even keeping pigs, chickens etc in factory farms with no sunlight, fresh air or grazing, then you have achieved the state of peace that the cabal needs.   Otherwise you might rebel all together and that would ruin their plans.  I believe the love that is needed is for the victims and animals of these perverts such that you would do anything to stop them from harming anyone else. But then that is my thoughts, not anyone elses. )
Thankfully, as a planet we are now moving through a transition where the "entry requirements" are much less intense than this.
Prior to about 850 AD, contact and intermingling with these off-world humans was widespread -- as you can see in many Ancient Aliens episodes and in Wisdom Teachings -- but then it tapered off.

 This change allowed us to finalize our development into a "modern" species. 
Most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to doubt the reality of extraterrestrial life.
Apparently this is an absolutely essential element to our spiritual growth.
The ETs do follow a "Prime Directive" where we have to be allowed to sort our affairs out as a planet.
However, this only occurs for a finite period of time. There comes a point where we must re-integrate into this much-greater galactic family once more.
As I have extensively documented in earlier episodes of my TV show Wisdom Teachings, ETs made strong efforts to welcome us into this greater community as of the early 1950s.
As soon as we developed nuclear weapons that could destroy our planet entirely, the Prime Directive changed in our favor.
A plan was put forth in 1952 for a widespread, worldwide disclosure event to occur -- including over 5000 massive ships appearing in our skies. Not surprisingly, the plan was rejected.

The benevolent ETs did not want to share any tech with us until we engaged in a major spiritual education program.   This program would have demonstrated the underlying core of love that all world religious teachers had originally intended to convey to us. (VN: so how did he know this happened?)

Much, but not all, of our secret government unfortunately cut a deal with the "bad guys" -- ETs who promised technology in exchange for a limited, monitored abduction program.
Our government was told the abductions would not hurt us and no one would remember what had happened to them.  Although abduction experiences are non-threatening, some people did remember them -- and this has caused a great deal of fear.
The shadow government believed, for some time, that they could do whatever they wanted -- without repercussions.  It appeared that the benevolent ETs could only 'watch' what they did -- but were not allowed to intervene directly in any way, due to their Prime Directive.
However, certain lines were not allowed to be crossed. As the Disclosure Project and other events have documented, the ETs will not allow us to have a nuclear war.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not interrupted, in order that we understand the horror of what could be -- but many other efforts have been thwarted.
It wasn't until August 22nd, 2011 that the benevolent ETs took a much more aggressive stance by portaling out a total of 26 underground facilities worldwide, that we know of.
Apparently they are doing this to guarantee that our planet's future will be a positive one -- by removing the possibility of the negative to succeed in its ultimate goals.
Some of our top insiders have speculated that a treaty was signed with the benevolent ETs -- and that was the only reason the bases stopped being portaled out as of January 2012.
Others, such as Gordon Duff and Preston James of Veterans Today, have more recently revealed that such a treaty is, in fact, in place.

The treaty apparently calls for an end to secrecy and cover-ups by the shadow government. If they refuse to comply, they will literally be removed.  This does seem to parallel the "Harvest" metaphor in the Book of Matthew -- in which it is said that the "tares" will be plucked from the field, one by one, at the time of Harvest.
The tares are weeds, "sowed by the Adversary," that would normally ruin the taste of the wheat.
The plucking out of these underground facilities appears to be the beginning of the fulfillment of this prophecy.   (VN: I will believe it when I see it.  I made that decision about Fulford years ago and so far I have not been disappointed.  Nothing has come to pass that he said would happen.)
Quite strangely, I had a dream in high school where I was on a spacecraft and personally removed an underground ET base from Earth.  I wrote this up in one of the first books I generated for this website, an autobiography entitled Wanderer Awakening, in 1999.

Dream of Removing an Underground Base in a Spaceship -- Circa 1989
The armada of creatures attacking me is about to become almost too enormous to fathom. The weight of my impending death presses heavily on my chest.
In a brilliant flash of insight, I remember that the powers given to me by the shadowy force would allow me to create anything that I wished! I decided to use this new power to manifest my own robotic craft, a fighting machine to beat back the opposition.
Right in front of my eyes, a brilliant, UFO-style object spontaneously manifests, quickly clicking into place tile by tile. I step into the cockpit and hear the rush of the hatch as it snaps closed.
I am outrageously successful at defeating the robots with my new craft, and I deftly carve my way through their masses. I make my way back inside and discover an elevator of some sort, an elevator with many more potential floors than the hotel ever should have had for its size.
Somehow, I suddenly become aware that the hotel is only the top layer of a gigantic multi-tiered alien city that was built from a UFO that had crashed in the crater!

I also know that all the drug-addicted teenagers in the hotel are being manipulated by the evil aliens to serve them, and I am determined to stop it.


In the next part of this dream, I descended into the facility itself -- and came face-to-face with its surprising ringleader.

Remember -- I was 16 when I had this dream and had no idea about any of the things I research and write about now.

I use thought control to operate the elevator, and I am able to penetrate each layer of the structure to finally arrive at the control center.
When I finally reach the control center, I come upon a gigantic black door, easily twenty feet tall, covered in barbed wire and thorns.
I know that it appears impossible to pass through, but I focus my attention with all of my strength and am able to blast through it.
I have no idea what the massive guiding force of this sinister operation will look like.
To my surprise, the only thing I discover is a man at a desk in a typical US-government styled office!
The man tells me of all the wonderful powers that I would be granted if I would only join them in their efforts of running the hotel. I would be given a very high position in the hierarchy.

The man's persuasion seems to also take on the form of a telepathic, psychic pressure that threatens to shatter my skull.


As the dream goes on, I end up having a personal form of Ascension -- creating some entirely new version of my own human body.
Once I reach this state, the man cannot touch me -- and I return to a much greater reality.
After strongly denouncing the man, I realize that the only thing I can do to "win" is to "create myself."    I roll into a ball and see a series of seven energetic bodies, each one bigger than the one before it.   I expand my own awareness into the largest body.

In this final section, I end up in some sort of ET reality -- working on an advanced spacecraft.
It was this part of the dream that left me in tears as I woke up. No other dream from my childhood had such an effect on me as this one did.
I now am sitting before a massive, holographic computer terminal with a huge screen. 
I bring up a rotating image of the Earth. I remove the entire bullet-shaped city from its position, sending it far back to its planet of origin.
I then create a new earth, unspoiled by this current society's industrial expansion, and transport all of the prisoners from the hotel there.
As my final act, I program my own essence to incarnate in a physical body there within my new creation.
I feel my awareness slipping away as I know that I am about to incarnate there again myself...
Quite obviously, this story contained many elements of my future work, including the idea of Ascension - the creation of a "new heaven and new earth."
For me, the strangest thing about August 23, 2011 -- the day the earth shook as the Washington, DC base apparently disappeared -- is it was the exact day that my defining work, The Source Field Investigations, debuted.
Everyone at Penguin was really excited about it -- and then the whole building was shaking.
Had the science revealed in this book been given large-scale publicity, the UFO cover-up would have quickly crumbled to ruins.  This only added to the mystery and intrigue of everything -- as did the fact that the earthquake itself actually cracked the pyramidion at the top of the Washington Monument.

In order to transform our planet into a loving new reality, as the metaphors in this dream suggested, we first have to identify the problem.   Without knowing what is wrong, we cannot hope to transform it into something that is right.

For this same reason, I applaud the Russians for making this documentary -- even though it could be categorized as "fear porn" due to its content.
Don't forget to turn "closed captions" (CC) on -- i.e. the English subtitles -- by clicking on the CC button.
It seems pretty amazing to have reached this point. So without further ado, check it out!

(I decided to pass..... as I said before, it may have some truth contained in it, but I do not believe any of it.  Sorry, and I strongly recommend you wait and see what REALLY happens if anything at all.  Its what I have done and so far I have not been sorry I waited. 

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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