VATIC ALERT: THIS IS GOING AROUND THE NET.....Important Warning about President Hillary

Vatic note:  see my response below this email, it was honest and I did send it and then I unsubscribed, since there is no difference between the two parties.   In order for the cabal to switch the votes to make Hillary the winner, they need to have a very tight close race.  So this is like bribing voters to vote for her so they can flip the vote.  So they must be in serious trouble.  She is the linchpin to their completing their mission of taking over this nation.   She will do whatever she is told to do and do it with relish for the khazar bankers.  Again, as a khazar (Rhodom is her maiden name) her loyalty is not to the country she was born in, rather to the international globalists and the cabal at the top.  I guess you did not have to kill JFK Jr, after all.   It did no good.  She will not run this country.  Remember we outnumber you millions to one.

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Important Warning about President Hillary

Vatic Master <prophit0@gmail.com>

8:23 AM (12 minutes ago)

to Tea Party
Oh, wow,  I knew the tea party and the dem party were in with the cabal in bringing down America,  but I had no idea you guys were this desperate.   Hillary is one of the most unpopular candidates for President we have ever had.   There is not enough money for you to buy my vote.   That is what this ad is and coming from the tea party is revealing as heck.   It means all parties are in on it.   The cabal owns them all, including the tea party.  The khazar bankers cannot take over this country without her at the helm, now can they?   She is a woman who has absolutely no moral core, base, conscience etc.    She is self serving, treasonous,  and corrupt, so please, go away and never bother me again. 

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 5:32 AM, Tea Party Update <TeaParty@teapartyupdate.com> wrote:
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Dear Patriot, 
I've got a prediction for you… 
Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election. 
A few days after I first made this prediction, Warren Buffett said the exact same thing, and that he’d even be willing to bet on it.
But here’s the thing…
Not only is Hillary going to win-- I think she also has a very good chance of being recognized as one of the best Presidents in U.S. history.
How is this possible? 
Trust me, I’m not necessarily happy about any of this. I don’t admire Hillary personally or professionally. And I’m not a fan of her socialist ideas or her class warfare politics.
But the truth is, none of this really matters.
Hillary is going to be incredibly popular because a lot of people in America will soon be making extraordinary amounts of money thanks to an opportunity that today is still extremely controversial. 
So love Hillary or hate her, this situation affects you.
And in a few months, you’re going to see it all over the mainstream press. 
Take advantage of the opportunity today to get the details – and perhaps benefit – long before most people even know what's happening. 
We've posted my full recent analysis on our website. 
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Matt Badiali
Senior Resource Analyst, Stansberry Research
P.S. This opportunity involves one of the most controversial issues in America over the past few years. It’s been written about in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more. Hillary’s involvement will only increase the controversy. But the money at stake is unmistakable. I encourage you to take advantage of the situation while you can. Details here.

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