Surprise! Science Experiments ‘Prove’ SOME Humans Have Souls

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Vatic Note:   This is an amazing video showing a series of research projects and their results with respect to immediately after death and or NDE, known as Near Death Experiences.   In one research project below, they did experiments with people who seemed to die and their soul leaves the body and then returned  and the patients came back alive, and then another group that had heart attacks, and some had the leaving experiences while still alive, and others did not, but those that had the experience, had something in common.

They were much more spiritual in their lives, less materialistic, and more into religion than those that did not.   They also had had major changes in their lives after the experience.  These experiments proved that near death experiences were legitimate.  12 to 15 million Americans have had near death experiences (NDE).

He makes the point that the number is so immense, that so many have had major changes in their lives due to the experience,  that it was necessary to study the phenomena.  The implications of this are enormous.   The video than goes from the science into the occult or esoteric realm of "astral travel" and that is a whole other subject.

He warns us of the danger of trying to "self induce" such travel, since it seems to cause the traveler to pick up other spirits.  He then goes into a much more religious treatment of the subject, especially with astral projection, and it is not scientific, rather a "belief system" based on various writings he gives us from the Bible.  So, this video gets it mixed up pretty good.  I lean more toward the scientific, as an explanation of how God's creations work, but I am not religious, rather spiritual. 

It appears to me that they are two different things, the NDE, and the Astral Projection which I know very little about,  but you watch, listen and decide.   Its definitely worth the time to read and listen to this.

It has certainly given me something to think about.

Surprise! Science Experiments ‘Prove’ SOME Humans Have Souls
By Lyn Leahz,  Before It's News,  October 1, 2014

‘You will be completely shocked when you see what is discovered at the time of death—it is literally amazing!’

Scientist proves that, not only do we have a soul, but that it is a gift given only to human beings.  After spending much time conducting various in-depth tests, he is surprised to find that his final results align perfectly with the Christian belief that human beings do indeed have souls. 

Wait until you see what he finds out in the final test, immediately after death of the body takes place—you will be stunned!


Is this a suprise for me? Of course not! But those who believe in evolution or any other theories which discount God as the creator will be stunned!

The below video is the same as the above. It is being posted as a secondary in case the above video does not work or is removed.

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