New Information On Akhenaten: Who Was This Mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh? You May Be Surprised! (Stunning Videos)

Vatic Note: These videos and text are truly compelling and well worth the effort to watch them all the way through.  It not only explains why so much confusion over Obama's origins, birth and parentage, but it shows the openness with which these satanist/pagans are now operating with little concern or care about what we think.  

Watch the part about Madonna and I believe her superbowl performance, which was full of the occult, and dark overtones of satanic and pagan ritual.  I got this type of information on the same pharoah, way back before we started this blog, which is 4 years ago now.   I could not absorb the idea that this was possible.  I also saw the world so much different back then, than I do today.

Today, I have absolutely no trust in any government agency, person, spokesman, etc where I still held out hope 8 years ago.   Our source of truth/news has been narrowed down to the alternative press and even that has been invaded and we have to glean the bits of truth out of the offerings and ignore the rest, or at least pick out the manipulation that accompanies the truth.

The person who sent this to me back in 2008, when Obama was running for office,  was  Dick Eastman.... what a genius he was to see all this and put it together the way he did.  I am sorry I did not listen back then.   Is this truly a clone?   It would certainly make massive sense and explain so much of the gaps in the current official story of Obama's origins.   The only other question I have is "Is Obama's double, a clone as well?"  

If so, then their ears are different, so its possible, if he is, that means his ears or certain body parts could come out different than the original from the cloned person being modelled.   Check out this blog we did and check out the ears of the double and his hands.  Then check out any recent press conference Obama has held lately and check out his ears.  I have not been able to see his hands to determine if those are different from the original Obama.

Have the Powers that be done away with the original Obama?  Why are they using the double for public viewing, rather than Obama?   Has he rebelled?  Where is he? I guess my question is "Is Obama our first 'cloned' President?"
He has already been  identified as our first "Jewish" President on his mothers side of the family.  Just google it and see for yourself.

New Information On Akhenaten: Who Was This Mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh? You May Be Surprised! (Stunning Videos)
By Lyn Leahz, Before Its News,  September 29, 2014


All the latest mystery about this great Egyptian leader permeates the web—Akhenaten.  So who was he, really? Brien Foerester takes you to the true history of this Egyptian Pharaoh.

DISCLAIMER: I do not necessarily agree with any ‘religious’ overtones or New Age propaganda implied/taught within the below video.


YouTube Commentary:

One of the most mysterious people in Egyptian history is Akhenaten, husband of Nefertiti, and presumed, by some, to be the father of Tutankhamen. In this video expert Stephen Mehler presents a logical reasoning as to who Akhenaten was. Join us March 8 to 21, 2015 as we explore Lost Ancient High Technology, and the capital city that Akhenaten built.


Now that you see historically, and from a very ‘new age’ perspective who Akhenaten was, now let’s look at who and what he was and is today from a Christian perspective!

Image of the Beast — Computer Generated Obama




So who do you think Akhenaten was—or rather, who do you think he IS?

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