***UPDATE: 10/14/14 - Confirmation of the acts against the Cathars by the Catholic Church.   Here is the text:

Did this peace-loving Gnostic Christian sect hold important secrets before they were exterminated by the Roman Catholic Church, its Crusaders and its Inquisitors ?

The Cathars were a religious group who appeared in Europe in the eleventh century, their beliefs something of a mystery.  Records from the Roman Church mention them under various names and in various places, occasionally throwing light on basic beliefs The Roman Church debated with itself whether they were Christian heretics or whether they were not Christians at all. 

In the Languedoc, famous at the time for its high culture, tolerance and liberalism, Catharism took root and gained more and more adherents during the twelfth century.  By the early thirteenth century it was probably the majority religion in the area, supported by the nobility as well as the common people.  This was too much for the Roman Church, some of whose own priests had become Cathars.  Worst of all, Cathars refused to pay their tithes.

Innocent III, called a formal crusade, appointing a series of leaders, to head his holy army.  There followed over forty years of war against the indigenous population.  During this period, some 600,000 men women and children were massacred; the Counts of Toulouse, their vassals were dispossessed and humiliated, and their lands annexed to France. 

Educated and tolerant rulers were replaced by relative barbarians;  the Dominican Order was founded and the Inquisition, was established to wipe out the last vestiges of resistance;  persecutions of Jews and other minorities were initiated;  the height culture of the Troubadours was lost;  lay learning was discouraged;  tithes were enforced;  the Languedoc started its economic decline,  and the language of the area, Occitan started its descent from one of the foremost languages in Europe to a regional dialect.

At the end of the extirpation of the Cathars, the Church had convincing proof that a sustained campaign of genocide can work. It also had the precedent of an internal Crusade within Christendom, and the machinery of the first police state.  This crusade was one of the greatest disasters ever to befall Europe.  Catharism is often said to have been completely eradicated by the end of the fourteenth century.  Yet there are more than a few vestiges even today, apart from the enduring memory of their martyrdom and the ruins of the famous castles. There are even people claiming to be modern Cathars.

Vatic Note:  This is beyond incredible.  I had no idea about half of this stuff and its amazing but fits right in with much of what we found out about humans and their ability to do amazing things.   Remember Michael Tsarion studied about the human condition for 30 years or more and he published 9 videos called "The Origins of Evil". Very well worth the watch.

In it, he said that we, humans, were incredible creatures living ordinary lives.  He said the evil ones spend hundreds of years and trillions of dollars trying to hide  our power from ourselves.  This below confirms that point along with other blogs we have put up about RH negative Blood. 

In reading about the Knights Templar way back in their hayday in France, I discovered that the Catholic Church was losing membership to the Cathars and at the same time, The knights templar themselves,  were under scrutiny and challange, because they:
1.  controlled wealth and land that the King of France wanted to control,   
2.  Had been to the Middle East and to Solomons Temple and discovered many writings that supported the Cathars beliefs and that made these Cathars, such a threat to the Catholic Church.


by William Henry, originally published in Atlantis Rising Dec. 2002


From 1208-1244 the first European holocaust was conducted. The Church of Rome savagely attacked the Cathars, the peaceful ‘heretics of the Languedoc’ of Southern France, with a viciousness and detestable arrogance paralleled only by the Nazi atrocities during WW II.  (VN: Remember, the Catholic Church was as much hated as all other Christian churches, but the khazars infiltrated them and used their banking to co-opt the church, so they now work for the Khazars.)

The Cathars called themselves Pure Ones after the Goddess known as the Pure One, their term for the Virgin Great Creator Mother Mari (meaning ‘love’). The reason the Church resorted to the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Cathars most certainly had to do with their alternative views about Jesus.

They claimed to possess a secret Book of Love (Mari, TARA). This mysterious manuscript is attributed to Jesus who gave it to John the Divine. It was transmitted through the centuries until the Knights Templar and the Cathars adopted it. The Book of Love was the foundation of the Cathar Church of Love or Amor (the reverse of Roma).

The existence of this lost (or hidden) gospel was revealed when the Catholic Church subjected the Cathars and Templar (in 1308) to torture. Its contents were a secret skill (symbolized by the Templar skull) said to grant one the ability to control the forces of nature and to transform ordinary human blood into that of the wise, holy and pure blood of life of the immortal Illi or Illuminati. It is equated with the Holy Grail.


According to Catharic belief, one object of Earth life was to make over the human body as a worthy vehicle for the light of the Holy Spirit (love). The point was to know the Grail not as a cup but as a process. Jesus was its modeler. Insight into this teaching radiates from the name of the Cathar’s home, the Languedoc. Named after the pre-Flood language system the Cathar priests claimed Jesus preached in—the Language of Oc (possibly short for occamy, a corruption of alchemy) -- this place name is Cathar Jesus code.

Webster’s says ‘Oc’ is the root of octo, 8, and ocular, the eye. A related Egyptian word, Ak, means ‘light’, and aker means ‘light being’. Ak-hu is the archetypal Cosmic Man of Light, or ideal archetype of humanity found in a host of Hermetic and Gnostic teachings, whether Egyptian, Jewish, Christian or Islamic. As Mircea Eliade notes in Shamanism, among the Iglulik Eskimos, who were driven out of some unknown homeland, a sequence of initiations concludes with the ang-ak-oq (virtually the same word as Languedoc or L’ang-ak-oq), meaning ‘lightening’ or ‘illumination’.

This angakoq, writes Eliade, consists of,

“a mysterious light which the shaman suddenly feels in his body, inside his head, within his brain, an inexplicable searchlight, a luminous fire which enables him to see with both eyes, both literally and metaphorically speaking, for he can now, even with closed eyes, see through darkness and perceive things and coming events which are hidden from others.”

The emphasis here is on eyes and light.

Enlightenment is exactly what the Cathars claimed they received from the highly symbolic Language of Oc. As an investigative mythologist, it is of great interest to me that the Egyptian hieroglyph of the heron/phoenix, , the ‘bird of light’ (akh), so closely matches the stylized fish glyph of Jesus , though it predates him by millennia. In addition, these two symbols are structurally identical to , the mathematical sign sometimes used for infinity, which spells OC. It is the root for ‘octo’ or 8. These symbols suggest a continuous transmission of knowledge of the secrets of light.



When the Roman Christian church began to consolidate its power in the fourth century it sought to prevent its adherents from taking up the secret path of 8 (Jesus’ number is 888) and becoming Christ- like beings. After all, they don’t pay taxes, they’re difficult to control, and they have no use for a priest.

Those aspiring to dominate the world and form a crytocracy (rule by secrecy), as for example the Church, and later the Nazis, must wrest these mystery teachings from those who possess them. Failing this they must discredit or demonize the teaching and its purveyors or even eliminate them altogether. (The same process is at work today with today’s science cryptocracy and its persecution of the evangelists of Zero Point, Cold Fusion and other enlightened technologies.)

Roma assimilated the pantheon of ancient gods and goddesses (Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Aryan, Asian) into a composite Devil. All nations outside of Rome were considered Devil worshippers. Lucifer became the catchall term for the Devil, and bearers of the teachings of light. In reality, said the Cathars, the Church was the Devil, the Fallen, who destroyed Jesus’ true teachings in the most underhanded and diabolical manner, by substituting a false Christ for the real one. The Catharic was the true teaching.


From a mythological perspective, the difference between the Catholic and Catharic Christianity is perfectly encoded in the difference between the word elements ol and ar or ari that differentiate these two words. Ol means all. All is the whole. It speaks to the desire of the Cath-ol-ic Church to be the universal religion.

Ar means ‘before’. Ari is the root for Arian, the Gnostic Christian doctrine voted out during the pivotal first council of Nicea, convened in 325 by Constantine I to formulate Christian doctrine. Arians said Jesus stood between God and man. The Niceans said he was God. They won more votes. The Arian view became heresy. Aria also is Aryan, meaning “noble,” “cultured,” ‘high born” or “pure”; hence, the ari element of the word Catharic.

These definitions powerfully illustrate the profound interest Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler had in the Cathars. They were ‘Aryan’. This does not mean they were blond haired, blue-eyed beauties. It meant they carried the noble wise blood of the god race. More importantly, they knew how to create it within themselves. Hitler sought to create a super race through eugenics. The Cathar’s blood secrets were as pure gold to him.



According to Budge’s Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Ar means, “to make do, to create, to form, to fashion.” It is the root of Ari, the creative god. In Egyptian, Ari-en means “made by, produced by the lady of the house’. These definitions shed light on the Cathars and their prominent lady, Mari, their Pure Goddess.

In 1934 (when F.D.R. sent Nick Roerich to Mongolia in search of the Grail) archaeologist Walter Andrea discovered a magnificent 3,200 year-old statue of Mari at the site of her temple in Syria. Called “The Goddess with a Vase,” Mari is holding a Grail cup and wearing a helmet that Zecharia Sitchin says could make her go far into the universe. She wears a cluster of blue stones at her neck.

Is-Tara/ Mari’s Shugurra helmet and blue stones


Mari put on her helmet when she tended the pillar in which lived her husband, a wise serpent called E.A. (to see Sumerian God's Genealogic Tree - Note green square. Click HERE) by the Sumerians. Myths said he could drill holes in space.

E.A. shown as half-human, half-serpent offers the secrets of the stars


Mari and E.A. are prototypes for Eve and the Serpent, Yahweh’s antagonists in the Hebrew Garden of Eden story. As many researchers profess, Eden and Atlantis are the same. E.A. [Enki]is her serpent king (called Poseidon).

It was ultimately the Cathar’s linkage with Mari and E.A. and their Aryan – or Atlantean – connection that assured their extermination. They were the latest casualties in an ancient blood feud among the gods of Eden. On one side is E.A. [Enki] the great Anunnaki scientist featured in the Sumerian epic poems romanticized in the works of Sitchin. The Gnostics called him ‘the Great Light’. He came to Earth in search of raw materials in the company of a group of gods called Anunnaki, the sons of the great Anu.

Sitchin maintains E.A. genetically modified the human race as a slave race. He was opposed in this endeavor by his half-brother, Enlil, who responded to E.A.’s later transmutation of a select few of the human element into a god-like being by sending the Flood, wiping (most all of) them off the face of the Earth. E.A. [Enki] and Enlil had been bitter rivals since before coming to Earth. Humanity became their new swords. E.A. and his priests, seek to uplift humanity to the level of the gods through global education and revelation of all sacred secrets. Enlil’s priests seek to keep humanity at the level of slaves and sex objects, the property of a police state cryptocracy.

Sumerian lore makes it clear that E.A. put knowledge in human blood. It is claimed that remnants of the purer pre-Flood race(s) created by E.A. exist in secret refuges, called the Mount of Salvation in the Grail romances, around the world. The vineyards of the Languedoc, including hyper-mysterious Rennes-le-Chateau are considered one of these locations. I have traced the secrets of E.A. [Enki] there.



E.A. was depicted alternately as half-human, half-serpent, or half-human, half- fish. The serpent and fish are interchangeable symbols for his priesthood. One who adopted the symbolism of the fish was the Israelite warrior Joshua. When we explore a key episode in his story we find a remarkable connection between E.A., the Israelites, the Cathars and the Languedoc.

In the book of Numbers 13 Moses was leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. When they were on the verge of entering, Yahweh [Enlil], flying high in his pillar of light, ordered them to stop short and to send out some spies to search the land of Canaan. In actuality, this was a search for the secrets of the Anunnaki, and E.A.  One of Moses’ operatives was Joshua the “Son of Nun,” meaning ‘fish’. In the protosiniatic Hebrew alphabet glyphs the letter nun was drawn as a serpent. Nun means eternally regenerating life (in cycles because of the serpent’s shedding of its skin as it grows) or immortality.

Significantly, Joshua’s name is the same as the Greek ‘Yeshua’ or Jesus, who was symbolized by the fish glyph , thought to represent the opening of the uterus , the womb/door of life leading to the home of the gods. Along with a companion, Joshua (Jesus) was dispatched to the mysterious valley of Eschol (‘valley of the cluster’ as in grapes), where he spied on the sons of Anak who were living there. The sons of Anak or A-nun (the fish/serpent) are described not as humans but as giants!

“We saw the children of An-ak there”, the spies reported, “we saw the giants,” those men of a prodigious size, the “sons of An-ak,” which “come of the giants”. The Sumerians called these giants (Nephilim in Hebrew) the A-nun-naki, which, literally translates as ‘fish/serpent of light’.

From the description of their route given in Numbers and the length of their excursion (a ‘magical’ or initiatory forty days), it seems Joshua took a survey of a vast land, one larger than the Holy Land, which 24 people can reconnaissance in a lot less than forty days.

In a daring story reminiscent of Jack and the Beanstalk, we learn that when the spies left the vineyard of the giants they stole a branch heavy with the grapes of the Anunnaki. These grapes are so heavy it takes two men to carry them!(?) Yahweh [Enlil] had promised the Israelites a land flowing with milk and honey. These grapes were certainly a healthy down payment! One would think the spies would have returned to Moses enthusiastic about their future prospects. Instead, the spies counsel Moses that attacking the vineyards of the Anunnaki would be a nightmare.

The cities are impregnable fortresses; they “are walled,” and “very great”. But that’s not all. Even if they overcame the walls another even more terrifying (and, therefore to us, a more interesting) reason for staying out of the vineyards presented itself. Joshua saw that Eschol “is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof”.

What does this mean?!  Was a great plague in the vineyards? If so, why shroud this simple fact in obscure language? The Israelites had just escaped Egypt due to a plague sent from a helpful Yahweh [Enlil]. They certainly knew what a plague was.

Moses, who lifted the healing serpent (E.A.), transmitted his wisdom to Joshua.

It came from Egypt.

Temple of Denderah.


If Joshua saw an inner Earth opening that consumed people, he could easily have said he saw a cave. Another interpretation is that the land did not sustain its people. This contradicts the belief that this was the land of milk and honey. It would be easy to say the spies saw a space ship. If so, they could have said they saw a “cloud,” a term used dozens of times in the Bible during episodes that are strikingly similar to modern day UFO sightings.

The phrase, “the land eateth up the people thereof” must, therefore, have a more phenomenal, even supernatural, explanation. What could it be?

My research, developed in my books The Healing Sun Code, The Crystal Halls of Christ’s Court and Ark of the Christos reveals that we now have such a word: stargate or wormhole. The Anunnaki, possibly with E.A. in charge, were operating a stargate, a door to Heaven, in the vineyards at Eschol. Joshua stole its secrets, symbolized by the cluster of grapes.



E.A., we are told, came to Earth from Heaven in search of gold, rare metals and radioactive materials, such as uranium or cobalt. The latter were described as the Lower World’s “blue stones” that could transmute a person into an El or “Shining One,” i.e. a Pure One or an Aryan.

As the Sumerian god of smithcraft and alchemy, a priest hood developed around E.A.’s alchemical teachings. They were symbolized by the , the symbol for the fifth essence or quintessence, also called wood, or the Word, the exotic ‘black’ (hidden, occult) pure mother substance upon which the world is built. is a cluster of grapes (or blue apples as they are called in Rennes-le-Chateau). The cluster of grapes later became cryptograms that were extremely important to the Essenes and the Gnostic Grail heretics that they held sacred and secret. Cathar watermarks showed a serpent hanging on a cross spitting the Word symbol.


Cathar watermark with serpent spitting blue apples


This bas-relief from Sion, Switzerland illustrates the medieval belief in the concordance of the theft of the blue apples from the Anunnaki and the Crucifixion of Jesus. Old Testament scenes are grouped together with the Passion of Jesus as if they happened at the same time. When put together with depictions of Jesus (E.A.?) as a serpent on the Cross the message is clear: the Gnostic Crucifixion was a stargate or wormhole event.

Joshua and his companion appear as the two thieves at the Crucifixion. From Sion, Switzerland.

The Gnostic wisdom spitting serpent.16th century Germany.


Grail researcher Andrew Sinclair says the original French word for Grail was escuele. Phonetically, escuele, like eschol, is ‘a skill’ (a skull or skool). This makes sense. Christ was called ‘wisdom’. His skill involved a transformation of homo sapien into a pure one, a Cathar.

In conclusion, the blue apples of Eschol (the Languedoc?) represent powerful physiological knowledge: the means to transform human blood into the blood of light… preparatory to entering the gate of God. Hundreds of thousands of Cathars were murdered because of this ultimate secret . It can happen again.

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