VT Has “Pricked an Open Wound”

Vatic Note:   Well, good for Veterans Today.  I am glad we are not the only ones being regaled with trolls who spew weird stuff.   Hopefully, we have our stuff encrypted now so they can't get in and will stay strickly with the comments section, instead of messing with the actual blog itself.  

He said "Anyone can see what the press is doing".  And by golly, he is right. If they can't see, then the protocols were right, the "goyim are so stupid they will believe everything we tell them".  That is what they said and what they think.  I believe that we have surprised them somewhat though, but they will never admit that to anyone.   We are turning out to be not near as dumb as they thought.  It has caused them great consternation.  In fact, they are about 5  years behind in their agenda.

Its sites like Veterans today that are helping us to see the truth, to help expose it to our readers, and to the globe, in every country.  We are getting enormous hits from the Ukraine, Russia, and Netherlands.  The last one being a spy operation, but maybe not.  It could be their regular citizens who don't know what their leaders, royalty, etc are doing in their name.

Just like our "foreign occupied" government is doing to the rest of the world in our name.   Read this and see what these sites go through to get this news to you. 

VT Has “Pricked an Open Wound”
By Gordon Duff, Editor of Veterans Today

When VT tied the Ukraine, ISIS and Gaza together as Israeli operations, we unleashed a flurry of “sleeper/zombie” bloggers, “truthers” and human garbage.

We are hoping they lead us to their handlers.  We know MH17 is an Israeli operation as much as Gaza.  We know ISIS and their outrages is staged by Israel.  We know that Israeli oligarchs are running the ethnic cleansing campaign in Ukraine(VN: we also know that Israel created Hamas and funds them and Hamas does their bidding.  How else have they stashed 5,000 rockets according to Israel, and not have Israel know all about them?  They can't.  In fact, the only way they could get supplied by anyone, is through Israel and everyone knows it.)

Anyone can see what the press is doing.  Now, “among us,” sub-human types are re-emerging, many long debunked and “de-trolled,” some only now being exposed, “activated” by handlers because VT has, with the help of Russian intelligence, Iran and our teams at the weapons labs, “burned” their operations.

I would have thought publishing vital portions along with “proofs” from the DOE 9/11 Report citing nuclear weapons, arms dealers, domestic traitors and “Israel” as responsible would have done it.  We are now seeing a virtual flood of FBI and police informants, some radio hosts, some bloggers, some simply sex criminals, fabricationists and, quite literally, the scum of the earth, coming forward.
At this point, the majority of those involved in “9/11 truth” childish gatekeeping are in this group.

Here is what is going on:  Several radio hosts, some with Rense and others, mostly “fear porn” freaks, con men, neocon and Zionist underlings are attacking VT, the publication, the radio networks and trying to sucker staffers.  Their pattern is simple, these mental midgets, all with easily detectable criminal records, bad credit, histories of child sex charges and “failed dreams” are trying to engage, derail or simply waste the time of their betters.

In some ways, this is a gods send.  Some are offering cash, huge amounts, for copies of the DOE 9/11 Report.  Others are warning of arrests, using their own “scare porn.”  One character, totally drugged out of his mind, quite literally, is trying to tell the world that I am the “master controller” of everything with my “underling, Dick Cheney, doing my bidding for me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself laughing about this when emails from this nutcase are sent to me.

Here is what some of you should look out for:  See who sends you this material.  Ask them why they sent it?  They are either idiots, no real crime there, or, if you know they have been arrested for something, police informants.

We have exposed one S & M “leather goddess” busted for prostitution in Maryland.  We have another, a radio host indicted on mortgage fraud.  Others are tied to bank frauds, one for selling  a pound of marijuana to a Denver cop.  All are “anti-VT” trolls.

We find more each day.  They all have something in common; they have all been busted for something, all are cowards and freaks of one kind or another.  Some are associated with Alex Jones who I am NOT placing on this list.  The jury is still out on Jones though he surrounds himself with good and bad, some very very bad.

Look for “fear porn,” those who continually invent utter idiocy.  Look for lovers of Zionism, many of whom are avid White Supremacists or vocal haters of Israel who are recruited to act like such total asses that they are meant to dilute any story they touch.

Several “big name” folks have busted themselves, “big names” in their own eyes at least.

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