AIPAC deploys its Senate 5th column for Israel

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Vatic Note: Well, just from reading this,  I get that there is a fight going on between the evil ones at the top of the evil pyramid,  the Illuminati families (Nazi Fascists) and the "Zionazi's".    Now the question is,  "Is it real, or is it put on for our consumption, to take our attention off the serious increase in movement toward this One World Order?"   Or to repair Obama's image so he can reclaim his place in history as the "Anti-Christ"?  Have the other candidates failed in some fashion that would require returning to Obama for that special place in history? 

In Rome, they used the gladiator games to distract the unhappy masses and it worked, but I doubt it will work here.  If there is a true rift, then the reason is one side or the other is moving toward controlling all, without the partner they have always had, but who probably screwed every thing up by exposing the false flags, and who was behind them.

I can't tell you who or why this is  happening, but its different, since Obama's actions have always been in line with the zionists, and now he is going against them with respect to Palestine and Israels genocide of them.   So why now?  Why are his advisors/ nice word for "handlers", directing him in this fashion and why  now?  Obama has never had a say in what he does, so why are his handlers choosing now to repair his image?   I don't know, but you read and decide. Let us know what you think. 

AIPAC deploys its Senate 5th column for Israel
By Jim Dean, Editor, Veterans Today, July 24th, 2014

Is Obama putting the squeeze on the Zionists using their own "security concerns" tactic against them?
Is Obama putting the squeeze on the Zionists using their own “security concerns” tactic against them?

US Senator Ted Cruz says Obama using FAA in ‘economic boycott of Israel’

Top Daily  Story   …   Press TV, Tehran

Is Ted Cruz an espionage asset for Israel?
Is Ted Cruz an espionage asset for Israel?
[ Editor's note: The militant Zionists have a long record of trotting out "security concerns" for any particular nasty thing they want to do to the Palestinians. But of course in true supremacist fashion, they don't feel the same tactic is kosher to be used on them. Such a thing would be... "anti-semitic”.
So when we heard of the airline flights to Israel being stopped by the FAA "for security concerns" after they had been flying in for days with the rockets flying, we smelled a signal being sent.
The killing in Gaza had gotten out of hand, Kerry was in town, and Obama was not interested in the usual Bibi song and dance routine that Zios were trying to prevent their being driven into the sea by Hamas.
AIPAC waited a day, until the FAA announced their renewing of the flight ban, and then they deployed what they felt was their trump card... Ted Cruz, a highly visible Republican presidential candidate (in the wings) to put on the display that they have many in Congress who will do their bidding at the flick of a switch. 
Many in the Intel community, especially the old timers who have watched it for decades,  consider this treason, which is why Congressional people are used as they have extensive, (but not complete) immunity for such activity as shilling for AIPAC. This also crosses over the river into providing top secret material to Israel, for which it shows a lot of gratitude in a wide variety of ways.   (VN: yes, like bombing the USS Liberty or blowing up the twin towers and killing thousands of Americans in the process.)
And this is even done by committee chairmen because they have the highest security clearances. They can just ask to have top secret stuff sent over to them, and then provide a copy to their AIPAC  handlers over coffee at week later.
So no, I was not hyping the treason angle above. Not a single one of them has ever been prosecuted, as that would be a huge scandal which would expose how long it has been going on, an even bigger scandal. That's how bad it is folks...really... Jim W. Dean ]

First published July 23,  2014 

An influential US senator says President Barack Obama is using the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to implement an “economic boycott of Israel.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the FAA banned all American planes from flying to Israel after a rocket struck near Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. On Wednesday, the agency extended the flight ban for another day, citing the ongoing “potentially hazardous security situation created by the armed conflict between Israel and Gaza.”  (VN: what conflict?  You mean the rockets from the Israeli created and funded Hamas?  You know, the rockets that are stashed and Israel can't find them in a land they completely control with massive violence?)

In response, Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas, accused the Obama administration of attempting to sabotage Israel’s economy by barring flights to Tel Aviv.
“The facts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands,” Cruz said.
Meanwhile, the Israeli lobby in the United States demanded an immediate review of the FAA policy, which it said was “isolating” Israel.
“We understand the need and the responsibility to protect the safety of airline travelers, but we are concerned by the FAA decision to ban all commercial flights by US airliners to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel,” the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) said in a statement issued late on Wednesday.
“Safety is an important consideration, but this decision appears overly harsh and excessive. Moreover, we are concerned that it could have the unintended effect of encouraging terrorists to become even more committed to make civil aviation a target,” the AIPAC statement said.
Israel and its vaunted IDF continue to hold the number one child killer award
Israel and its vaunted IDF continue to hold the number one child killer award

More than 700 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded, including women and children, by Israel’s unending offensive against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.  (VN: its much higher by the time we publish this.  In fact, its in the thousands now. Genocide is much easier than real war)

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has been launching retaliatory attacks against Israel.
Israeli warplanes have been carrying out incessant airstrikes against Gaza since July 8. Last Thursday, thousands of Israeli soldiers launched a ground invasion into the densely-populated strip.

Israeli supporters in the US have said that the growing international campaign to boycott Israel over its atrocities against the people of Palestine is one of Tel Aviv’s greatest challenges.
Earlier this year, Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, called on Western governments to work against the phenomenon. Israel has faced the widening boycott campaign by some European businesses over its illegal settlement activities on the occupied Palestinian land.
Two of Europe’s biggest financial institutions have boycotted transactions with Israeli companies involved in the settlement construction.The European Union has also blocked all grants and funding to any Israeli entity based in the illegal settlements.

The American Studies Association has also announced a decision to boycott Israeli institutions and academics over the discriminatory treatment of Palestinians. Israelis are frustrated in the face of the growing boycott campaign. Israeli officials have held several meetings in an attempt to find a strategy to counter the boycotts.  (VN:  Here is a brilliant idea that I am willing to share for free:   STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING THAT IS CAUSING THE BOYCOTTS!)

In an interview with Press TV in August last year, Iranian political analyst Hamid Golpira said that there should be an international campaign “to show that Israel is an apartheid regime, just like South Africa was an apartheid regime. And there should be a worldwide campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against the apartheid regime of Israel, just as there was a campaign against apartheid South Africa.”   

When are we going to bomb Israeli Espionage out of existence in the America?
When are we going to bomb Israeli Espionage out of existence in America?

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