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Vatic Note:  Two things grabbed me about this below.  The first was the age, my goodness, 65 million years ago.  How was that possible and who did it?  The second thing that grabbed me was the fact that it was confirmed "man made" and that it still, 65 million years later, was radiating specific energy in certain periods, but the article did not elaborate on the type of signal, what periods and whether they were regular periods and was the signal artificial or natural?  It would be nice to know more about the signal itself.  I will try to discover more if its available. 

One of the maps below shows where these pyramids are located and they are in perfect alignment and not organically lined up, rather man made or artificial aligning.   This is pretty interesting.....

by Admin, European Pyramids publication

There are said to exist 37 pyramids on the Crimean peninsula down southeast along the coast line. 7 underground pyramids - as claimed - were found by Dr.Gokh near Sebastopol (lat.44°36'14'' N/33°33' E).

http://www.tryukraine.com/news/2007/05.shtml  report of a personal meeting with Dr.Gokh

http://www.philipcoppens.com/nap_art1.html report by the renowned author Ph.Coppens

Scientists to dig mysterious pyramids in Sebastopol
Tens of scientists from different countries explore a place in Sebastopol, where seven ancient pyramids are presumably hidden underground. Archeological dig is underway.

Sebastopol researcher Vitaly Gokh found the whereabouts of pyramids with the help of his unique patented invention, which lets them to define any substances underground. For several years he has made a search of minerals and water. Detailed analysis of one of the found constructions showed not natural, but artificial character of its creation. 

“We found extremely strong formation, which includes animal protein, gypsum, liquid glass, gravel. It is a man-caused pyramid, which radiates specific energy in certain periods Vitaly Gokh narrated.  (VN: is this why the Russians and Western countries are so interested in the Ukraine? What does that "radiating" in certain periods mean?  Is it an advanced technology?  Is it a communications effort with some unknown force of some kind? Whatever it is, its an issue.)

Ihor Kotelyanets, aid of the head of Sebastopol national university of nuclear energy and industry, together with enthusiasts decided to confirm or refute the discovery.

More than 20 commissions, including international ones, have visited the place recently. The majority of scientists consider that underground pyramids of Sebastopol confirm the guess of American scientists about that 65 million years ago an ancient civilization died out because of the fall of a giant meteorite.
Pyramids of Dew an interesting article on the possible use of pyramids to gain water on the dry Crimean peninsula.
   CRIMEAN PENINSULA: city of Kerch another "Atlantis location"

Map of Crimea with the supposed underground pyramids south of Sebastopol

A possible connection to the Ring of Brogdar/Scotland is claimed by Graham Hancock

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