MSNBC: Rand Paul Is Talking About Issues Even Democrats Won’t Talk About

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MSNBC: Rand Paul Is Talking About Issues Even Democrats Won’t Talk About 
by MSNBC anchor,   July 28, 2014

MSNBC commentators react to Rand Paul’s recent speech to the urban league. The reaction is surprisingly positive.


VATIC NOTE:  I am not sure how I feel about Rand Paul right now.   I was definitely and fully a Ron Paul supporter in both his runs for nomination and for the Presidency.   But Rand learned that pure unadulterated honesty will make the party hacks come after you and ensure you do not get the nomination, and they did that to Ron both times he ran.  The last time was the worst.

Is that why he is acting and speaking the way he is?   Or has he truly had a change of heart? If he has had a change of heart, then I won't vote for him.  Its the khazars that are the most blatant domestic enemy we have.  Khazar bankers that is and heads of corporations.  Fascism if you will.  

The issue on here that they are highlighting is one that the black community has been living with for a very long time.  There had definitely been a double standard for drugs and encarceration for the Blacks compared to the Whites.   I used to see that all the time.  White guys would snort coke and either never get arrested or if they did they got off with a slap on the hand, while blacks served serious hard time for their cheaper cocaine, called crack.

So my question is,  "What is Rand Paul doing?"  I know he is running for President, but how and why has he done an about face with the party faithful?  Now he is a friend of Israel, who, by the way, created and began black slavery here in the colonies,  and who hate blacks almost as much as they hate us, and Christians.

Lots of questions and I guess I will just have to wait and see as time goes by.   It depends a lot on who else is running and right now, none of them so far appeal to me.  Hillary is a disaster, and the other GOP potential candidates signed a loyalty oath to Israel, so that makes them persona non grata to me.  That makes them domestic enemies of our country. 


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