Occult Brain Washing of Our Children Through Videos and Music

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Vatic Note:  Once you read and view this, you will "KNOW" that these people, attracted to the occult, Satanism, and mind control are completely and irretrievably insane.  When someone has "no conscience, no humanity, no compassion and no soul/spirit then you know they are more dangerous than anything on this planet.   They are capable of any atrocity you can think of, and their only limitation is their evil imagination as to the harm they are capable of doing and enjoying with relish.

The culture is so alien to ours that for the first time, I am beginning to wonder who these Khazars really are and where they really come from.  As for this authors concern over not being correct..... don't worry, circumstantial evidence is legitimate.

This is clearly the kind of crap these insane ones are feeding our children trying to deculturize their goodness and enhance their evil side within them.  No wonder these cretin satanists hate Christianity.  The religion negates everything they are trying to indoctrinate our chldren with to make them into the kind of adults the powers that be "need" them to be, in order for the PTB to succeed in their agenda.

Remember, there is a whole body of science about the value of "deductive" and "inductive" reasoning which is legitimate and valid.  From all the evidence I have seen on this video, this author can reasonably deduce that this is an occult film and those doing it know what they are doing and it fits with their proven writings about it.  Again, pass this around to the sheep.  They are the ones that sorely need to wake up. 

Don’t Come Around Here No More
by Rustin Cohle, Vigilant Citizen, July 7, 2014


I honestly don’t believe in anything. I need to see things and experience them first hand to believe them and know they’re true.  I think most things in history books and on the news are fabrications and alterations of the actual events.

That being said, everything in the following article is pure speculation. I’ve been a reader of Vigilant Citizen for the past few years and I can’t help but be haunted by the idea that Monarch Mind Control might be still taking place within and around the entertainment industry.

This is only a hunch and I’m not seeking to destroy or demonize anyone or their reputation. If I see something firsthand then I might feel differently, but for me this is just something interesting to think about as of now.

One Eye

That being said, I see the one-eye symbolism everywhere I look these days, along with the checkerboard and the Mickey Mouse ears and alleged Beta-Kitten print on certain performers. At times it feels so blatant that I can’t help but turn to the person next to me and say “Are you seeing this too?” However, I don’t know anything other than that it feels strange to me at times and I wonder if there may be something else going on that the majority of the population is unaware of.

There isn’t much literature available on MK-Ultra or Monarch programming, so I picked up Fritz Springmeier’s The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.  I thought the majority of the book was complete and utter insanity (and I still do) but I started noticing strange things on tv and in magazines and on the internet afterwards.  Springmeier mentions the Alice in Wonderland programming used on certain slaves.

Slaves are drugged and shown the Disney film I’m assuming and allegedly most of it concerns the checkerboard pattern which we see all over the place in music videos.  A friend sent me the video to Tom Petty’s Don’t Come Around Here No More from 1985 and I was disturbed by what I saw.

This video seemed to me like textbook Alice trauma-based mind control.  The Alice in Wonderland concept has nothing at all to do with the lyrics of the song and it isn’t fun or playful, it just left me with an uneasy feeling and I think this video’s pretty much just disturbing to watch.

Symbolically this video shows a mind control victim being drugged (LSD?) and tortured in Alice programming by the members of the band, which we can assume represent her handlers.  The trauma she undergoes makes her dissociate from reality, thus bringing about her Alice alter which can be triggered any time.


Her being drugged is symbolized by her encounter with the caterpillar

tom petty 2
Not the Alice I remember from the book or the Disney movie

The girl is pretty much shown being traumatized in a checkered room by the Mad Hatter and his servants, later joined by other members of the band.  The checkerboard is either Illuminati from Masonic lodges OR it is simply meant to show a chess board pattern from Alice in Wonderland, a la Michael Jackson’s latest hologram performance at the Billboard awards, which Springmeier says is also commonly used.  Here is a link to an article from Exposing the Matrix that shows the chess board pattern isn’t an uncommon occurrence:

The tea she drinks makes her change sizes, she is chased around the room, she drowns in a teacup, she hallucinates seeing herself in a carriage as a pig, and to top it all off her body gets turned into a cake and she gets eaten.  She doesn’t seem to be enjoying Any of this.



…Riiiight.  And this is all supposed to be fun or something?  We are being told it is, but something feels way off here.  Anyways this is my first article but I have a ton more to put up if you guys are interested.  I could do a whole article on Alice programming alone.  I hope other people on this site see what I’m seeing and if this gets published I will write more.  Thanks for reading.


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