George Galloway BLISTERING ATTACK on the U.S. SENATE

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VATIC NOTE:  This, by George Galloway, a British MP, elected office holder, is the most blistering expose of the crimes committed in Iraq by our government with the cooperation of the US Senate.   The chairman, Norm Coleman was the candidate that replaced the assassinated Senator Wellstone who was an outspoken critic and exposer of the lies about Iraq's bogus weapons of mass destruction.  

He was assassinated, probably by Mossad, and the replacement was  Norm, a player on the Bush/Cheney team.   Then sitting next to Senator Coleman is the "dual Israeli citizen", Senator Levy from Michigan.  I found that to be an interesting coincidence.  Remember who benefited, once again, by Iraq's downfall.   Israel benefited as did The oil companies, especially Exxon,  represented by former Bush Secretary of state,  James Baker, who was able to obtain control over Iraq's oil and all its revenues, leaving NONE for the Iraqi people, whose oil it was.  

We are seeing a pattern of land confiscation so these gas and oil companies do not have to pay royalties to the owners of the land, or to the state/country in which it is all located.  Why do you think Iraq was invaded?   Because HALLIBURTON, UNDER CHENEY, FOUND THE LARGEST NON SULFUR OIL POOL IN THE WORLD, which would make it much cheaper to refine and free up even more profits for the oil companies, but they got greedy and decided to use our govnerment to confiscate the land, rather than work for the Iraqi people as they used to do, and take a cut of the revenue.

That is why  communism is the second and final step to "FASCISM".  Commies confiscate the land and give it to the corporations to exploit.  Well, we will see about that. 

The Iraqi's used to use the oil revenue to pay for their infrastructure, education, including higher education,  and other investments in the public body of Iraq, and now that is all gone.  They are now under fiat currency, gold was confiscated, and now they are taxed as well as in debt, just like the rest of the western world.

You will hear about that from Mr. Galloway who did an incredibly wonderful job of putting these men in their place.  Because of Mr. Galloways continued position against the criminal activity that we conducted in that country of Iraq, he has been targeted with slander all across the western zio fascist world.  

He was exonerated through a law suit he filed for slander and was awarded damages for that slander.  The US Senate committee tried to  use that same felonious information to publically slander and ruin Mr. Galloways credibility and failed miserably, as you will see in the video below.   

Instead, he countered and literally destroyed the US senator with "TRUTH" instead of using lies.  I love Galloway.... what a courageous, brilliant and high integrity man he is.  Anyway watch this and see what you think. 

George Galloway BLISTERING ATTACK on the U.S. SENATE
Published by molucca Red on Jul 16, 2012

George Galloway V US senate, probably the most prolific clip EVER in the history of left WING politics.  (VN: I believe this was the most prolific clip in any politics, since it was the neocons and neolibs that committed the theft in Iraq of much of their wealth as a nation.  This is well worth the watch.  I laughed and cried, and cheered......)

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