Our Very Best Friend in the Whole World, Israel, Took our Taxpayer funded Patriot Missles We GAVE THEM & Sold them to China and Made even more Money!

Vatic Note:  As I keep saying,  "We are the designated losers of WW III, which means DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS NO MATTER WHAT".  Right now, we have a record number of guns and ammo out here and more every day.  Even women are loading up.   Good thing Homeland security made those targets with women  as targets to desensitize their treasonous employees.

We also published a ton of blogs on the other treasonous activity our military still remaining in the Pentagon, had done, and that includes Bush, Cheney and not just Obama who has no say over anything.  Neither did Bush Jr., he was managed and handled by Cheney.  This is not the first time Israel, who apparently hates us because of our Christian religion, has killed Americans or betrayed us for political gain, or used us to blame for actions they have done.

So, the question is "With Friends like this, who needs enemies?" Can you see how they are setting us up to be the designated losers of WW III?  Lets surprise them, and beat the pants off the bankers and make friends with their created enemies. Additionally, lets kick the remaining international Rothschild bankers out of this country  when we finally go to war against them.  That is who our enemy  really is, using their country Israel. 

Our Very Best Friend in  the Whole World, Israel, Took our Taxpayer paid for "Super Patriot Missles" We GAVE THEM & Sold them to China!
By Northern Truth Seeker

When Will America Ever Wake Up? Perfidious Israel Sells Patriot Missiles To China  (VN: that we gave them.  They didn't even buy them.)

I came across last week the report of a cargo ship seized off the coast of Finland that had 69 US Raetheon manufactured "super patriot" missiles on board.  What was not revealed in any of the first reports from the "mainstream media"(Gee, I wonder why??) was that the ship was bound for Shanghai China.
Then came a very scathing report from Veterans Today (link:

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/12/23/breaking-patriot-missiles-seized-sold-to-china-by-israel/ ) that the Super Patriots were being sold to the Chinese by... wait for it... America's "greatest" ally...Israel!  I began to wonder... What the hell is going on here?

I want to present the following report, from another real truth seeker, "Phillip Marlowe", who writes the website: Incogman, at www.incogman.net entitled: "Perfidious Israel Sells US Patriot Missiles To China".

In this article, Phillip Marlowe doesn't pull any punches at all in calling out these criminals for what they truly are, and shows again how much this great "ally" is absolutely nothing of the sort for the United States.  Here is that article, and I do have my own comments to follow:

Perfidious Israel Sells US Patriot Missiles to China

WHEN I READ this, I nearly hit the roof. Unbelievable! Any clear thinking and patriotic American should be furious as hell. Besides the strategic dangers, this is a giant theft of taxpayers, alone. The story is so obviously explosive, you will almost certainly not hear one word breathed by the traitorous Globalist Jew  (VN: Khazar) owned media in the US.

Finnish authorities, during a routine search, uncovered a shipment marked “fireworks” aboard a ship bound for Shanghai, China. The cargo was 69 US “Super” Patriot missiles and 160 tons of high end explosives, capable of all sorts of bomb making, including plutonium implosion devices.

The originating port in Germany is fairly close to Schipol Airport in the Netherlands, where US Air Force transport command personnel say high tech transfers to Israel are routinely offloaded at Israeli maintained “secure facilities.” Supposedly, the Netherlands and Germany are sovereign nations, but then again, so is the US. Precious Jewry  (VN: Khazars. Remember, Netherlands is home of Bilderberg and we all know who owns and runs that group, its the khazar bankers)  thinks they can do as they please in Western countries.

From the particulars coming out of Europe, there can be no doubt that Israel was selling these missiles to China.   Jews  (VN: kazars ) would sell their mothers to make a buck and then have the Gal Darn nerve to cry bloody murder about what happened to her later.

Face the facts, America: Israel and the Jews  (VN: Khazar bankers) are freely ripping off this country left and right. Have been for quite some time, actually.

No other nation is supposed to get this level of Patriots (PAC3), except “tiny, besieged” Israel — whom we’re always told is constantly threatened by it’s neighbors (more like the other way around). And China is a country America may have serious troubles with down the road, possibly sooner rather than later, because of Iran and Taiwan. The greedy, backstabbing Jews (VN: khazars) don’t care.  (VN: Actually, they not only don't care, they planned it that way.  They need a revolution first, and then WW III, like they have done in every WW since Rothschild bought up Israel and also when they became a country.)

Almost certainly, the Chinese were buying these weapons from Israel. Chinese authorities tried to claim the missiles were destined for South Korea, however US DOD officials have confirmed South Korea does not have the Iron Dome defense shield technology, necessary for deployment of these weapons. Besides the US, only “our staunchest ally” Israel has this system installed.

And why in the first place would we even ship Patriot missiles from a European port to Korea and surreptitiously mark them as ”fireworks” (sounds like a big Jew joke right there). They would have been flown directly from the US to Korea.

Israel happens to be China’s second biggest military hardware supplier, next to Russia. Funny, how that damning fact is never mentioned in the Jew-controlled media.

What’s more, is the entire load of missiles is valued at 4 billion dollars; obviously a pretty good haul since Israel most likely got them free of charge. The US taxpayers are the ones paying for all this – quite possibly in more ways than one since the butcher’s bill may not come until, if and when, we go to war with China, or even another country.

This is not the only time Israel has done this kind of thing. In the ’60′s they stole fissionable materials from NUMEC in Pennsylvania, right under the eyes of the FBI, who were ordered to do nothing (the plant owner was Jewish). This helped Israel build their first nukes.

They also sold Predator Drone technology and the Python 3 missile (based on our Sidewinder) to China. China has certainly “reverse engineered” much of what Israel has sold them. The stinking Jews don’t care.  (VN:  this does not include the F-22 advanced jet fighter plans we had and Israel stole the plans and  sold those to China, and that extactly why Pollard cannot be allowed to go free. )

Apparently, they even sold them our generation 5, F-22 Raptor plans, stolen by “American” Jew (VN: Khazar) Jonathan Pollard. Hell, Pollard turned over ICBM targeting data and names of our spies in Russia to Israel, which they then sold or gave to Russia so “victimized” Russian Jews (Khazars) could immigrate to the US back in the 80′s (along with Red Mafiya criminals the Russians didn’t want). Thanks to Jew Khazar dual Isaeli zionist senators and congressmen on Capitol Hill, American taxpayers ended-up paying for Russian pension plans left behind by the Jews  Khazars. Dozens of American spy assets met death at the hands of the KGB, (VN: remember, Putin was head of that very same KGB.)  but Jews go crazy at thought of “patriotic” (to Israel) Pollard languishing in a Goyim jail.  (VN: That is why its forbidden in the Constitution to do this, but Obama got around it using the Czar system, so Congress would not have to  decline or reject his choices.  This is a good example of why we cannot let any dual citizen with dual loyalty serve in any position of power or authority.  As Vatic Project has been saying all along  "NO WORLD WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF ANY NATION, RATHER AGAINST THE INTERNTIONAL ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST BANKERS IN EACH COUNTRY.  ICELAND PROVED OUR NATIONS WILL DO BETTER WITH THE BANKERS IN JAIL OR DEAD. )

This is just a few of the many things that have come to light about Jews in the US and Israel. God knows what other rip-offs they’ve done to America for their lousy sacred Israel over the decades.

With friends like this, who the hell needs enemies? – Phillip Marlowe
NTS Notes:  I am really amazed by the so called US "media" outlets the last few days doing everything possible to bury or absolutely not report this damning story.  It again shows how the Jewish run media in America will do absolutely everything possible to protect their precious state of pure criminality!

This should be another wake up call for all Americans, and everyone around the world.  These criminals are again laughing right in the Goyim's faces as they work their evil.... It appears now that they know they  have total impunity from any actions to stop their evil ways....

What is also sad about this newest charade is the fact that the US as good obedient slaves continues to give over 3+ BILLION dollars annually to that criminal evil country, and now has even given more money for them to build their "Iron Dome" missile defense system.   This is happening while more and more Americans are now starving on the streets of the cities of America itself!

Wake up America!  This sale of American Patriot missiles to China by your most "trusted ally" again  shows how your nation is a total slave to pure evil that is openly selling you down the river in a heartbeat.

More to come


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