Injecting Satan’s DNA! The Coming Deceptive NWO “BLOOD” Order, Unveiled! The "Really BIG Picture".

Vatic Note:  This below is why Rothschild created the York lodge of the Freemasons, so he could use it as cover for his own twisted ends.  The York lodge has never had real stone masons in their lodges.  They were all khazar royalty and upper class NWO agenda  players, such as international Rothschild bankers that constituted a good portion of the Illuminati.

Remember the Bilderbergs were started by the Royalty of Europe and I believe it was the Netherlands.  It was from the york lodge that infiltration into the real mason lodge, Scottish Rite, took place.   Again, its always to hide the real men behind the curtain.  The real perps NEVER show themselves up front.  They always work behind those they are using to blame for their actions. 

What has masonry been hiding behind their organization.  Something new for me was the reference to Gnostics.  The second video discusses Manley P. Halls role in this retelling of history.  KEEP IN MIND, HE WORKS FOR ROTHSCHILD, who created the York Lodge of the freemasons.

Also keep in mind that Rothschild wrote up the protocols of the Elders of Zion and mentions in that document, using the Catholic Church and the free masons as the bad guys doing what Rothschild and his ilk intended to do to grab control of the world, make us look to the York lodge as the bad guys.   So far, his plan  has been successful.

The freemasons, that were not of the York Lodge,  actually were idealists in trying to create a new world of perfect democracy.  But as usual, the Khazars infiltrated and coopted those who wanted something that would be good for everyone.  Khazars do things only for profit, power and personal gain. They are truly demonic.  Satans soldiers. 

The real Masons agenda was ruined when the Khazars created the Federal Reserve a bare 100 years after the Bill of Rights was signed and implemented. The first thing they went after was the currency part of the Constitution, and  once they got control of that, then the evil ones plan began to dominate the agenda and has been that way ever since with the aid of the demonic occult players infiltrated into every aspect of American life as told to us by JFK before he was assassinated.

Injecting Satan’s DNA! The Coming Deceptive NWO “BLOOD” Order, Unveiled! Could 2014 Be the Year? (SHOCKING VIDEO/INFO)
by Lyn Leahz, Before Its' News, January 2, 2014


This is the end—the end of the age as mankind has always known! We ARE the generation hand-picked and chosen to see things no man, woman, or child has ever seen! Are you ready? Is your family ready?

Jesus said that these days would be just like the days of Noah! This means the nephilim are among us. The Illuminati/NWO are the bloodline of the Nephilim. And, they are here among us!

But they have a very deceptive agenda; an agenda Satan has been waiting for thousands of years to fulfill! It is a political, economic, military, scientific, educational, technological, and social plan which ends in a one world government! A government in which only the elite are free, and everyone else is slaves.

The system of the Antichrist is being built around us now in order to force everyone to bow down and worship the false Messiah. One of the jobs of the NWO is to poison our minds, and our children’s minds; to break down society as a whole, causing it to become utterly helpless and completely dependent on a ‘higher power’ for its needs. And that ‘higher power’ is the Antichrist!

Some people believe that Satan’s DNA will be injected into the man who will be the Antichrist! Is it possible? Watch the video below and find out! It’s all pretty shocking, and pretty amazing. I wholeheartedly believe that this year, 2014, will be a year of prophetic fulfillment, as well as a year of revival! Stay awake and do not fall asleep because you don’t want to miss a thing.

One thing is for certain—it’s all VERY deceptive, and it IS here right now!
Book of Enoch REAL STORY of Fallen Angels, NEPHILIM, ANCIENT ALIENS, NOAH’S FLOOD  (VN:  now you know why they took the book of Enoch out of the Bible.  It exposes the blood lines and what they did after mating with the daughters of man.  They were naughty and taught them about war, weapons, etc which man had never known before.  I highly recommend you find the write up and the books and read them.  Its worth the effort.  We did publish several blogs on Enoch.  Its worth the read. ) 

Oooh, they gutted this one at the exact time that I was watching it and it was good.  I put it on stop to go to the girls room and when I came back this is what I found.  I have never had them do this to me before.  So this was a result of my trying to put it up for you to understand the history which is not at all like they are saying today.  

Freemasons who have stone masons in them are good guys and the York lodge with royalty and Rothschild money changers are the bad guys.  That is what this shows below.  The good guys were idealists.  That is why the Jeffersons fought with the Hamiltons.)




(VN:  if you accept that the York lodge with no masons in it, only royalty of Britain and Rothschild bankers, are the bad guys, and the Scottish rite lodge were the good guys then you would have to accept that these histories were meshed by the bad guys to ensure the wrong lodges got blamed for what happened.  York Lodge was coincidentally created in 1739. Just in time for the Declaration of Independance in America.

Lets remember who controls the publishing companies that record history, the authors recruited into the secret societies at universities and all other communications vehicles that have already built a history that we are just now finding out are false.  I have studied this subject and know the genesis of the problems created for the Knights Templar by the Catholic Church and the King of France at the time  of the purge of the knights Templar.  

We all know the history of the Catholic Church in their purges etc.  of  anyone with any semblance of truth that may conflict with that Church.  I know, I used to be a Catholic.  That church itself was also infiltrated through the Jesuit order and those infiltrating did much damage to the church as well as the free masons.  

But that is for another and more  extensive blog on  the subject, not for here and now.  Trust me to say these freemasons are not simply bad, they are a mix of both.  But power always accrues to the bad guys through ignorance.)

Invisible Empire The Shadow Government Trying To Rule The New World Order Illuminati Secret Society


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Anonymous said...

Vatic master: Judeo Masonry is the Ram Rodders and Enforcers of thge NWO and worship the Khazars as the Masters. They believe WE ARE ONE of course as a Brown World with the Khazars as the Masters of the Khazar World Imperium Empire Plantation...Most of the bad things that have been passed ion America as law were passd by Judeo Masons. Most Judges and Lawyers are Judeo Masons. Death to Zog and all the idiots who love it and support it....Judeo Masons are the Sertvants of the Khazars,,,

Anonymous said...

What was so wonderful and "good" about Jefferson and Hamilton? Hamilton was a Jew. He wanted a privately owned Central Bank for the USA, preferably a Jew owned private Central Bank -- Just like the Federal Reserve is a privately Jew-owned Central Bank. Totally Un-Constitutional.

Hamilton was born on a Slave Plantation in the West Indies. He was very much a Jew Golden Circle Slave/Opium Empire Oligarch type. He wanted Jew Oligarch rule for the USA. [I guess he got his wish].

Jefferson wasn't so wonderful and "good" either. Jefferson supported the French Revolution -- the First Communist Revolution, Jefferson supported it. Even the Reign of Terror didn't phase him very much.

Jefferson wasn't a Jew, but he supported a Jew inspired Communist Revolution. The French Revolution was very much Jew-inspired and Jew-orchestrated.

Hamilton was a Jew. Was he a "real" Jew or a "fake" Jew? I ask you because you're an expert on distinguishing between various types of Jews.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

Rothschild wrote up the protocols of the Elders of Zion

They were rote by russian (Tzar's) ochrana (Secret Service) you idiot...

Vatic Master said...

Wow, after reading these comments, I decided to go back and reread my vatic note and guess what? I am curious as to what it is that you all did not understand in my vatic note? I blamed Rothschild for his creation of the York lodge and how he used it as cover for his own evil ends. So, where did anyone misunderstand that fact????

I am thoroughly confused. I will try to answer each one of your comments. Let me warn everyone. Disagreements on here are encouraged since that is how we search for truth. All I ask is that you leave the immature name calling out of it and provide links proving your point. If you do name calling, you are forgiven one time and warned. If you do it again, then you will be totally removed from the comments section no matter what. I want adults on here who have something to offer. If you disagree with something, please say so, and provide a link with the source on it so I can check it out and if it stands the test, then it will get published in a separate blog since truth is our objective here. If you do not provide a link, then its only your uncooberated opinion which is fine but then that is how it will be treated.

Vatic Master said...

First commenter I would like to address... the one who called me an idiot. That is your first time and this is your first warning. You name call again and you will be completely removed. We respect each other here and try to contribute. If you are simply into immature "right or wrong" games, or trolling, then we are not interested. Provide a link to your unproven assertions, One good proof of the authenticity of Rothschild having written the protocols is the fact that the bankers who work for him are currently in the white house in key positions implementing the protocols as we speak and we can see it clearly. However, you are welcome to provide proof of it being otherwise. thanks.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous #2 - If you carefully read what I had to say, I only said good things about Jefferson and pointed out that Rothschilds man, Hamilton fought with Jefferson, so where did you get that I lumped them together? I did not do that.

Jefferson was the good guy and Hamilton was the bankers man. As for Jefferson, show me any other nation up to that time that had a bill of rights like ours??? I would love to see it. Otherwise he was masterful in his call about what would happen if we ever let the bankers take over. He was right on as we are seeing today.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous #1, I agree with you about the khazars as is evidenced by my many blogs proving they are the culprits and how they historically got there. I also have said and blogged about the fact that of all the Jews who call themselves Jews, only 10% are real Jews and have no power or positions within our gov since they are as much hated by the khazar satanists as us Christians are. IN FACT, THE REAL JEWS HAD TO SEEK ASYLUM IN LONDON AND NEW YORK FROM ISRAEL, WHOSE KHAZAR SETTLERS WERE BEATING THE REAL JEWS UP. WE EVEN PUBLISHED VIDEOS PROVING IT. Re read my vatic note and the VN's within the article and you will see, I have not supported these khazars in anyway.

Anonymous said...

Vatic Master: Richard Butler of Aryan Nationms was even a York Rite Mason...He tried to start a revolution before its time. Judeo masons are Regime Criminals---yes the Rothchilds are at the top---Judeo Masonry is their Lt.s in the war. You cant trust anyone with a Judeo Masonic Ring on...They have total loyalty to Zionist Khazars. The USA from day one has been ionfected with Judeo Masonry...Maybe a long time ago there was some good Masons..but not today...Remember how Joseph Smith of Mormons started his own White Adamic Masonry to oppose Judeo Masonry. He wsa killed by the Judeo Masons for having his own true White Adamic Masonry which oipposes Judeo Masonry. Most Lawyers and Judsges and Politicians are Judeo Masons--they love ZOG will Die and Kill for ZOG....Death to ZOG and espcially the Judeo Masonic.Soldiers of Khazar ZOGLAND.... .

Anonymous said...

Vatic Master: Yes I agree about what you say abouit Khazars and Jews. There is many good Jews who are not Khazars...The Banking Families are Khazars. They use Judeo Masonry as their Ram Rodders and Enforcers of their NWO Agenda...

Anonymous said...

@ Vatic Master

My apologies. You didn't lump Jefferson and Hamilton together. My mistake. I apologize.

I'm curious, as we're talking about the Founding Fathers : I'm curious as to why they got rid of colonial script after winning the American Revolution War. There's not too much information about the matter of colonial script, either in the libraries or online. Yet, colonial script was a major issue as to why the Founding Fathers wanted to break off with The Crown.

One would think the Founding Fathers would have kept colonial script after winning their independence and making the colonies a sovereign country, as colonial script was a major point of contention with the British.

It's a major dynamic in the story of the American Revolution, yet there's not much info available about the topic.

I know you got your hands full, but if you happen to have any insights into the matter of colonial script, an article or two about the subject would be greatly appreciated. I'm having difficulty finding substantial information about the matter.

Thank you for your work. I appreciate your website. I learn a lot here at Vatic Project. Again, my apologies for misreading the article. My fault.

I will continue to look for information about the colonial script issue. If I find anything substantial, I will forward the info to you.

So much is abridged and truncated from the history books. I appreciate your work in striving to find what's missing, what's intentionally abridged and truncated, by the "court" historians.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

@ Vatic Master

I sent you a post yesterday in response to you. I hope you got it and it didn't somehow get lost in cyber-universe. It seems some posts just get lost in cyber space -- the black hole of cyber universe. Maybe the NSA is messing around with your website -- blocking posts from reaching you. That would be a shame as my lost post was very compelling. At least I think so.

From : Salvatore