BUSTED! Vatican Hiding Evidence Convicting Pope Frances of Killing and Trafficking Children! Evidence PILES against Him- Court April 7th – Must Read Update!

Vatic Note:  What is critical for us to know, see, and understand is just how prevalent this practice is throughout the world.   I am beginning to believe that this is why we have deteriorated to the level we have and if we don't stop it or do something about it, our world as we know it will be destroyed.

We can no longer turn a blind eye to these happenings.   The destruction of human lives is too great, and especially that of the children.  Remember, These children are so important that Christ mentions "little Childen" in the Bible 23 times.

Look at the desperation in the childs face below and look at his tiny hands grasping the wire.  That is powerful painful emotions that children should not be having at that age.  They are still children and should be experiencing the joys of childhood until they reach the age of reason where their memories are clearly defined instead of existing as a dark nebulous undefined place of pain.  How can any "human feeling adult" do this to such innocence?   I have never understood it and I doubt that I ever will. 

Notice where these perverts obtain their children for this action and crime against humanity?  Its places, organizations and sources that do not have any parent or guardian protecting the child, such as orphanages,  Child Protective Services... etc.

These are groups that we funded and supported who had the specific responsibility to protect these abandoned or unwanted children.  Its a crime just for abandoning their primary fiduciary responsibility of that protection.  Not to mention the rest of their acts of perversion... and all in the name of Satan. DO NOT get me started on another rant.  Read and watch below and see what you think and decide.

BUSTED! Vatican Hiding Evidence Convicting Pope Frances of Killing and Trafficking Children! Evidence PILES against Him- Court April 7th – Must Read Update!
by Lisa Haven,  Before It's News,  March 30, 2014

Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis), Adolfo Pachon (Jesuit Superior General), Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury), and many others linked to the Vatican, have been accused of operating a global child trafficking network involving routine and systematic kidnapping, rape, torture, and sacrificial murder of newborn infants and children up to the age of fourteen.

This ‘trafficking network’ is supposed to be part of the NINTH CIRCLE, an alleged Vatican global occult organization. The CIRCLE operates within Roman Catholic cathedrals throughout the world, including: Montreal, New York, Rome, London, Holland, Canada, and other places. It routinely takes children from orphanages, adoption agencies, hospitals, schools, and Indian reservations. These children are then used as sacrifices or for mere pleasure.

The Office of Chief Prosecutor (OCP) has uncovered one such case at a Jesuit run Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. The habitual torture, rape, and sacrificial killing of aboriginal children connected with the Mohawk Confederacy began with the opening of this facility in 1832 and persists today in sub-basement vaults.

The OCP made the discovery when forensic remains of children were pulled at mass grave sightings near the school. They also have eye-witness testimonies to the event and para-psychological evidence and documentation from hidden archives of the Church of England in London, Ontario.

The eye-witness persons both agree seeing nine figures in red robes assemble about an altar in a sub-basement chamber under the west wing of the school. A young Mohawk girl age five or six was bound and gagged on the altar, repeatedly raped by all participants, and then killed and disemboweled and dismembered with a ceremonial knife, and her blood was consumed by the nine. The further reported that the corpse was then burned and buried in the woods west of the school.

Excavations commenced based on the eyewitness testimonies that uncovered numerous buttons, uniforms of female students, burnt clothing, and bones that had been chopped.

To see videos on archeological findings of these children click here and here.

There are similar accusations of Jesuit sacrificial rituals involving small children and newborns at Catholic Indian schools in both South Dakota and Omak.

In addition to the evidence above the OCP obtained copies of hidden NINTH CIRCLE files that were under lock and key in the Vatican library. They now have it to be used as evidence against the defendants in court on April 7th. This is a substantial find that could convict Jorge Bergoglio and the others of child trafficking and sacrifice.

All three defendants, Welby, Bergoglio, and Pachon have conspired to conceal the evidence against them. After attempts to publicly discredit their accuser the ITCCS and Kevin Annett failed. They lead a misinformation campaign lead primarily by government-controlled media in Canada, including the misnamed “Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network” (APTN), to attack the agency. Furthermore they silenced Mohawk elders and eyewitnesses in Brantford through intimidation tactics.

“Jorge Bergoglio (aka “Pope Francis”), Adolfo Pachon (Jesuit Superior General) and Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury) will stand trial in absentia on Monday, April 7 after refusing to challenge or deny the criminal charges made against them in the Trial Division of the Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

“The Prosecutor’s Office will commence its case against these three chief defendants on that day and will present evidence linking them to the trafficking, torture and death of children, and to the concealment of these crimes.

“The Court has delayed the opening of the trial by one week, from its original commencement on March 31, after it received confirmation that a covert operations team has been dispatched by the Vatican to disrupt and destroy the work of the Court. The team consists of paid agents of the so-called “Holy Alliance”, the Jesuit-run spying and assassination agency responsible for the silencing and murder of papal opponents.

“The Court has accordingly established new security arrangements for its members and especially its key public spokesman, Reverend Kevin Annett, ITCCS Field Secretary. The Court’s initial sessions will be closed, and conducted at an undisclosed location. However, the Prosecution’s evidence presented to the Court will be made public during the trial through a newly-established Public Information Agency attached to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office.”

See www.itccs.org and www.iclcj.com for further updates.

Here is an important update from Kevin Annett… (VN: Now How do you like your NWO?)


This is probably why Pope Francis’ “peace doves” were attacked by another bird…

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