Death Threat Imminent: Vegas PD; Feds; Bundy Family & Supporters On Verge of Massacre of Epic Proportions

Vatic Note:  Well, it appears that someone has finally said it publicly, about our corrupt and broken system at this point.  Lets remember who controls that system.  The government has been infiltrated by Khazar Zionist bankers,  Dual Israeli citizens, and actual foreign operatives in many key areas of our government such as intel and military.   (CHECK OUT THE NEXT BLOG AFTER THIS ONE,  THE COURTS ARE ACTUALLY WORKING). 

These Khazar Zionist Bankers are implementing the agenda of their bosses, Rothschild, the Illuminati, international bankers and fascist corporations who used to be owned by Americans and were stolen by the bankers and are now  enemies domestic.   We also have treason at the highest levels of government as well.  Reid and China,  Feinstein and Israel,  Federal Reserve Chairman and Britain.  These are only a few of the most obvious examples, but there are many more.

Why don't I mention Obama?  Because like Bush,  he has no say in anything.  He is there just to be the lightening rod for all the resistance.  If its directed at him, then the true perps are never mentioned and that is why I mention them constantly, consistantly and regularly.   Now, there is a battle going on inside between the powers that be and who ever is running things has royally screwed up and I believe that is why there maybe a battle for control within the evil ones.

We have watched this treason emerge a little at a time using the concept of "gradualism" and we did nothing to stop it, except to complain, but no action.... unless the death of those bankers were done by "friendlys".  Remember, many  years ago after 9-11,  many international top bankers were picked off.  One was the CEO of Rockefeller holdings.  So, its possible, and the PTB do not want us getting any ideas about doing that further. There is no way to know, but its a possibility. 

This below is how they intend to get our guns, and yet, this turned out to be the example we can use to prove to the sheep why its critical to keep our guns.  This below is exactly what the forefathers had in mind when they gave us that 2nd amendment and believe me, they fought over it, but in the end the good guys won.  NEVER, EVER give up your guns and ammo.

Remember, no one can occupy America, its too big, geographically and the terrain is not conducive to occupation, so this has to be done through a system within America.  Invasion won't work,  and neither will a coup at the top.  It has to be the way they are setting it up now and EXPOSURE is our WMD. NO CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. That is how they can change our Constitution and make it legal to take over the country, confiscate land, guns, and slave labor.  

Death Threat Imminent: Vegas PD; Feds; Bundy Family & Supporters On Verge of Massacre of Epic Proportions
By Guerilla Media Network, Before It's News, May 5, 2014

WACO Bundy Ranch Crisis Textbook
As I begin to write this article, I’m asking myself, “why am I having to intervene in an attempt to saves lives — because our system is so disgustingly corrupt and broken that we can’t even get law enforcement to do anything more than protect their pensions and salaries.”

Let’s cut right to the chase, but before I begin, let me be clear that my objective in this writing is to appeal to everyone’s compassion and roll the dice on the possibility that someone in authority will push the “pause” button; breathe and take a step towards preventing the possibility of a tragic outcome.  In order to do that, we need to set aside the section of your mainstream-media-filled-mind and think about the following facts:

1) Cliven Bundy and his family have been ranchers and his family has been grazing cattle on land which Harry Reid & his cronies want since 1877.

2) A court order was fraudulently obtained in the early 90′s, but here’s the kicker: the BLM never enforced the court order when they were supposed to. After five years of Cliven telling them to go to hell, if the BLM did not take any action, essentially Cliven Bundy and his family are legally entitled to all 600,000 plus acres outright.

I will say it again: Cliven Bundy is now the legal owner of the land through something called “prescriptive easement”.  The BLM had their chance to enforce the court order back in the 90′s; and maybe the Bundy Ranch Crisis would have occurred back then; but the Bundy family may now be the lucky recipients of the land due to the stupidity of the BLM and the Feds after the 5 year statute of limitations expired. Link: http://www.moeland.com/adverse.htm

3) In early April 2014, the BLM occupying force came to Bunkerville with more armament and new SUV’s that would make Blackwater jealous.  In fact, we suspect that some of the people they suited up in BLM uniforms were actual corporate mercenaries with combat expertise.  Brand new SUV’s; sniper rifles; surveillance equipment; cell towers; martial law signage and barricades.  All of the typical tools which the Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love has used in the past to kill people for a living.

4) On April 8, 2014, I was the first major radio show to interview Mr. Cliven Bundy after reading about his story on BeforeItsNews.com.  Mr. Bundy captivated me and our audience with the horrifying reality that his battle has been going on for 20+ years, and he’s attempted unsuccessfully to pay his grazing fees to the State of Nevada.

I was also sincerely impressed that he was one of the few souls in America to tell the Federal government to stick it; and that he wanted to prove his point that the land located in Nevada actually belonged to the PEOPLE of Nevada.  Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nTspLiE6jg

5) Right after the April 8th interview, I packed up and drove to the Bundy Ranch from Southern California.  On the afternoon of April 9th, as I was speaking to family members about what the BLM was doing on their land and property, particularly what the BLM was doing to the cattle which they owned and raised in their family since 1877, I was present to record/document the brutality of the BLM as they attempted to evade our investigation and possible citizens arrest for committing felonies.  Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhJ6H9vlEDA

6) That day I also spoke to local residents who felt as though their community was in a state of martial law.  The land they moved near was off limits, and if they dared to step off the road they travelled, they would be taken to federal prison as they did with Dave Bundy days previously.  Dave stepped off the road into the BLM seized dirt and took a picture.

20 BLM goons tackled; beat and then arrested him. They took him away to federal detention for days, and then was ultimately released like abused cattle in downtown Las Vegas.  The message sent to any other family member; Bunkerville community member or supporter was clear.  You must obey or be beaten and arrested.

7) The Bundy family has learned how to herd cattle.  They were horrified that the BLM was using low flying helicopters to round up cattle, especially since they know that if you push the cattle too hard, they get stressed and die. Besides that, the family expressed to me that they were deeply concerned that baby calfs had been abandoned to die in the desert.

Mothers typically hide their young in the brush at the first sign of any danger, and once a helicopter arrives and whisks the herd away, the calves are left out in the open range without their mother.  They ultimately die.

8)  Prior to the original recording of the “Ranch Riot” video, the discussion I had with the family were of concern that the BLM was committing crimes.  They told me that the convoys coming out of the hills were comprised of SUV’s with heavily armed guards, but most disturbing were backhoes and dump trucks.

The family suspected that the BLM was either killing and burying cattle, or that they were using heavy equipment to destroy the infrastructure which the family built up over the past 100 years.   The original group of 100 or so family members and supporters went to meet the convoy as they came out of the hills.

The convoy was proceeding across private property, and we intended to meet the convoy and hold them stationary until a Sheriff could come out and investigate what we in the dump trucks and/or inspect the backhoes for evidence of biological matter associated with dead cattle.

9) We were operating in a  law enforcement capacity, and when they were directly confronted by unarmed concerned family members and supporters, they immediately began tasing, threatening and almost shooting us with their AR-15′s.

Their conduct was well documented and the entire world saw their brutality in full view on YouTube.  Because the video was the fastest spreading viral video in history, the main stream media was forced to cover this due to uncontrollable public outrage.  Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhJ6H9vlEDA

10) The Clark County Sheriff was called. Nobody came.  The people were left to their own devices at the hands of a brutal, tyrannical BLM which was committing crimes outside of their court order mandate.  They did not have a court order to commit felonies by killing cattle or destroying infrastructure, and the people were demanding an investigation that the Sheriff refused to participate in.

We were prepared to make citizens arrests if the Sheriff had only responded to our desperate calls for help when the BLM evaded our investigation and arrest. The Clark County Sheriff abandoned the people he purports to protect, and unarmed people almost died. Call to 9-11  Link: http://youtu.be/LhJ6H9vlEDA?t=7m35s

11) People from all around the country found out about this story, and became outraged that the Sheriff refused to intervene and protect.  The citizens militia was forced to take up arms to assist the peaceful protestors and family members, especially since the unarmed protestors were assaulted with tasers and rifles.

12) For days since I arrived, I personally met with BLM leadership as a “liason” between the peaceful family member protestors and the BLM gestapo.  For 3 consecutive days I documented my conversations with the BLM’s Special Agent In Charge Daniel P. Love.  From the first moment I met him and his fellow federal agent goons who I presumed were FBI, CIA, BLM, DHS or any other agency which dresses their agent up like they do with civilian bermuda attire with neat little tough-guy guns, badges and holsters.

The conversation was always very cordial from my end, and I was especially interested in emphasizing that the people who were coming to town were peaceful; family members; constitutional; and pissed off at government tyranny.

That they had zero tolerance towards the federal governments attempts to occupy their land, steal their cattle, and brutalize the resistors, all under a fraudulently obtained “court order”.  At one point after the “Ranch Riot” Danial P. Love and his fellow criminals with badges surrounded me and threatened to arrest me for impeding his law enforcement convoy, even despite the fact that I informed him that we were investigating what we reasonably suspected were crimes.

His power and toxic arrogance were almost oozing out of the pores of his skin, and it was obvious that he actually believed he was doing everything “constitutionally”.  I was so concerned about his reckless arrogance that I did not believe he should be carrying a gun around living creatures.  People’s lives were in danger simply by his presence within 100 miles of Bundy Ranch, and the public didn’t even know it.  All I could do was document the conversations, and then have him jailed, convicted and executed for his negligence if anyone was assassinated under his command.   Link: http://youtu.be/LhJ6H9vlEDA?t=7m35s

13) On April 11th, I went to Daniel P. Love for what I knew was my last contact with him.  Although I found him to be such an idiot for making the statements he made to me in the days prior, I sincerely wanted to appeal to his compassion, and possibly break through and disarm what I believed to be a human ticking time bomb.  I was very focused on conveying the following message:  The people who have come here are families; women; children; determined; and will not negotiate for anything which gives up their God given freedoms.

I told him that he should consider and direct to his staff that they have an opportunity — and that the moment I was describing would certainly come; that the people would come unarmed and determined to free the land; free the cattle, and ask them to leave —- he should take the opportunity to consider that the people he would be confronted by are peaceful and constitutional, and he and his people should stand down in favor of the U.S. Constitution & humans exercising their Constitutional rights.

His response is chillingly clear in the audio.  He said, “that ain’t gonna happen, and you better have more people than you do now, because we have enough guys to have you all rounded up and arrested.”  Link: http://guerillamedianetwork.com/released-more-secret-audio-of-blm-special-agent-in-charge-daniel-p-love-transcript/

14) On the morning of April 12th, the Sheriff and Cliven Bundy met before thousands of Bundy Ranch supporters who were backed up by the citizens militia.  The militia was forced to take up this matter because it wasn’t until that moment that anyone from the Sheriff’s office stepped foot on Bundy Ranch property.

The Sheriff was told to address Mr. Bundy in front of the people who were put in harms way by his negligence.  The Sheriff cowardly addressed the crowd by telling the lie that the BLM was standing down, would cease operations, and that the matter was resolved.  Mr. Bundy knew full well that the Sheriff was lying and he called his bluff.

Mr. Bundy was concerned about safety of the citizens and asked the Sheriff to have their assault rifles taken from them within one hour.   See the 14:18 mark:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/46062778

15) After 55 minutes expired, I personally contacted 911 and demanded that a Sheriff representative come back to inform the people of what the outcome would be.  I was specific to let 911 know that this was a  life or death emergency, and that we needed the Sheriff present immediately.  The Sheriff never responded.  See link:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/46065785

16) As a result of the Sheriff Douglas Gillespie’s negligence in once again abandoned the people within his county, the people were left with no other alternative than to go release the cattle and ask that the BLM vacate the land. The people were also abandoned, as they did not provide protection and security by intervening in between the peaceful protestors and the BLM.

The Sheriff had the Constitutional authority to ask the BLM to put down their weapons for safety reasons as well as submit to the will of the people by demanding they release the cattle and leave the land.  He did no such thing.  He abandoned his people and they were met by heavily armed BLM agents and other killing agents of the federal government.   Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj7h2W4H5TM

17) The peaceful protestors pushed forward, and despite the BLM’s lethal threats and absence of Sheriff intervention, they prepared to die in their efforts of restoring their Constitutional rights.  The protestors were backed up by a disciplined citizens militia which intended to do one thing: protect the lives of the protestors.  The BLM knew they were outnumbered and outgunned — as every single federal agency needs to know —- and not one shot was fired.  The cattle were released and the BLM vacated the area, but unfortunately, they left with their assault rifles thanks to the negligence of the Sheriff.  LINK: (one of the most inspiring videos you will ever see) http://youtu.be/v8HTP7aGGcM

18) Americans were one trigger pull away from a bloody massacre.  The reason for dangerous set of circumstances we were all in was directly due to the negligence of the Sheriff himself.  For that, we believe he should go to jail and tried for treason, especially since he was siding with a man named Harry Reid who has sold U.S. interests to a foreign entity.  The Sheriff has personally aligned himself with a foreign communist government through his allegiance to Harry Reid, and we believe he has committed treason against the people of the USA.  It is not only clear, but it has become a present danger if left unchecked.

19) During the standoff, I personally witnessed LV Metro PD and State Troopers directing traffic on the 15 freeway, and doing their best not to escalate the situation.  Although their superior authorities were negligent, they were doing their best not to enflame the volatile standoff.  Fortunately it ended well, and none of them were hurt. In fact, their Constitutional interests were served as well, and some of them actually gave thanks.

19) After the standoff, the media propaganda war ensued.  It was very obvious that what I have personally described as the “state run media” was in full swing — softening the minds on the battle field so as to incrementally brainwash the public to begin accepting the reality that they will one day soon retaliate for the standoff.  In order to accomplish this goal, the Feds could not come back within hours with armored vehicles, drones and guns, they had to brainwash everyone around the country into believing that the people they will one day kill soon are “racist”, “militants”, “radicals”, “domestic terrorists”.

This military tactic has not only been effective in sucking trillions from the populous for foreign wars, the USA has a very well documented pattern of doing the same to the families they set out to kill in WACO and Rudy Ridge.  It takes time to get the public fully brainwashed, and they needed time to let the media do their dirty, covert deeds on the masses.

Everyone on both sides of the political spectrum will assist in the fight, but ultimately, the people will consume themselves in social media combat, and when the time is right, the televised murders of the Bundy family and their militant, racist, terrorist supporters will then seem justified.  It takes time, and if they could also get the President of the USA to chime in on the racist narrative, maybe then the deal could be sealed on destroying popular support and outrage for the previously described tragedy I listed above.

20) On April 30th, the propaganda war took a very dark and murderous turn.  The Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo, as well as token black victim of the “negro” comment LV Metro PD Sgt Tom Jenkins went to the state-run airwaves to lie.  In the same fashion they typically lie to cover up numerous crimes in Vegas, they displayed some of the most disgusting methods of covert cover-up by using the media we have ever seen — all likely in favor of them receiving personal benefit and favor from their master Harry Reid.  Watch this entire video:  http://www.8newsnow.com/story/25396688/i-team-police-say-bundy-ranch-protesters-not-off-the-hook

21) I met Lombardo in the median during the standoff, and I asked him to be Constitutional & stand down in favor of peace and safety.  Moments before bullets were potentially about to fly, his response was:  ”…we’re talkin about cattle, not human beings….!!!!!”.  Lombardo displayed exactly where his head was at, and it was clearly far from reality or near compassion towards the humans he should have been thinking about protecting.  What was in his mind could have cost lives because he say the stand off to be about cattle & nothing to do with protecting our God given rights.  (see the 3:55 mark of this video when I approached Lombardo) Link http://www.8newsnow.com/story/25396688/i-team-police-say-bundy-ranch-protesters-not-off-the-hook

22) The “token black guy” which the LV Metro PD propped up and exploited to support their previously fabricated racists narrative — Sgt Tom Jenkins — he was not even in the line of fire.  Not even close.  The only thing dangerous which happened near him was when I walked up to him in the median as he was acting as a traffic cone and he was face by someone like myself who was Constitutionally determined to make sure he chose the right side; in favor of peace, safety and Constitutionality.

He never received any training for how to deal with someone like me and both parties live.  He was never told how to submit to the authority and will of the people, and I am certain he didn’t have the mental capacity to accept it.  His only training and instinct is to kill people like us, and use every method to justify doing so, even if it means making stuff up.  The facts as I personally know and documented them: Sgt Tom Jenkins was a traffic cop that day.  He could not have been scared about anything more than having his toe run over by the traffic jam we caused.

If he told his wife he was in danger, then I am here to tell her the truth.  You husband was a traffic cop with a gun, and his only dangerous role is the one he played by turning his back on even his fellow blacks in America by lying & saying he was in danger.  He was not in danger, but he is obviously Las Vegas’s newest Uncle Tom for pretending that the people who were there meant to harm him.

The citizen militia were there to protect the peaceful protestors, because he was too busy directing traffic at the behest of his boss.  For him to lie on camera to pretend as though he is the victimized black cop who was in danger of being shot by “terrorists” is something that is simply not true.  He has chosen the wrong team.  Maybe someday he will wake up and realize that he is being used as a tool in the media propaganda war.   Link (regarding whistleblower discusses corruption in LV Metro PD) http://www.resurrecttherepublic.com/gordon-martines-exposes-major-corruption-in-clark-county-nevada/

23) Both Lombardo and [who they have made to be] Sgt. Uncle Tom Jenkins probably believe what they have said on TV.  Of course they have to believe it, so as to get totally pumped up for when they go in and kill the Bundy Family and their supporters.  That’s exactly what they do to these minion police officers and Sheriff’s, otherwise they feel guilty about what they are doing.  Ultimately, the truth comes out after everyone is dead, and they end up discovering they were used — and they commit suicide.  Not from the pressure —- From the shocking reality after they find out the truth.   Lombardo and Jenkins have a chance — BEFORE THEY KILL EVERYONE — to snap out of their brainwashing and try to save lives.

24) The whole narrative; from start to finish; is for the government to have absolute control for the benefit of people like Harry Reid and his friends.  Everything & everyone thereunder serves that narrative and goal.  Even law enforcement is brainwashed and convinced that what they are doing is right; constitutional; lawful, and if people die as a result, at least they were doing their job.  The reality is:  Nobody needs to die. Period.  Law enforcement needs to do some due diligence that we the people are doing and start investigating the real criminals who are using all of us as pawns in their scam.  Harry Reid, Rory Reid, China, rich billionaires with financial interests in the land, etc. are the criminals and terrorists.

25) Daniel P. Love of the BLM has already demonstrated a pattern of belief and action on his tainted beliefs that his job results in deaths and brutality towards humans.  He is directly responsible for the death of Dr. James Redd, and I believe Love has no compassion whatsoever, because if he did, he would put a gun to his face and pull the trigger in the same fashion that his informant did when he discovered the truth about what they did to Dr. Redd and his family.

Daniel Love not only lives for another day, but he lives among us dangerously as one of the men who has brutalized and almost killed the Bundy Family and their supporters, and is likely plotting for involvement in the retaliation that is being planned by the feds.  Daniel P. Love wants one of the little trophy token atta-boys they give murderous agent for a mission accomplished when people like Dr. Redd die under his command and authority.

Jay Redd is now offering to share all of his evidence which is now being heard in court with the Bundy Family.  The evidence is overwhelming and will come to haunt the BLM and especially Daniel P. Love https://www.facebook.com/guerillamedia/posts/518955118215689?stream_ref=10

26) There is indisputable, factual evidence which exists proving that the BLM under Daniel P. Love has committed crimes in the Bundy Crisis.  A Judge must issue a restraining order against him personally until a full investigation is completed and he is indicted; jailed; tried; convicted and executed for betraying the American people for a living.  Not just against the Bundy Family, but throughout his entire career.  There is  100% certainty that this evidence will prove this statement, and Daniel P. Love should not be allowed to help kill the Bundy Family and their supporters.  If any individual in law enforcement kills anyone related to the Bundy crisis, they should suffer the ultimate legal penalty for their negligence at the hands of the American people.

27) The Feds have told the media that they intend to “move on the Bundy’s”, but they want to wait even a couple months for things to “die down”….obviously so that they can “die-up” or kill everyone in their path towards serving China, Harry Reid and their cronies.  I will publicly document my intentions well in advance.

If any of you in law enforcement elect to “move on the Bundy’s” before you complete a thorough investigation on Sheriff Gillespie, the BLM, Daniel P. Love, Harry Reid, Rory Reid, Chinese companies and investors, as well as others with financial interests in violation of all of our Constitutional rights, then I want you to please reconsider what you are about to do here.

You will NOT get away with another WACO or Ruby Ridge, and I will spend every waking moment exposing the truth about what you have done and seemingly are preparing to do by betraying our country and our people.

28) Saving lives is extremely simple, the federal government must be restrained from doing ANYTHING whatsoever to the Bundy Family or their supporters before a full public hearing is conducted.  Each of us should ask for a formal injunction by a Constitutional court to prohibit the government from doing anything to the Bundy’s and their supporters — INCLUDING THE CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED MILITIA — before a formal investigation is completed which includes the top of the power structure.

There is 100% proof which cannot be ignored, covered up, concealed, etc.  You cannot even kill every one of us and have this information kept from the public; I will stake my life on this and my personal decision is made.  The decision is now in the hands of local Sheriff’s and Judges to do the right thing and not one life has to be taken.  STOP the government from “moving on the Bundy’s”.

29) Stop relying upon the “FBI” and deferring to the BLM because they are federal authorities.  The FBI is one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet earth, and if any of you question that, please sit down with me and I will prove it to you with facts.  The BLM has committed crimes in the Bundy crisis, and there is overwhelming evidence that they will do to the Bundy Family what they did to Dr. James Redd.

This is not speculation or conspiracy theory.  These are facts which will be exposed with or without cooperation from so-called law enforcement.  We The People want justice, and none of you are above it or immune from it because you have a badge. The only thing the FBI should be doing is conducting an internal investigation to find out who was in charge of covering up the JFK assassination, Oklahoma City Bombing, WACO, Ruby Ridge, TWA Flight 800, 9-11, Boston Marathon Bombing and Benghazi.

Once they have a truthful report provided to the American public about those crimes, then maybe we will consider them credible in the Bundy Ranch crisis.  If any of you in law enforcement thinks this claim is radical or inaccurate, then it proves my point that you are all dangerously brainwashed and it’s time to snap the hell out of it so you can live through what is absolutely coming when the truth is exposed.

30) The entire event was concocted by a powerful, gluttonous entity.  Do I know who they are?  Not exactly, but I am smart enough to know that if we get some help, the investigation will reveal who they are.  Killing people before that investigation is conducted is called murder.  Do you want to become a murderer, or an American hero you are now only pretending to be?  The media propaganda is overwhelmingly obvious; from the “tax dodger” story to “domestic terrorist”, “racist”, etc.

Every single technique being employed in the Bundy Ranch Crisis is exactly what they did in WACO, and today we now know from the investigations after WACO that this is a statement of fact.  WACO was a crime perpetrated by the federal government against people who we now have sworn testimony before Congress who were nothing they described them to be.

WACO Davidians were all burned, shot and executed in the same exact fashion the Bundy’s are about to be — after many weeks and months of propagandization and public demonization.  It allows the public to accept the reality of their murders if they at least have been brainwashed to believe that the Bundy’s deserved it.  STOP and think about what is happening,  They are literally trying to justify what they eventually want to do to a bunch of beautiful people — kill them.

31) If any of you “move” on the Bundy’s.  There is a 100% certainty people there will die.  Millions of people know the truth, and you will likely set off the second American Revolution.  Those who consider this a threat are too brainwashed to recognize that people are waking up to the truths I have detailed in this article.

If you are in law enforcement and think this is a radical concept; please know that you brainwashed to believe this.  You are not conditioned to seek the facts about the FBI, WACO, etc.  You are robotized to kill people like us who know what is best for our country — people who will lay our lives on the line to defend it from the brainwashed police state.

32) There are people who have been physically harmed. Dave Bundy, Margaret Bundy and Ammon Bundy.  Please help them get a restraining order to prevent the government from killing people before justice can be served, and the investigation can be completed.  Lives are imminently in danger.  Please save them by stopping the deadly advancement towards the Bundy Family.

33) By the Feds telling the media they are going to act, that can be translated to one thing:  MANY MANY PEOPLE WILL DIE.   There is no negotiating away the truth.  The truth will set us free and a massive raid it will not stop the truth from coming forward.  Someone in authority needs to be the hero and stop this potential massacre. Step forward. Be brave and realize that there are millions of us like myself who are absolutely determined  take a stand so that future generations — even your family’s future generations — can be free from what is happening to our country and people.

Are you going to chose to ally with the system we are about to crush, or are you going to become a leader in the new one which will emerge as a result.  If it’s money you seek, there is plenty of money available to those who choose the side of the U.S. Constitution, liberty, freedom and absolute protection of our God given rights.  Choose to be the brave hero.  Set down your badge and pick up the U.S. Constitution.  Raise the muzzle of your weapon and lawfully point it with us in defense of our domestic enemies.

We know who they are.  If you haven’t figured out who they are, then stick around and you will see.  We are going after them  with truth and we will not stop until our nation is defended from them.

No matter what your political persuasion, whether or not you think Mr. Cliven Bindy is or isn’t a racist, whether or not you beleive we are all “terrorists”, or whether or not you think Harry Reid is a man of the people or a criminal.  One thing we can all agree on is that a full public investigation before any action is taken will save lives.  This is indisputable, and no bias matters.  Anyone who disagrees with that and moves forward against the Bundy’s and their supporters could be guilty of mass murder.

Semper Fi & God Bless Us All,
Pete Santilli

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