Here is Obama's Foreign Handlers' "SMART GROWTH", or UN Agenda 21.

Vatic Note:  Once again the MSM is telling the truth, but notice how they are covering up the "real reason" for what they are doing with this Smart Growth issue which coincidentally fits perfectly into the UN Agenda 21 proposals.  Gee, what a surprise.  In reading many on the left, they honestly do not understand the issues about this case.  So, I am taking the time to educate them, but doing so as nicely as I can, since we definitely need to stay united as a nation or they will win. 

If we stay united, THEY LOSE. That has been proven by Iceland,  Argentina, Hungary, and now Ireland who is right in the middle of prosecuting their bankers.  Unfortunately, our justice dept is controlled by the foreign country helping Rothschild do this mafia trick on us.

The good news is many on the left are waking up, a lot  slower than we were, but waking up just the same.  They realize Obama has no say over anything and they have fed them peanuts to keep  them quiet while splurging trillions of dollars on bailing out European and other international banks that we blogged about on here.  We documented those bailouts that were NOT suppose to be used on non American banks.  

Otherwise the hard working two job families are paying taxes to bail them out and its the reason for our outrageous debt they intend to use to take over our land in the western US, through foreclosure.  Maybe even us as slaves since our birth certificate is an asset to the powers that borrow, which is the federal reserve.  What a giant scam that was sold to us in 1913.  No wonder the Windsors changed their name to a British sounding name back then. 

JFK was killed in 1963,  because he had signed that executive order turning our currency and credit back over to the US Treasury as it was outlined in our Constitution.  He also instructed White House Lawyers to draft legislation putting our currency back on the gold standard and why??? 

Because historically our nation has always prospered when we were on the gold standard.  When we issued our own debt,  the people only paid back the principle and NO INTEREST PAYMENTS.  Its what Libya was doing in Africa and it was why he was killed, just like JFK.  That is only a small part of how long this plan has been in play by the powers that be, its ancient and khazar and Luciferian driven. 

When you start to doubt the Satanic part of this, just remember we currently in the USA alone, have 900,000 missing children with no concerted effort to find them.  In the 1980's with only 189,000 missing, we had milk cartons , press, and posters all over to try and find them as a nation.  Now we have nothing because  its the satanists running everything, including our MSM.

This is Why The BLM Wants Cliven Bundy's Ranch Gone 
Published by PrePackagedNews on Apr 11, 2014
(((We need to fight back to get our Rights back , Battle of 2014)))

We Lost Our Land Rights During the Civil War.

There were a variety of issues that led to the Civil War, but they all pretty much centered on this theme. The southern states always maintained the position that a strong federal government was a threat to local norms and traditions. This came from the colonial days and the debates that took place with the debate over the U.S. Constitution.

Ultimately, the southern states, being less populated, were concerned that the more highly populated northern states would use their influence to force their will on the south through federal influences. The issue of slavery became one of the key issues, not because the northern population in general wanted to do something about it, but because it was the most divisive issue of the time. (VN: It was an economic issue.  The north did not have slavery so they could not compete against the south in international markets, as well as local markets

The federal government began a series of policy changes that the south did not agree with regarding taxation and trade. The southern states, being threatened by this, began to withdraw from the union on the grounds that they had the right to do so under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

The slavery issue came to the forefront later, and many in the south were discussing the possibility of freeing the slaves on their own. Basically, the south believed that the states should have more control over their own destiny while northern states believed the federal government should have more power to deal with state level issues.

Check out 1865, a little History of How we Legally have no Rights to any American Land

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