Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place - For Us Old Foggies!

Vatic Note:  Look at how much a gallon of gas was  back then.   $.33 per gallon.  Movie was $.25 for kids and a bit more for adults.  Music was "real" music and Girls were girls and boys were boys and no one got it mixed up.  LOL  Petting was the big deal back then.

It was a simpler time, with a clearly defined idea of what was good and what was evil and everyone knew it.  Cops were "public Servants" back then  who would stop a drunk driver and take away his keys, lock up the car and drive the drunk home and hand the keys to his wife and tell her where the car was.

Cops walked a "beat" back then and helped kids get their cat out of the big tree in front of your house.  Those were days when  "cruising" meant something.  Just check out the cars in this video.  Oh, my, to die for.   A T-Bird sport car, made of steal,  heavy, big and gas hogs.  Steel was the first industry we gave away to a foreign country and shipped our jobs overseas.

After that cars were made of steel and fibreglass, and cost more in insurance and to fix, with a lot more claims.  Oh, yes, that period had its problems indeed.  But this was put up for us old foggies to reminisce over.  Seems like a century ago.  

Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place 
Published by Diamond Films on Feb 18, 2014
Take a trip in time back to the Fifties and relive the culture, the icons and everyday life that made it a very special time. Also a brief look at the racism and McCarthyism that marked the era..


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