Bunkerville song - written and performed by Wayne and Paula Carson

Published by on Apr 14, 2014
Song was written in support of the Bundy Ranch.
Performed by Wayne and Paula Carson.
Pictures are actual Americans at the stand off with the Feds.
Video created with patriotism in mind.

"Are You Heading to Bunkerville" ©2014 Copyright Wayne and Paula Carson. All Rights Reserved.


Are you heading - to Bunkerville - to stand up and fight
Are you heading - to Bunkerville - for your freedom and rights

Are you heading - to Bunkerville - then stand up with me
Two hundred years of history - in the land, of the free

Their just good ol' boys - more like you and me
Working Americans - we are supposed to be free

These are the cattlemen - who are standing their ground
From the man - who needs money - from this dusty little town

Are you heading - to Bunkerville - ranchers and cowhands
Are you heading - to Bunkerville - to the warm desert sand

Are you heading to Bunkerville - to show your support
From a over-taxing government - who wants - only to distort

They like changing the laws - to suit their needs
And neglecting the laws - that they don't heed

A stroke of the pen from an arrogant man,
no more - home, of the brave
The American flag is so sadly - being thrown, into it's grave


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