US-German plot against Russia will backfire: Gordon Duff

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Vatic Note:  Well, this is proving interesting.   If they don't go through with this, then how are they going to get their WW III?   If they continue to make us look bad because of Obama's handlers, then we will definitely be the new nazi's on the block, like Hitler was with the bankers right there handling him.  Remember, Hitler had 7 of his top officers that were Zionists, so they could manage him and run the German government from behind the curtain.  That is exactly what they are doing with Obama. 

The only way to get them to back down is to call our congressmen and senators and tell them to kick the Israeli's out of our government or we are lost as a nation.  We need to wake up and stand up and say "This is not our America, this is how Israel behaves in their country and their foreign policy and they must leave so we can act as we normally would in situations like this.   Diplomacy and true fact finding.    

Anyway, you read and decide.  Also remember Merkel is under the Israeli khazars thumb as well.  We, the USA, are the designated losers of their planned WW III.  If we don't begin to face up to our reality, it will be too late to act.  They will have pulled this off without a hitch.  So lets get on the phone to our running for re-election officials.  Its the right time to pressure them, if they want to return to Washington. 

US-German plot against Russia will backfire: Gordon Duff
By Gordon Duff, edited by Jim Dean,  March 9, 2014
Dear EU, Meet your new neighbors
Dear EU, Meet your new neighbors

 “The idea of the Russian forces that are in Sevastopol and the surrounding Crimea…that being a violation of international law is simply not true.”

 … by  Gordon Duff, VT  Sr. Editor,    … with  Press TV, Tehran

The suspected plot of the US and Germany against Russia will not work and is likely to backfire since Moscow can turn the gas tap off on Berlin, a political commentator says.
Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday the idea that US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are plotting against Russian President Vladimir Putin will produce nothing, adding:
“The Germans are running entirely on natural gas that comes from Russia. Very simply Putin can turn the gas tap off.” Duff stated that the Germans will not be able to heat their homes and all of their industry is run on the Russian gas.
On Friday, Obama discussed the escalating Ukraine crisis with Merkel. The two leaders called on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine’s Crimea region and establish a contact group to hold direct talks with the Ukrainian government.

“The leaders reiterated their grave concern over Russia’s clear violation of international law through its military intervention in Ukraine,” the White House said in a statement.
Duff said, “The idea of the Russian forces that are currently in Sevastopol and in the surrounding Crimea…that’s a violation of international law, as Obama said, according to his lawyers, it’s simply not true.”
Commenting on the US president’s recent belligerent statements against Russia over Ukraine, the Veteran analyst said, “Obama is only doing what he needs to do, to appear to be standing up to the Russians.  [But] the US is not militarily prepared to try over Ukraine.”
Ah...Neo-Democracy in action - NATO, EU and American style
Ah…Neo-Democracy in action – NATO, EU and American style (VN:  Oh, you mean "Foreign occupied NATO, EU and American style", don't you?  Israel, AIPAC, MOSSAD, MI5, Bilderberg, Rockefeller, and Rothschild, CIA are behind it and its their "style", not our normal style.Once we get rid of them we will be back to normal "style".)

Washington has sent US fighter jets to allied countries located near Ukraine, imposed visa restrictions on Russians, ordered sanctions on individuals it said were involved in the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, and condemned a proposed referendum in Crimea to break away from Ukraine and join Russia.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Duff said that there have been “some gross misrepresentations about Ukraine.”

“The Russian-speaking population is far larger than they claim… 40 percent of the country is Russian background, Russian speaking — a similar area with a slightly larger population is the Ukrainian background, much of the population, as it should be expected, is entirely mixed culture,” he said.

Political crisis erupted in Ukraine in November 2013 after the country’s ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych, refrained from signing the Association Agreement with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Russia.

On February 23, the Ukrainian parliament ousted Yanukovych and named anti-Kremlin Oleksandr Turchynov, the legislature’s newly-elected speaker, as interim president.
Editing:  Jim W. Dean

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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