This is Amazing!! It's Going to Tick off the Globalists BIG TIME.

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Vatic Note: I am putting this up so we can see the damage a revolution and World war would do to our advancing a good quality of life for all human kind.  Fortunately those involved, such as Bruno Michel are with us in heart felt compassion and concern for humanity, for the health of the planet and the future quality of life for mankind.

Quite the opposite of those that would do fracking,  use nuke power and waste as a false flag weapon of mass destruction for political purposes as outlined in the neocon/neolib Cheney think tank paper called "Pax Americana" where they "recommended" using a false flag terrorist attack, such as pearl harbor,  to achieve their political agenda.

They have already told us that their political agenda was global world domination, and "DEPOPULATION" of 6 million of us off the face of this planet,  which they have yet to even come close to achieving because we know now the agenda and no one  is buying into it.  NO WORLD WARS AGAINST ANY NATION OF INNOCENT PEOPLE, RATHER A WORLD WAR AGAINST KHAZAR, ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND THEIR CORPORATIONS THEY BOUGHT UP THROUGH MANIPULATION OF MARKETS, CURRENCY AND CREDIT.   Each nation can take them on and prevail.   Its almost time to do so if they refuse to back off. 

Now, here are my concerns that I believe would have to be addressed in order to protect this advancement and any patents that are recorded.  This below is an awesome and commendable breakthrough and could change the world in a very positive way,  however,  It would have to be forbidden and made "criminal" for any individual to control this technology, and since IBM in Switzerland is in Rothschilds territory,  where the BIS is located and controlled solely by Rothschild cabal,  then the Swiss would have to make it clear that the patent is protect and only to be used for peaceful purposes.

It would have to include those individuals acting in their capacity as Board of directors,  CEO's of policy making decisions where such use as a weapon would be made.... etc.... that includes any knowledge that any specific government has ordered it as a weapon, with such information  being passed on to the European criminal division for prosecution.  

If they use it as a weapon , that will be treated as a death penalty crime and they need to be made fully aware of that fact, including Rothschild,  IBM or any other entity that tries to use this as a Weapon of mass destruction.  It  should also be made clear that anyone who collaborates or in any way aids the criminal in performing that crime or hiding it, covering it up or has foreknowledge but does not warn others, will be guilty as those doing it and suffer the same consequences.

I address this fully to the Constitutional Republic of Switzerland and their policy makers to ensure these things are addressed BEFORE issuing any permission to operate such a system, and the owners sign such documents that they were notified and understand and are fully aware of the consequences to them personally for such acts, regardless of "who" they are.   In Switzerland, All are equal under the law. 

A Solar Energy Breakthrough
Published by IBMSocialMedia, on Oct 24, 2012
Bruno Michel, a research scientist at IBM Research - Zurich, explains his latest invention--a technique for concentrating solar radiation to create a much more effective system for harvesting energy from the sun.

His hope is that this technique will prove to be so successful that we'll be able to use it to replace all fossil fuel and nuclear energy with solar. The work is being done in conjunction with the Egypt Nanotechnology Center: http://www.egnc.gov.eg.  (VN: What?? Those bad muslims are going to do something positive for the globe?  Well, they do have a history of breakthrough discoveries that have helped mankind in the past.  The Library at Alexandra was full of those discoveries.   Funny how it was destroyed by "someone" who did not  want us to have those discoveries, but alas.... fortunately for us, no one has destroyed those brilliant people and they are still contributing to our welfare in technology. Thank goodness they are Semites and not Khazars, huh?)

On Earth Day 2013 scientists announced a collaboration to develop an affordable photovoltaic system capable of concentrating, on average, the power of 2,000 suns, with an efficiency that can collect 80 percent of the incoming radiation and convert it to useful energy. The proposed system can be built anywhere sustainable energy, drinkable water and cool air are in short supply at a cost of three times lower than comparable systems.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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