Do Americans Face a Red Terror - Part 2 - Are Capitalism and Communism Becoming One?

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Vatic Note:  Boy, this was a shocker to me.  I thought we had uncovered the bad guys in the Russian Revolution, but we had only scraped the surface.  This below gives the full real story of the extent and depth of the involvement of  GREAT BRITAIN, along with their lizard bankers on both sides of the Atlantic.  

He is right about America and how we are experiencing "gradualism" toward a communist society that will be run by bureaucrats who work hand in glove with the monopolies that control international corporations working with the bankers.   If we get rid of the bankers, we get rid of the problem.

In the Russian revolution, they didn't just ban prayers  in school, they murdered 63 million Christians which sent the entire church underground until the Berlin was episode.  I believe its what they say it is as to why they allowed the Berlin wall to come down, but it was also because of the underground economy using western currency to buy and purchase goods. 

The Russians (khazar zionists) were losing control of the Russian economy along with all the eastern European countries.  My Ex was born in Poland and his grandmother was a doctor and she would only see patients that could pay her in Western currency.  Why?  So she could buy Western goods, especially food since production was so very bad in Poland.  

So that is why the Russians allowed this to happen in order to "blend the two economies (western and Russian)  and do away with the underground economy by a competing currency.  Once they merge, it will be one currency globally."   Unless, we do away with the bankers before they do away with billions of us.

Do Americans Face a Red Terror - Part 2 - Are Capitalism and Communism Becoming One?
by James Perloff, (henrymakow.com)

(left, Critics estimate Putin's personal stake in Gazprom and
other corporations is worth $70 billion.)  


Are we witnessing a dialectic whereby Communism and Capitalism are being "comfortably merged?"

Is the snake shedding its skin and revealing its true character, private monopoly capitalism fronted by the State?

Could Americans experience a modernized Red Terror? Though America would never have accepted outright communist revolution, it is now adopting measures accurately termed socialism. The Illuminati are employing a timeworn principle: To boil a frog, don't toss him in boiling water - he'll jump out. Instead, put him in lukewarm water and gradually raise the heat; the frog never realizes he's been boiled. This slow warming is "Fabian socialism" (gradual communism).

• In communist states, religion was abolished. This was impossible in America, so the Illuminati had Supreme Court Freemasons (whose Masonic oaths transcended their oaths to uphold the Constitution) destroy religious freedom by degrees - banning school prayer, outlawing Ten Commandments displays, etc.

socialism9.jpg• Whereas communists seize the economy, socialism does it gradually, confiscating income through rising taxes, while burdening businesses with mounting regulations. Whenever government usurps another sector of life - be it learning (Education Department) or health (Obamacare) we draw nearer to communism. Socialism's end result is IDENTICAL to communism, but achieved over decades.

This fulfills the famous revelation Ford Foundation President Rowan Gaither made to Congressional investigator Norman Dodd: that Establishment foundations planned "to alter life in the United States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

However, this had a corollary. East-West merger required communist states to temporarily abandon hard-line communism and adopt moderate socialism with democratic trappings. I consider this the purpose of Gorbachev introducing glasnost in 1989. The ending of Orwell's Animal Farm, where the pigs and farmers became indistinguishable, is being played out.

Communist genocide was not confined to Russia. Under Mao Tse-tung, China's death toll rose above 60 million; Pol Pot eliminated nearly one-third of Cambodians in the 1970s. Yet suddenly, in the 1990s, worldwide communism put on a smiley.  It made no sense; totalitarians do not voluntarily yield power.

lies.jpgGlasnost's meaning was disclosed by Anatoly Golitsyn, highest-ranking KGB officer to defect during the Cold War (Alfred Hitchcock dramatized his escape in Topaz). In Golitsyn's 1984 book New Lies for Old, he revealed the groundbreaking strategy the KGB disclosed to him. 

His book predicted: Yuri Andropov's replacement by "a younger leader with a more liberal image" [Gorbachev]; democratic liberalization throughout the Eastern bloc; the Berlin Wall's fall and reunion of East and West Germany. Golitsyn's book made 148 predictions; by 1993, 139 were fulfilled. Though a political prophet, the media ignored him.

Golitsyn warned the changes were a TEMPORARY DECEPTION. In the end, he wrote, "all the totalitarian features familiar from the early stages of the Soviet revolution and the postwar Stalinist years in Eastern Europe might be expected to reappear."

Could Putin ultimately prove to be an instrument of this agenda? (VN:  I believe he is or he would not be where he is right now.)


Czar Nicholas abdicated in March 1917. Since Bolshevik leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky weren't even in Russia then, how did they gain control of it by November 1917?

Western analysts uncovered parts of this mystery, but much remained unknown due to the Soviet government's stranglehold on its history - as Orwell said, "Who controls the present controls the past."

With glasnost, archives creaked open. Perhaps no one has collated the information better than Juri Lina whose out-of-print Under the Sign of the Scorpion can be found online until his new edition is released this April.

The Rothschild-Illuminati axis, through their network of banksters and Freemasons, controlled the Bolshevik operation. (VN: We published a blog that had a copy of the check Shiff, the wall street khazar zionist banker gave to Trotsky, otherwise known as "Bronstein"..... to conduct and finance the revolution, so he is absolutely correct here.  I believe Gold was the medium of exchange at the time.)

• In February 1917, an artificially induced bread shortage accompanied orchestrated rioting in Petrograd (then Russia's capital). In a "false flag," the mobs were machine-gunned from hidden positions; the casualties were blamed on the Czar.

• British agents bribed Russian soldiers to mutiny and join the rioting. White Russian General Arsene de Goulevitch wrote: "I have been told that over 21 million rubles were spent by Lord Milner in financing the Russian Revolution." 33rd degree Freemason Alfred Milner was a Rothschild front man.

• Several Russian generals were Freemasons who betrayed the Czar under Masonic instructions.

karensk.jpg• Russians thought the provisional government, established under Alexander Kerensky after the Czar's fall, meant future democracy. But Kerensky, Grand Secretary of Russia's Grand Orient, was "phase one" of communist takeover. His government pardoned all political exiles - green light for return to Russia of fellow Freemasons Lenin and Trotsky.

• Jacob Schiff and Federal Reserve founder Paul Warburg ran Kuhn, Loeb - the Rothschilds' New York banking satellite. Schiff supplied $20 million in gold to Trotsky, who sailed from New York with 275 other terrorists on a passport obtained through pressure the bankers put on the Wilson administration.

• In Germany, Warburg's brother Max helped persuade the government to provide millions to Lenin and allow him to cross Germany with other revolutionaries in a special train. The Germans agreed because the Bolsheviks promised to remove Russia from the First World War after taking power.

• The Bolsheviks succeeded because they had what other revolutionaries (e.g., Mensheviks) lacked - limitless cash. By May 1917, Pravda already had a circulation of 300,000.

• It is a myth that Kerensky and the Bolsheviks were adversaries. Kerensky received $1 million from Jacob Schiff. During summer 1917, when it was revealed the Bolsheviks were on Germany's payroll - treason during wartime - Kerensky protected them. 

When the Bolsheviks moved to seize power that autumn, he declined the option of requesting troops to preserve the government. Lenin and Trotsky gave Kerensky money and safe passage out. He died wealthy in 1970 in New York, where the Russian Orthodox Church refused him burial services.

• Postwar Britain sent the Bolsheviks rifles and ammunition for 250,000 men. With this and other Western assistance, the Reds crushed the White opposition. Loans and technology from Western capitalists poured in for decades, as documented in Antony Sutton's Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Joseph Finder's Red Carpet.

What was the bankers' purpose in establishing communism? With the exception of just a few issues (like homosexuality), Russia and the United states resemble each other more each day. Both states are essentially devoted to materialism. Both are potential totalitarian states, hidden by a patina of free speech and democracy. There is a saying, "You become what you fight against." Is this happening?

James Perloff  is author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior,  an expose of the satanic drive for a new world order.  (VN: Satanic drive is right.  Remember these khazars never truly adopted the Jewish religion, instead they changed the Talmud to reflect their pagan religiion of phallic worship and satanism. You don't even want to "think" about what that will mean to your children and yourselves, but especially your children.  Pedophilia sound familiar?  How about satanic sexual ritual abuse?  The killing of innocence of a child as a sacrifice to Satan.  You know he would love that. Why do you think George Soros named his trust "The Lucis Trust" that is housed in the UN.)

This article in its original form can be found on James Perloff's website.


Yuri Bezminov outlines the Russian plan   (YouTube)

Anthony Sutton - Wall Street Funded Communism (YouTube)

David Livingstone -


- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/03/Are-Capitalism-and-Communism-Becoming-One.html#sthash.1hK0YUuK.dpuf

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American Action Report said...

The Soviet and Beijing empires were never communist, and the American empire is not free market. They're just window dressing for variations of the same thing: fascism, or as Mussolini more descriptively called it, corporatism.
As the late Robert Welch pointed out, "Communism is not a philosophy to which men subscribe but a criminal conspiracy in which men combine."
From the beginning of recorded history, most sovereign governments have been controlled by gangsters, and most gangster governments have been controlled by criminal psychopaths. Most governments, then, have been kakistocracies: governments under which the worst elements of society have ruled their betters.