Bulgarian Prophet Vanga Revealed A Message Similar To Cayce

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Vatic Note:  It is difficult to ignore the predictions of a prophet when previous predictions have all come true.  Having said that, its also a prediction that will drive the elite crazy since their objective is to bring Russia, the USA, and China, completely under their global control.

So, the question is, since Putin is in on the plan to do WW III, yet the prophetess says Russia will be the new big kahoona, and the USA will be either diminished dramatically or destroyed, then how does this thwart the very carefully planned and implementation of the globalists dream system they want to put in place, globally?  If they are to prevail, then Russia cannot be the next global leader. No one but the bankers can be or they will not control the globe.

This is definitely a most strange prediction, and would absolutely thwart the Rothschild's  plans and process for gaining that control  of our globe that he so desperately wants.  If she proves to be right, then the international bankers will be ticked off again since they want control of Russia's energy resources, part of which is located in the Ukraine.  By the same token, if she is right, then it proves the bankers failed in their attempt and that is reason for hope  for the rest of the planet.  That is, "UNLESS" the khazars control Russia as proxy to their domination of the world. 

Read this and see what you think!  This is in direct conflict with the Rothschild globalists, which may well mean that the evil ones are seriously going to lose this next war  and therefore financial control of the planet.  Poor dears.  LOL  all that planning gone to waste and trillions of dollars down the rat hole.  Oh, well, so much for a NWO, huh?  

Finally, thank you to the Sikh in Great Britain who sent this to me.... it was confirmed about her prowess in prophecy.  Remember, we had women prophets in the Old Testament such as Aarons' sister, Debra... and others.  

Bulgarian Prophet Vanga Revealed A Message Similar To Cayce
by Vadim Trukhachev, for Dunblins Mick

What do you think? The world has always had prophets, but man is too timid to give them even lip service.

(“Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir , the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world. (1979)”)  (VN: Then the question becomes "Who will dominate Russia?"  and is that with whom such power will lie?  It was the khazars that dominated Russia after the 1917 Russian Revolution.  Just asking!  If so, that does not bode well for the rest of the globe.)

Legendary Bulgarian prophetess Vanga predicted most horrible catastrophes

Her most shocking prediction was made in 1980. The blind old woman said: “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.”
The prediction did not make any sense back then. Twenty years on, it made a horrifying sense. A Russian nuclear submarine perished in an accident in August of 2000. The sub was named after the city of Kursk , which by no means could have been covered with water.

Does the gift of foreseeing really exist?

Gone with a tornado
Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva was born on January 31, 1911 . She died on August 11, 1996 . She lived in the city of Petrich , Bulgaria . She was buried in a churchyard of the Saint Petca Bulgarian Church in the Rupite region.

Vanga lost her sight when she was 12. She was swept away by a mighty tornado. Later she was found alive, covered with dirt and stones, with sand in her eyes. She became blind as a result.

Vanga started making predictions when she was 16. She helped her father find a sheep stolen from the flock. She provided a detailed description of a yard where the animal was being hidden by the thieves. Her powers of foreseeing took shape after she turned 30.

Many a statesman visited Vanga. Adolf Hitler called on her one day. He left her house looking rather upset.

The predictions 
“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” (1989)

“Numerous catastrophes and disasters will shake the world. The mentality of the people will change. They will be divided by their faith…” (date unknown)

Happened as predicted. Bad times have arrived. Something is happening to the mentality of the people. Out time is rife with catastrophes and disasters e.g. last year’s tsunami, which claimed thousands of lives. We might as well cite numerous terrorist attacks and ethnic riots

“We are witnessing the events of paramount significance. Two big leaders shook hands (manifest reference to Gorbachev and Reagan). But we have to wait for a long time before the Eighth One will come forth and sign a final peace agreement on Earth.” (January 1988)

The predictions are beginning to come true with regard to the Eighth One at the very least.

By the way, during the Yeltsin presidency, Vanga already hinted at the next Russian president though she never called him by the name. “It will be a totally new figure. Zyuganov and Lebed are ruled out.” The Eighth One has already arrived: Russia joined the Group of Seven. Now it is the G-8. Making peace all over the word should be the next step.

“Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir , the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world. (1979)

Still has to come true. At the same time, Russia did survive. The prediction was made in Soviet times when just a few people were using the term “ Russia .” It remains to be seen which Vladimir Vanga referred to. There are three real candidates: The Prince Vladimir, Vladimir Lenin, and our current president a.k.a. the Eighth One.

“The trains will start flying in 2018. They will be powered by the Sun. Earth will take a rest since they will stop extracting oil.” (1960)

The prediction is about to come true. Scientists intend to extract helium-3 from the lunar soil. The plans regarding helium production on the Moon were made public a few days ago. Helium-3 is both a product of the solar activity and a fuel for nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors will produce electricity to power “flying trains.”

A piece of advice from Vanga
“Never take on the fools. They are not so dangerous as they seem, do not try to change them. Morons can do you more harm. They can do something that will cause quite a stir among all the people.”


Vanga: Russia will be world’s only superpower

On January 31st, legendary Bulgarian mystic and clairvoyant Vanga would celebrate her 100th anniversary. Vanga became world-known for her incredibly precise prophesies which she made in many fields, including politics.

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova’s interest in politics was not incidental. She was born on the territory of modern Macedonia – the land which was an apple of discord for years between Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. Her native land experienced two World Wars in which the Bulgarians and the Serbs were struggling in different camps.

Vanga settled in Bulgaria’s Petrich during the 1930s, where she predicted the beginning of WWII. Her fame spread very quickly throughout Bulgaria, and one day she was visited by King Boris III.

Vanga warned the king against Bulgaria’s participation in the war. Bulgarian politicians did not listen: the country joined Hitler and then found itself among the defeated. It was only the post-war patronage of the USSR that rescued Bulgaria from the territorial dismemberment.

The Bulgarian politicians, who visited Vanga, spread the news about the prophetess to their counterparts from other countries. As a result, Vanga became known in the whole world. The list of events, which she predicted so precisely, is really impressive.

King Boris III visited her again in 1942 and 1943. The blind woman (she was in her thirties back then) told the king that he would die on August 28, 1943. In February of 1943 she told the king that she could see a red flag above his palace. Her predictions came true. King Boris III died on August 28, and the red flag was raised above Sofia in the autumn of 1944. Bulgaria became a socialist country.

In socialist Bulgaria, where Vanga spent most of her life, people treated clairvoyants and mystics mostly negatively. Communists believed that Vanga was spreading superstitions, distracting people from the building of socialism. In the autumn of 1952, the prophetess found herself in big trouble when she said that Josef Stalin would go into the nether world. Vanga was jailed as a result of that prediction, albeit not for long.

The prophesy came true – the Soviet generalissimo died indeed. Stalin’s death did not save the prophetess from political persecution, though. The fact that Vanga was a native of Macedonia (Yugoslavia) was haunting the minds of Bulgarian special services. Bulgaria was having very tense relations with Josip Broz Tito’s Yugoslavia, which gave Bulgarian secret service a reason to believe that the prophetess was an agent of the western neighbor.

During the 1970s, Bulgarian special services continued to collect compromising materials against Vanga. They searched her home once and found 90,000 levs, which was a huge amount of money for a socialist country. Vanga was not jailed, but she was described in reports as an underdeveloped and impudent woman.
There were high-ranking officials in the country, who defended Vanga. Many in Bulgaria still remember the story when an official lost his briefcase with important documents. The police and the special services could not find the case, so they had to ask Vanga’s help. The case was found, and the prophetess was awarded with a letter of gratitude.

In general, one may say that the authorities of socialist Bulgaria treated Vanga differently. On the one hand, the communist ideology made the authorities struggle against the “witch.” On the other hand, the local elite realized that they could make profit on Vanga. Special services took her visitors under control and began to collect 10 levs from Bulgarian and $50 – from foreign visitors. Economists calculated that Vanga brought 9 million levs to the Bulgarian treasury.

In 1967, Vanga was employed for a non-existent position as a “state official.” Her life took such a turn owing to the efforts taken by the daughter of then Bulgarian leader Todor Zhivkov, Lyudmila Zhivkova. Lyudmila was interested in esoteric teachings and visited the prophetess many times. Lyudmila enjoyed great popularity in the country. She developed a very warm friendship with Vanga herself.

In the beginning of 1979 Vanga said that Lyudmila Zhivkova would die in a car accident. Special services tried to prevent the tragedy, but it did not help. Zhivkova survived the car accident, but then died two years later.

In 1987, when Todor Zhivkov was still ruling the country, Vanga predicted major changes for the nation to come. She said that Bulgaria would soon have another leader, a prominent scientist, who would not be a proponent of Lenin’s doctrine.

In 1992, Bulgarian philosopher Zhelyu Zhelev came to power in the country. The socialist regime in Bulgaria collapsed, and the country continued its development following EU and NATO standards.

Vanga was predicting major political events happening in the whole world. She predicted the incursion of Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia, the assassinations of US President John F. Kennedy, Indian prime ministers Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, the collapse of Anastasio Somoza’s dictatorship in Nicaragua and many other historic events.

Nowadays, many Russians wonder if Vanga’s prophecy about Russia is going to come true some day or not. In 1979, during her meeting with writer Valentin Sidorov, Vanga said: “All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched – Vladimir’s glory, glory of Russia. Too much it is brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia. All will be removed by her from the way and not only will be kept, but also becomes the lord of the world.”

Before her death in 1996, Vanga predicted glorious future for Russia again. According to the Bulgarian clairvoyant, Russia will be the world’s only superpower. Specialists calculated that 68 percent of her prophecies had come true. We only can wait and see if her other prophecies become real or not.

Vadim Trukhachev

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I have added a couple of twists to it however.

Vadim said...

Russia and USSR-2025. See: Cancer, HIV, Cultural Revolution and Prophecies of Vanga. When you’re told that you have cancer, it’s natural to wonder what may have caused the disease. The exact cause of cancer is not known, researchers/scientists say. Cancer is fundamentally a disease caused by cellular iron overload. Cancer occurs when cellular iron overload chaotically affects cellular molecules and organelles. Many things can cause cellular iron overload. Carcinogens (iron-overloaded factors) can be physical, chemical or biological (viral or bacterial). People are born with iron-overloaded genes and iron-deficiency genes that they inherited from their mother and father. Iron-overloaded bad luck is the main cause of cancer. Having a pre-cancerous condition doesn’t mean that you will definitely develop cancer. Iron-deficiency genes and iron-deficiency health problems (menorrhagia, hypothyroidism, an inability to absorb enough iron from food, etc) can spontaneously and successfully neutralize pre-cancerous cells, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses that cause diseases with excessively long incubation periods. Iron-deficiency methods can neutralize HIV, but cannot neutralize rabies-related lyssaviruses because the incubation period for rabies is typically 1-3 months. Researchers/scientists cannot beat cancer and HIV because they love money, the Father of Oncology explains. Cancer loves iron: primary tumors always develop at body sites of excessive iron deposits; such deposits can be inherited or acquired. Direct intratumoral injections of iron-deficiency substances (ceramic needles) are needed when tumors/metastases cannot be removed with surgery (ceramic blades). Historians still do not fully understand what was happening in China during the Cultural Revolution. Both Stalin and Mao had similar scientific ideas. Mao shut down universities, dismantled scientific institutes and punished intellectuals. Millions of scientists/researchers suffered banishment to the countryside to spend wasted years being re-educated by peasants. Scientists/researchers were humiliated, beaten and made to clean the toilets. Why did Mao launch the Cultural Revolution? Because some scientists/researchers can generate false scientific ideas (for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil). Baba Vanga (1911-1996) predicted that at the turn of the century, Kursk will be covered with water; American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel; look, what will happen in Syria; there will come a day when cancer will be chained (the drug will "contain" a lot of iron); AIDS will be chained in iron; oil will stop and the earth will rest; people will discover a new kind of energy; LUNAR helium-3 is a fuel for nuclear reactors; trains will fly; USSR will be renewed in the first quarter of the 21st century; in 2050, people will travel huge distances at a very fast speeds (almost 300,000 km/s). Very strong magnetic fields will beat gravitational fields. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/opinions/191976 ; https://plus.google.com/107119198688120551734/posts/abUAMcBpMwV ; https://www.facebook.com/vadim.shapoval.5

Anonymous said...

One of the popular predictions about Russia is that when the permafrost thaws and the floods come, nothing will survive on Earth but Russia. The climate will change and Russia will occupy the best inhabitable zone. Plus, Russia is predicted to herald in world peace and flourish in the face of good fortune.

Vanga also once said: “Everything melts away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world.”

Russia is on a roll with assorted victories. Whether we can believe that Russia will initiate world peace, however, remains to be seen.

She said through another fellow clairvoyant, Madame Vanya, predicting good news for Donald Trump and Brexit.

“Not many people believe that Trump will be a good president,” she said. “At the beginning people will be negative, but in the end he will put things in the right place and America will be very happy with him. Also, Trump will serve two terms.”

“Brexit is not a bad thing for England,” she said. “It will be hard for two years and then the third year will be very good for England. We will be very strong.”

Could it be that Vanga, beloved baba of Eastern Europe, really is a rabid racist? If she were, she surely could have gone to the trouble of announcing a few hundred/thousand deaths in the Kursk and 911 and simply overlooked the events surrounding the failure of Russias Fobos-Grunt space mission, Phobosgate and Gamergate, as well as millions dying due to the Muslim Wars.

It should be noted that the phrase “Everything will melt away like ice” is something that is warned about by many, including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. In his GQ interview in December 2015, he warned of a nuclear war, religious extremism (including white Christian/Russian Orthodox fundamentalism, which see science as a liberal conspiracy) and anti-science and anti-technology movements (such as the Occupy Silicon Valley protest movement) that prevent his goals of colonizing Mars.

He commented, “I don’t think we can discount the possibility of a third World War. You know, in 1912 they were proclaiming a new age of peace and prosperity, saying that it was a golden age, war was over. And then you had World War I followed by World War II followed by the Cold War. So I think we need to acknowledge that there’s certainly a possibility of a third World War, and if that does occur it could be far worse than anything that’s happened before. Let’s say nuclear weapons are used. I mean, there could be a very powerful social movement that’s anti-technology. There’s also growth in religious extremism. Like, I mean, does ISIS grow…?”

Musk sees the colonization of Mars as a moral duty to ensure the survival of mankind the same way a USB drive is meant to preserve data in case a computer crashes. A Martian colony could guarantee humanity survives in the event of a debacle that destroys life on Earth. “You back up your hard drive. Maybe we should back up life, too?” he asked.