Fired NM Police Chief Shane Harger breaks his Silence! Tells of Corruption, Drug Cover Ups, Murder, and How he will go forward as an Honest Cop

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Vatic Note: Listen to the MP3 down below as you read the rest of this below, since the similarities will surprise you as it did me. What a perfect example of a police state gone truly bad. But this is just the beginning of the infusion into local governments of the 30,000 khazar mossad agents we published a blog about in order to do at the local level for gaining control, as they had already done at both the state and federal level as our State of Colorado shows. Remember, we are slated to be the next White House, up near the occult airport.  Plus we were one of the first to pass Gun control and our people reacted by recalling those that voted for it, and we are refusing to comply in each county, since the county overrides the feds.

CIA has already moved their headquarters here, and this is To give you a heads up, remember we posted in the article that their cover for the mossad agents was "MOVING COMPANIES" so they could go to meetings regionally, and use moving as an excuse for being gone. Notice on the MP3, the sheriff talks about the murder of a Sheriffs wife who was killed by her husband the sheriff, and how it got covered up and the murderer was named "Levy Chavez"...... yup, makes sense.  He also talks about 4 other members of the Chavez family that were murdered in exactly the same manner.    This is in a small town, no less.


Remember, we pointed out the 3 prong attack at gaining control at the federal level,  1.  Bribery,   2.  Threats to life and family,  3.  blackmail for wrong doing some official may have done.   This is now going on everywhere at the local level as you can see.  I included our towns story below, so you can see the parallels in New Mexico and in Colorado, different states, but same happening at local levels.  I did not mention the towns name, nor the individuals involved, but I may do that later if it becomes worse.

We, here in my podunct town have just such infiltrators trying to take over local government along with our Sheriffs dept , as well as our courts who are extorting thousands of dollars from our poorest residents, since they don't have the money to fight them,  and its over seat belt laws that are not only unconstitutional, but down right tyrannical.  The town voters in majority know about it,  But these candidates are meeting with informed and educated voters and I have high hopes for our town and county. 

The first question that comes to mind, is "What is freedom, or Liberty?"  Its when you are free to do whatever you want, AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT,  as long as you do not harm another or his/her property.   So, who is the victim in a seat belt infracton?  Who does it harm?  No one. It should be a personal decision to wear it or not, and then take responsibility for it if you get hurt.  That makes the seat belt law Unconstitutional and in violation of both state and federal Constitutions.

Who cares???  Not the crooked politicians, and their bureaucratic minions,  not the DA, since he is from NY and is used to Bloomberg, and not the judge because these poor people will fill the coffers of the judges budget for operating his CORPORATE COURT.   Its legalized extortion and getting much worse as time goes by.  In the MP3 below, their town, according to this sheriff, did the same thing and even said they were passing laws to make money off the fines.  Check it out in your town and see if this is the same where you live.

So  the battle has moved down into the local level, and fortunately it did not do it right away, rather it was after the PTB  had already begun this corruption at the federal and state level,  whose citizens began to realize "something was wrong" and when it started down here, it was clear as a bell, the new law was about generating income and profits AND NOT ABOUT PROTECTING ANYONE, and not a word from our local press.   We also can see if the wrong sheriff gets in, how Homeland security can come and take residents from their homes and put them in FEMA camps, and how they can confiscate our guns.  So that is why someone from out of state would contribute to a sheriffs race.

Resistance to this law has now taken form and the first resister today "refused to cross the bar and stand before the judge, indicating he had no jurisdiction over her" in this matter.  And so now it begins and we will see just how corrupt the DA and judge are in this case.   We are all hoping they show their hand next week.... if they do, this will go on appeal and the further up it goes,  the more we learn about the level of corruption and expose it along the way.  Even on the issue of drugs and money laundering, meth making etc, is all going on in our county and no one cleaning it up.  It took that different county's paper breaking the news about our drug problems.


Just to give you another example:   One of our candidates for Sheriff has taken A $10,000 campaign contribution from out of state, for such a small race,  which is more than just out of county, ITS OUT OF STATE, WHAT?  WHY?  so the question is "Exactly what is that donor paying for?"  As the highest law officer in the county, under the federal constitution, he is higher as enforcer  than any federal or state official.    That gives him immense power and if he is bent, that means beaucoup bucks for him and bad luck for us.

Our county population is only 12,000 with registered voters at 10,000.  So what is the level of contribution for???  Is it to ensure The Gestapo Homeland Security can come in and do its "gestapo" thing without interference from the local sheriff????  Below, that sheriff in NM was attending a sheriffs conference that is teaching them about their powers, and duties under the Constitution and that is the last thing the PTB WANT.  So, I am sure that may well have had something to do with his firing.

AS for our local paper, its just another MSM type rag.   A town over the mountains from us, had to expose the drug problem in our county because our local rag would not address it even with DEA here investigating drug running and money laundering.  Shows you how important the integrity of the sheriff is here as well as the integrity of  a Major local paper that reports the real news before some other county had to do it.  They had access to the record on campaign contributions and not a single word about the sheriffs $10,000 contribution from out of state.

I am not mentioning any names here, anyone checking campaign contributions can see it for themselves, and another candidate said, when asked about the Constitution,  "I don't know, I haven't read it."   He said it in front of about 20 people and that got around.   One of the visitors to the meeting gave the candidate a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I watched him do it.

We still don't know if he ever read it.   Now that is a scary thought after 250 years of a nation operating and enforcing that document and becoming the freest nation on the planet and therefore, the most wealthy nation economically on the planet, that means, if he wins, we are at the mercy of a sheriff we will not be able to trust.   We are already seeing a drop in that condition of economic prosperity since we began losing our freedoms and liberty nation wide.  We can only guess how much worse it will get if its allowed to take hold at the local level.  This is one place where we all have to take a stand.   

I commend this sheriff below, for the courage to stand by what he swore to do when he took the job and to apply the law to everyone regardless of income or status and the fact that he did that at considerable cost to him, what integrity, and how lucky his constitutents are to have him.  We need more of them and fortunately  we do have one of the three sheriffs candidates just like him and that is who we hope wins.   That's if the voting isn't rigged, since the "clerk" is the mother of the candidate who has never read the Constitution.  


Fired NM Police Chief Shane Harger breaks his Silence! Tells of Corruption, Drug Cover Ups, Murder, and How he will go forward as an Honest Cop
This show will BLOW YOUR MIND! You will want to share this with all of your friends etc..

Never before have you heard a Police Officer be this candid.  Chief Shane Harger pulls no punches!

Shane Harger – an example for ALL police everywhere!

In this 60 min interview with Jack Blood, Chief Harger discusses the incident with a (fired / rehired) TSA officer that started a media storm which ended with Harger being fired, along with his entire staff, from the NM Tourist town of Jemez Springs.  ALSO: How this was payback for enforcing the laws the rest of us have to follow on the towns elite.  (VN: sounds just like our town I mentioned above, here in colorado, indeed)

The controversy all began when Chief Harger was on the way to Las Vegas to attend the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” (CSPOA) Convention 28 January 2014  (This after he signed a document promising to honor the US Constitution while performing his duties as a Peace Officer. )

The chief also talks about Drug dealing and smuggling cover ups in New Mexico, corrupt police using checkpoints to harass citizens, and the murder he walked into when (allegedly) a fellow cop had just killed his own wife… as well as how his fellow officers destroyed evidence, and covered up that murder.

Thanks to our roving producer Greg Knight for all of his work making this happen

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